Kerry Jayne Wilson – yet another deluded leftie missionary kidnapped by the Third World Islamics

When special forces go into guerilla combat in war-torn Third World desert badlands like Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, they are fully trained, experienced, briefed, kitted out and prepared for deadly engagements one could say. See video at end.

But when a retired female biologist from Australia takes it upon herself to undertake do-gooding missionary aid in the same place?  Well friggen good luck luv, but ya on ya own!

Kerry Jayne Wilson, Aid WorkerFeminist Kerry happy converting culture in Afghanistan


Kerry Jayne Wilson of White middle class insular Perth society, decided in the 1990’s she was bored with her White Privilege so embarked on a  ‘noble charitable questin Third World Afghanistan. Bit different.

At aged 60 she’s doggedly a missionary aid worker for charity, Zardozi, in barbaric desert Afghanistan.  Zardozi’ states its vision is “an Afghanistan free from poverty where gender equality exists at all levels of society and government.”  Deliver Afghanistan out of poverty? Gender equality in Third World Islam?  Sounds noble, or idiotic?

Good luck!   Try converting a 2000 year old society to a 21st century western society overnight?  It’s like an unarmed attempts by Anglo-Americans who invaded Iraq in 2003 and bombed Libya in 2011 to “liberate” Third World Arabs from tyrants and try to westernise them in some ‘new world order’.

All it has done is dismantle a hierarchical social structure into chaos.  Isn’t that why we have ISIS now running around?  The West isn’t the solution in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya, or anywhere in the Middle East. It’s the problem.

She proclaims: “I’ve been watching the adverts of CARE Australia on TV and so I White Privilege, God Mission, faith and Missionary Zeal shall protect me. She’ll be right!”

White Missionary Zeal“Look, basically we want you to become White.  We know it’s a big ask”


Bloody 19th Century idealist!  Converting a barbaric culture in a civilized lifetime? Get real and watch The Mission (1986 film) and don’t stand near the top of waterfalls!

But surprise, surprise, teapot Kerry in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, was yesterday morning taken at gun point by armed men claiming to be from the country’s primary intelligence agency.


It is not clear who is responsible or where she has been taken. We suggest, they’ve had enough of her interfering and so relocated her. Bit of cash ransom wouldn’t go astray.

White Missionaries Converting Blacks“Now look I’ve just flown in from The West and I want to you change your entire social fabric and convert to our White God.”

“…but we like our Third World hell hole.”

White Missionaries saving the worlds blacks

We offer the following cynical commiseration:

And the realist SAS video (pity about the Taliban kill, not):