Leftist Labor’s dogma corroding Australia’s Nation State

Pre-Chifley, Australia not without its shortcomings, was a foundational social phase of a cohesive Nation State.  Australian pioneers and the harsh wide landscape shaped our nation from the bush into the cities. They forged their own wealth and built our nation.

It was an era of Australian values – not all perfect, some down right primitive, but compared with most other societies – bloody decent.

So everyone then wanted to come to the ‘lucky country’ that we had built.

But too much of anything destroys harmony, and so it was the Labor Party’s Chifley’s leftist massive post-War immigration dogma that started our undoing from the late 1940s. Chifley wanted a 1% annual increase in population through increased immigration.  And it was the first Minister for Immigration, Arthur Calwell, and his “populate or perish” mantra that opened the flood gates not since the 1850s Gold Rush. From 1945, some 6.5 million people flooded into Australia.

Then from the 1970s, Labor under Whitlam’s leftist dogma pronounced an open border policy and imposed politically-correct naivety upon Australians by personally accelerating his incompatible Asian multiculturalism to compound the dismantling of our nation state. Then from 2007 the Labor Party under Rudd’s ‘Big Australia’ leftist dogma ramped up even more incompatible Arab and African immigration. “If your different from us, you’re welcome”. Labor’s Melting Pot Theory.

The Greens Melting Pot – a recipe for social dismantling

None of these Labor leftist social dogmas were decided by the Australian people – Labor immigration invasion has each time been an unwanted imposition on the local populous.

Now the population dominant is the new waves of immigrants, through their sheer arrival numbers year on year. Immigrants from all corners of the globe, beholden to grotesquely incompatible value systems, are here and trying to reshape Australian society, from the cities outward. Traditional Australia is being marginalised into a minority. And so we have seen the National Party representing the bush desintegrate. We have seen traditional Labor chase popularity and in doing so become an increasingly Foreign Labor Party.

It is like the British pushing aside the Aborigines up until the 1970s – now the new immigrants are doing it all over again to those that were here first.

The latest incarnate of leftist dogma under ‘Flood-Gate’ Hanson-Young, is seeing Australia succumbing not as a melting pot but as a welfare refugee camp for the Third World seeking the good life. What will Australian values become – commune-based Sharia Law? We are edging towards a No Australia Policy.

Act IV, Scene 1:

‘Round about the cauldron go;

In the poison’d entrails throw.

Toad, that under cold stone

Days and nights has thirty-one

Swelter’d venom sleeping got,

Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.

Mortitia, The Greens Family – powerful witchcraft