Richard Di Natali election manifesto for The Greens

Apparently back from Paris, The Australian Greens new leftist leader, Richard Di Natali, has had another promo at Canberra’s National Press Club this week.  The Leftie press and Gillard-Rudd-appointed public servant fat cats just love him being in Canberra.  More spending for them!

This time Di Natali has spruiked his election manifesto.  And apparently it’s decidedly a different shift away from the days of Tassie tree hugging, dam stopping Bob Brown and Christine Milne.  ‘Once Were Greens’ are now extreme Leftists and Di Natali uses his Sicilian connections.

These are some of the bullet points gathered by our contact in the nursery for taxpayer mistletoe, otherwise known as Canberra:


Greens Election Manifesto

Greens Campaign

  • Bugger the Trees, we’ve morphed on to ‘Climate Alarmism‘ – it’s more progressively appealing to the mainstream, that is, more ‘fear votes‘*(votes driven by fear in response to negative campaigning)
  • New Greens Motto:  ‘Born to Spend even more than Labor’ this is the purpose of Parliament
  • Gonksi, NDIS, Parental Leave won’t cost anything. Instead we see it as ‘investing in inter-generational future’, so this makes it an asset, huh?
  • Australia to be a Human Rights Magnet for the Third World

Greens with Trotsky Attitude

  • Australia to transition from its Mining Boom to a Totalitarian Welfare StateRed Budgeting Reigns – in the red till bankruptcy!
  • Industrial Relations:  457 Visa Equity for all arrivals, otherwise see our Union Partners’ websites
  • Cold coal-free winters
  • Relocate the CSIRO lock stock and barrel to Casey Station to watch ice sheets falling into the sea, so they can say “See, Told ya!
  • Clean Energy/New Economy – A wind turbine led recovery.  They’re going up on every hill with a breeze – Mount Dandenong, Mount Wellington, Sydney Heads, Mount Coot-tha, Mt Eliza, Mount Lofty, Ayres Rock – what turbine syndrome?
  • No defence, just peace in our time Green Pigs fly
  • Increase Foreign Aid to a needs basis
  • Free education, free childcare, free healthcare, free NDIS, free housing, free transport, free everything
  • Tax the rich to pay for it – cite the “Buffett Rule”, so blame billionaire Buffett somewhere in America’s mid-west

The Buffett Rule

  • Tax chimneys and exhaust pipes.  If you’ve got one, you could use it to carbon emission.  Bad global citizen!
  • Tax death, so children get to see their parent’s hard-earned wealth instead trucked off to Canberra. Family trusts are a target.
  • Limitless debt to bankruptcy in the first term, following Greece, Venezuela and Portugal – “I was there on hols for Chrissy”
  • Progressive deviance starting with marriage equality between anything that moves, and on to dealing with the Straight Kids Syndrome with electric shock therapy dubbed the ’78ers Payback Scheme’
  • “Progressive property ownership” starting with forced acquisition of backyards to accommodate the non-English speaking unemployable with their village – think ‘commune’
  • LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM gender cocktail misfits to have mandatory ‘hissy fit quotas’ on all councils, company boards, not for profits, AFL/NRL teams, Federal Cabinet, ADF Senior Brass, War Cabinet, ABC, SBS, Qantas flight crew and the SAS

Catherine McGregorgulp

  • Replace Christmas and Easter with Ramadan
  • Pushbike-only left lanes on all two-laned highways, buses-only in the right lane
  • Decriminalise narcotics, crime, islamo-pedophilia, terror – to comply with some UNHCR resolution respecting human rights for offenders

Hydroponic Newtown

  • Shut down detention centres and all gaols. Put Ivan Milat, Martin Bryant and Bilal Skaf on restorative justice and diversionary programmes.
  • Replace the Australian Flag with the stolen rainbow one
  • Replace the Australian national anthem with ‘Kumbaya’
  • Replace Australia’s floral emblem with (see above photo)
  • Abolish constitutional monarchy, but instead of becoming a republic, hand over government to the UN
  • Sarah Hanson Young to be Minister for Immigration and Open Borders.

Greens Family Mortitia

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