Lakemba UMA Islamic centre catches fire, so jihadi plotting suspended until the insurance pays up

Suspiciously today ‘mat day’ ahead of muslim Friday prayers, one of the Islam-acquired houses in now Islamic Lakemba caught fire.

Lebanese insurance job?  Must have run out of kebab joints to burn down. (Read More)  Should get enough to build a new mosque!

Black acrid smoke could be seen billowing across ethnic south-western Sydney.  No surprise given what was probably inside the building – halal stuff waiting to be certified, boxes of Qur’ans ready for distribution, the weapons cache – all those smuggled black plastic Glocks!  The muzzies must keep the ammo offsite in the Lakemba Mosque basement, otherwise it would have been like Chinese New Year.

Lebanese Insurance Job at Lakemba

The blaze apparently started inside the converted house on the corner of The Boulevard and Croydon Street in Lakemba suspiciously around 8:30am ‘between prayers’ – between morning prayers (‘shurooq‘) finishing at 6:30am and midday prayers (‘dhuhr’).  Lakemba Mosque is only a fifteen minute walk away.  CityRail CCTV would have got ’em coming and going on the pedestrian overpass at Lakemba Station..

The building houses the United Muslims of Australia (UMA) centre for Islamic youth.

United Muslims of Australia FireCouldn’t have been that united.


UMA claims to be “an alternative venue for the Muslim youth to socialize and to take part in many educational, recreational and religious activities.”  That is, it’s a radicalisation centre, like an Islamic Brownshirts or Hitler Youth set up.  It’s been in operation in Lakemba since 2002. So any Islamic who was a teen in Sydney then would now be of Islamic State fighting age.

John Howards Gun LawsWhat gun laws?  Who is John Howard?  I luv me Glock (and me Audi).


UMA claims to be Australia’s largest Islamic youth centre catering for the growing needs of the growing Islamic community within the country, including:

  • a gym
  • martial arts
  • boxing
  • educational classrooms
  • counselling
  • lecture theaters
  • games room
  • function hall
  • and offices.

Mmm.  That is all a front, whereas behind closed doors the above can be translated respectively as follows:

  • Jihad gymkhana including street fighting, jumping through fire hoops, etc
  • Knife training on goats using janbiyas, dhabīḥahs, scimitars, qajar battle axes
  • Radicalisation 101 – delivered hands-on by jihadis back from their Syrian ‘vacations’
  • ISIS beheading movies and flag waving sing-a-longs in jibber
  • Glock and AK47 handling (range practice out at Rylstone)
  • Drive-by-shooting simulation on PlayStation
  • Ramadan banquets
  • FGM clinics
  • Sharia court sessions – judge, jury, executioner, same day burial service.

Read More on the UMA’s website if the web server hasn’t been burnt down: 

United Muslims AustraliaRadicalisation 101 – doilies instead of brownshirts


And the UMA would be where doily head Sulayman Khalid got radicalised?  Recall he was ABC Tony Jones’ ISIS propaganda guest on Q&A and SBS last year.

Sulayman KhalidDoily Head, Sillyman Khalid


And the UMA would be where the four “lone wolves” hung out getting radicalised to jihad an accountant at NSW Police Headquarters on October 2, 2015.  That’s where 15 year old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar, who assassinated Cheng in the street in broad daylight did his educational, recreational and religious activities.

Curtis Cheng lone wolf IslamicsSo-called “lone wolf” Islamic murderers of Police accountant Curtis Cheng in Parramatta on October 2, 2015


The Leftist theory of ‘lone wolf jihadis‘ was postulated by an overpaid academic idiot, Professor Ramon Spaaij at Melbourne’s centre for Leftism, La Trobe University.  Just two days after the cold-blooded murder of Curtis Cheng by these foreign filth, Ramon Spaaij a sports sociologist came out in the online leftie rag for unemployable parallel universe academics, The Conservation with his fabricated thought bubble article entitled: ‘Parramatta shooting: how much do we really know about ‘lone-wolf’ terrorists?

In his imagination, Prof Spaaji concludes:

“Lone wolves combine various political complaints with any number of highly personal vendettas in complex ways. This is a signature of lone-wolf terrorism that distinguishes loners from organised terrorists who share collective grievances. Sometimes politics is the dominant theme of the loner’s radicalisation; other times, politics is a submerged theme. The same seesaw applies to personal grievances.”

What crap!  What an Islamapologist! It was organised Islamic Terrorism.

Bloody useless loser!  He’s probably on the same bud as Monash University’s double-life slackbastard Prof Rob Sparrow.

Ramon Spaaji

And UMA is where his full-blown Arab named gang Milad Atai (20), Mustafa Dirani (22), Raban Alou (18), and Talal Alameddine (23) learnt to do the Allah finger.  They’ve all got sand-digger names and unibrows.

Milad AtaiMilad Atai attempts the Allah finger, but can’t quite get it vertical – Allah is falling from grace?


Now the fire station is just half a kilometre away from the UMA, but after a call from the Telstra building next door, the brigade thought they should  make an attempt to put the fire out.

So multiple fire crews were dispatched, but alas, the fire was raging when they arrived and it was too late.  All those Qu’rans gone to heaven.

Fire crews contained the fire by 10.30am, two hours later.

Lakemba Islamic CentreThe building’s roof has collapsed and the UMA has been condemned, as if it wasn’t beforehand.