Liberal Federal Budget 2014 imposes Badgerys Airport Levy for a Hargrave white elephant

What is unforgiveable treachery with the Liberal Government’s 2014-15 Federal Budget is not the raising of taxes to pay off Labor’s gross delinquent debt, nor even Tony Abbott’s pre-election broken promise of “no new taxes”, nor even Joe Hockey’s fiscally irrelevant 2023 future fund.

What is the morally unforgiveable betrayal is the Abbott-Hockey duo’s repeat of discretionary party pet projects – the F-35 indulgence, the parental leave scheme, and Badgerys Creek Airport are all unvoted indulgences to cost billions and to be funded by Australian taxpayers. These are Liberal Party pet projects, no different to those pet projects of duos Rudd-Swan, Gillard-Swan, Rudd-Bowen, Howard-Costello, Hawke-Keating.

Badgery’s Creek Airport and all the prerequisite toll roads infrastructure, is an Abbott Liberal Party construct. It is Tony’s discretionary pet project.  Liberal consultants are already rebranding Badgerys Creek as Lawrence Hargrave International Airport.

So much for Hockey’s “budget emergency”.  But building infrastructure for Western Sydney’s growing Muslim population won’t help pay down Labor’s six years of exuberance, its interest bearing debt, nor to stimulate Australia’s economy to decency. Immigrants that cost Australians are by definition not migrants but economic refugees.  Genuine migrants to Australia are only those who benefit Australia, not those who leech on Australia.

Badgerys Creek Airport, or “Hargraves International Circus” is another back-of-an-envelope uncosted pipe dream, just like all those by Labor.   Recall Rudd’s Pink Batts brain snap!

Badgerys Creek is an extravagance indulged by electioneering Abbott at a time when Australia is fiscally hamstrung from Labor Government overspend imposing an annual loan interest bill currently at $12 billion a year.

Abbott’s Liberals have done a Badgerys Creek indulgence no different to Rudd’s $49 billion NBN white elephant or Gillard’s $16.2 billion Building the Education Revolution white elephant.

Abbott and Baird Liberals haven’t even started costing the airport or the massive dependent infrastructure beyond polly simpleton-thinking “roads”.  Try the costs of the fuel piping, rail lines, electricity, gas, water infrastructure, design, build, terminal, etc. etc.  Badgerys is to be Abbott’s white elephant equivalent of Rudd’s indulgent NBN.  Sad thing is that Abbott has agreed to deliver Rudd’s NBN as well, billions in blowout, slow in roll-out, below expectation, but beyond actual need.   Many Australian communities would be happy if Telstra got aroud to actually providing them with a phone line and even basic Internet.

What’s bloody changed in Canberra?  A vote for the Liberal Party will see Labor indulgent policy implemented, you gullible voting fools!


So Abbott’s Liberal Party has decided that Badgerys Creek Airport is to be built, to shift 24/7 freight and international flights from Mascot so that business class executives from Abbott and Hockey’s North Shore can catch more frequent domestic flights.

At what cost?

It’s either a secret or the Liberals at both state and federal level don’t know yet.  They’ve done an unfunded announcement just like Labor did under Rudd-Gillard-Rudd.

Abbott’s media release is that somehow private capital is paying for this public airport but how much and why would they?  Or is it to be a private airport, like billionaire John Wagner’s Wellcamp Airport outside Toowomba in Queensland?

Macquarie Bank has first dibs.

At the cost of thousands of residents across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains who will have to contend with 24/7 noisy jets over their homes, the lost lifestyle and and the millions in lost property values.

Who pays?

Motorists.  The Federal Budget 2014 includes a new fuel tax to raise around $340 million in the first year and an extra $1.5 billion a year by 2018.   So much for no new taxes, Tony!

PM Tony Abbott has promised $3.5 billion in tollways to connect the airport to Sydney tollways, but NSEW taxpayers will have to pay for 20%, or else Liberal Premier Mike Baird is planning to privatised the electricity assets of New South Wales, that are owned by NSW taxpayers.

Then after privatisation, multi-national duopoly controlled industry will allow the consumer retail pricing of NSW electricity to soar, with the ACCC sitting back and allowing it.

NSW Liberals roads minister Duncan Gay has already committed to a $1.25 billion East-West Airport Motorway, to link Badgerys Creek airport with the M7 Motorway.  Abbott has promised $2.9 billion over the next eight years to build more tollways across western Sydney.  The Northern Road is going to have a minimum of four lanes from Narellan to the M4 Motorway.  An new Airport Motorway will be built along Elizabeth Drive between the M7 and The Northern Road.  Bringelly Road will become four lanes from Camden Valley Way.

Western Sydney with so many turnpikes will soon resemble Los Angeles.

NSW is contributing 20 per cent of the cost.

More than $200 million is to be spent on local roads in western Sydney on top of the $3.5 billion slated to support new roads infrastructure around the new airport at Badgerys Creek.

It all predicts that migration from the Middle East and Asia will be such over the next 15 years, that Budget forecasts predict that one in every two Sydney residents will live in Western Sydney by 2030.   Half will be migrants, which aside from shifting 24/7 freighters out of Mascot, is the prime reason for the Liberals going ahead with Badgerys Creek Airport.

The Liberals want to keep the ethnics out of the North Shore and concentrate them in Western Sydney.

Ghettos here we come!  You wanna see third world migrant ghettos destroy a whole western city?   Check out the likes of Manchester, London, Paris, Los Angeles.

Hockey claims:  “This new infrastructure will drive and support the next wave of national prosperity.”  For Western Sydney or for Abbott and Hockey’s quiet North Shore?