Liberal Budget 2014 sends Welfarist Community Radio to the skids

About time.   Community Radio is for the Australian community.

It is not for extremist propaganda groups like Maoists, Muslims and Anarchists.

Community radio networks are licenced under the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).  They are funded by ordinary Australian taxpayers under the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

The Abbott-Hockey Liberal Government have decreed in the Federal Budget 2014 that the Australian taxpayer funded ACMA has a charter to balance “the needs of the industry and the Australian community through regulation, education and advice.”

Their Federal Budget 2014 abolishes over 230 programmes. It also has an ongoing process that has seen 70 bodies, boards, committees and councils abolished so far to streamline accountabilities and improve efficiency.

ACMA’s expense budget is to be cut by $8 million in 2014-15, then by another $4 million in 2015-16.  Its capital investment budget is to be slashed by 86% from $14 million this financial year to just $2 million in 2014-15, and 55 ACMA staff are to go.

3CR ManagementThe airwaves of hateful anarchists like Andy Slackbastard supported by Welfarist-Leftist propaganda radio stations 4ZZZ in Brisbane, 2SER in Sydney and 3CR in Melbourne are about to fall quiet from denial of Australian taxpayer welfare.

All Quiet on the Anarchist Front

Courtesy of @ndy Slackbastard and his Antifa network.