The Refugee Invasion: Read The Ultimate Book

With Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Sutherland Shire ‘targets’ for so-called refugee settlement, Australians might like to read the ultimate book on this problem. The novel, ‘The Camp Of The Saints‘, was composed in 1973 – before there were any hordes of ‘boatpeople’ and mass outpourings of people from the Third World.

The author, Jean Raspail, predicted better than a crystal-ball, the false moralities, the legions of idiots crying ‘refugees’ be given entry, the twisted clergy seeking heaven, the leftist activists seeing revolution as the boats unload and the greedy seeing a new labour force with every ‘grateful’ arrival.

Jean Raspail

Jean Raspail (1925 – ) is a French author, traveler and explorer. His seminal work, ‘The Camp of the Saints (1973) predicts the overwhelming collapse of Western civilization in a ‘tidal wave’ of Third World immigration. Today, the book is popular among immigration reductionists.

In 1970, the Académie Française awarded Raspail its Jean-Walther Prize for the whole of his work. In 2009, the Editions of Methuselah rewarded him the Wartburg Literary Award for the whole of his work.

Read this book in dread! Pass this link on to everyone you can.