Suspicious shop fires symptomatic of Western Sydney’s ‘multicultural problem’

While the rest of us were celebrating the Christmas festive season, ethnics across western Sydney have been fire bombing.

In Sydney’s Islamic south-west suburb of Bankstown, muslims set fire to a 10m high community Christmas tree in the lead up to Christmas.

Just before midnight on Thursday November 26, 2015, local council security footage captured two males of Middle Eastern appearance throwing a fire bomb at the Bankstown Christmas tree just days before the planned lighting-up ceremony.  Traces of kerosene were found by fire investigators at the base of the tree.  It is estimated the fire caused $2500 damage, which was paid for by local ratepayers.

It was a failed attempt to burn down Western Sydney’s Christmas symbol and has been described by remnant Australians in the area as “a deliberate attack on Christmas”.

It is only the second year the tree has been raised and is the second time it has been vandalised. Last year vandals took a steel pole to the baubles, destroying the decorations.

Comment by Adam:  “Beheadings and random shootings are ok but don’t you dare put up a Xmas tree, use the word ‘conquer’ or sell bacon. Weak politically correct government. You are discriminating against Christians to placate Muslims.”

Comment by John: “Christmas trees, chaplains cap badges, the frogs water is getting warmer. Imagine the violence that would erupt if it were a mosque fire bombed.”


We do Christmas in Australia.

This is whether the multiculturalists like it or not! 

Anti-Christian ethnics can take their racial tensions and go back to the raghead desert where they came from!


Then just before midnight last night, while Aussies were recovering from Christmas and Boxing Day, a halal butcher shop in Sydney’s full-blown ethnic Auburn was fire bombed.  Fire Officers from Flemington Local Area Command are investigating the cause of the fire at the 84 Auburn Road address and are treating it as suspicious.

Insurance job?  Seems co-incidentally, the Islamic butcher shop belongs to one of the sisters of Islamic Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer.

Ms Khadijeh Mehajer is claiming $100,000 worth of damage. To pay for the Ramadan excesses?  It is the second time a property belonging to the Mehajer family has been involved in a fire over the past two years.  In February 2014, an empty single-story house owned by ​Ms Mehajer’s older property-developing brother was damaged by a suspicious fire.  The house in Ann Street, Lidcombe, was one of Mr Mehajer’s 18 investment properties in the area at the time.

Halal Butcher shop burned in AuburnAnother Lebanese shop burned


A few months back, Labor’s man who would be PM, Mark Latham, declared that western Sydney has a ‘Muslim problem’.  His comment followed the Islamic terrorist attack on the New South Wales Police Force headquarters in Parramatta.

Mr Latham said the Muslim problem could be traced back to the 1980s, when large numbers of unskilled Muslims began migrating to Sydney’s western suburbs.

“Large parts of suburbs have welfare dependency problems and it pains me to say in western Sydney there is a Muslim problem,” Mr Latham said.
He pointed to the backgrounds of Man Monis, the Arab Islamic gunman responsible for last year’s Martin Place siege, as well as 15-year-old gunman Farhad Jabar, who executed NSW Police civilian employee Curtis Cheng in Parramatta one week ago.

Mr Latham said Australia had to recognise that “this is just not radical Islamic ideology, it is also people with too much time on their hands, too many opportunities to sit around in groups, bitching about western culture, bitching about the American President, bitching about the Australian Prime Minister, and getting up to no good”.

The best way to counter such a problem was to “get these people out to work”, Mr Latham said. “Break down the welfare dependency in western Sydney, and in many ways, it is not just a question of stopping radicalisation. How do we promote normality, normalisation in western Sydney so people are making a positive contribution to society?”

But it’s not just a ‘Muslim Problem’.  Urban Australia has a multicultural problem – foreign ethnics in mass waves shunning Australians values, mores, way of life – retreating into multicultist enclaves of their own imported cultures.  The combined polices of Labor and Liberal that have undemocratically imposed mass immigration on our cities and encouraged anti-Australian cultures to thrive in our neighbourhoods has fueled big social problems.

Where’s the economic benefit to Australia when most end up on welfare?

Just before Christmas, six cars were torched in a string of suspicious fires in western Sydney’s ethnic suburb of Sefton between 2am and 5am on Sunday December 20 in three streets within a close proximity.  There was also a garbage bin and some carpet set on fire.

On December 12, two cars were gutted by deliberately lit fires at Connells Point in Sydney’s south at about 1.30am on a Saturday morning.  A Lexus sedan and a white van were both torched.

On November 21, a $2 discount store run by Asians in Sydney’s ethnic shopping precinct of Liverpool was burned down along with several adjoining shops.

Halal Safety Matches

Just before midnight on November 12, the Raj Mahal Indian restaurant in Sydney’s Indian/Sri Lankan enclave of Westmead was badly damaged by ‘massive explosion’ and fire.

Midnight seems to be a popular timing by the ethnic arsonists.

Police are treating it as suspicious.  The restaurant changed hands recently and police are interviewing the new owner.  Detective Inspector Trent King said, “We haven’t ruled out anything … however there’s nothing to indicate at this stage that this is subject to an extortion.”

Same night, a Lebanese kebab shop, The Wraps and Grills, in increasingly Arabic Arncliffe, was destroyed by a suspicious fire.

Emergency services were called to Wraps and Grills at Kelsey Street at 1.45am on Thursday after receiving numerous triple-0 calls, to find the shop engulfed in flames.

Arncliffe shop fire suspiciousTry their ‘Beirut Wrap’ or the famous ‘Kafta Burger’


St George Commander Superintendent Mark Walton said, ‘‘Witnesses reported the sounds of footsteps running along the footpath near the premises and a car leaving shortly after the sound of glass and an explosion,” he said.  “The initial investigation has found evidence of an accelerant in the property and the fire is considered to be deliberately lit.  Inquires with the business owner and operator are continuing over the motive.”

He said it was the second time the shop had been targeted in a week.

Then there’s the suspicious bottle shop fire in Sydney’s ethnic Bonnyrigg, where an asian man was seen running away from the premises in Edensor Road shortly before 10pm on Saturday October 31. Minutes later emergency services responded to reports the bottle-O was on fire.

How’s this one.  At 3am Sunday September 13 this year, after staff had closed up, the Le Sarab Lebanese Restaurant in Majors Bay Road Concord suspiciously caught fire.  The fire was well alight when emergency services arrived about 3.15am.  A Fire and Rescue spokesman said, “We would have had about eight fire trucks and 40 firefighters on scene.”

Lebanese Restaurant Fire in ConcordBefore and during

Lebanese Fire InsuranceWay before the fire…”now business is not that good but I have an idea.”


Youi’s Kebabs in Sydney’s Middle Eastern suburb of Rockdale caught fire at around 4am on July 30 this year.  Four hours later, a shop was on fire in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill.  Upstairs a family suffered smoke inhalation and were evacuated by fire crews.  Same day, back in ethnic Auburn, a blaze broke out in the back of a single-level home around 4am with one occupant suffered hand burns and three others suffered smoke inhalation.

Offset Alpine arsonOffset Alpine Printing arson in 1993 paid out of $53 million from Rodney Adler’s FAI insurance

Oddly, Labor’s notorious Leb polly Eddie Obeid owned the Bellevue function centre in Restwell Street, Bankstown. After midnight on Jun 15 this year, a fire started in the foyer. Security camera’s showed a male “wearing a dark hooded jumper and dark pants” entering the building through a rear door at 1.40am, and a fire starting shortly afterwards.

Bit sus.  The centre had just been renovated.  The building which houses the centre is owned by a company Redpoc, whose directors are Mr Obeid’s longtime friend and former business partner Wally Wehbe and Mr Obeid’s son, Paul Obeid – all Lebs.

This is the second incident in The Bellevue. In 1993, not long after Mr Obeid and Mr Wehbe had purchased the mini shopping centre and opened The Bellevue, one of the shopping centre tenants, a tobacconist, noticed petrol dripping through the ceiling and called the police.

Mr Obeid later claimed that the attempted petrol bombing was due to rivalry over a Lebanese beauty contest that had been held at The Bellevue earlier in the week. Mr Obeid, who had become a Labor member of the NSW Upper House in 1991, later divested all his shareholdings and directorships to his sons after several embarrassing incidents in which it was revealed he had not disclosed all his interests on his pecuniary interest register.

Redpoc recently purchased another property around the corner for $1.5 million, which borders the lane behind the function centre. The building was the former home of the El Telegraph (a Lebanese political newspaper), which was owned by the Obeid family for many years.

El Telegraph arsonLebanese Mafia attack in 1991 on El Telegraph, in Restwell Street Bankstown


In 2010 a member of the Nomads drove a 4WD through the Thai restaurant downstairs, and set fire to the building, causing extensive damage to the newspaper offices, which were forced to move. Mr Obeid maintained he had sold out of El Telegraph some years ago, though his son Paul remained a director of the company that owns the business name, Linkban, until late last year, when it was de-registered.

El Telegraph has also had mixed fortunes. In July 1983, fire destroyed the newspaper’s premises in Garners Avenue, Marrickville. The fire had been deliberately lit and Mr Obeid blamed an Islamic group who were angered by his paper’s editorial line.  Bad luck followed to the newspaper’s new premises in Marrickville Road where in 1992 the building caught fire after El Telegraph’s manager emptied the ashtray into a wastepaper basket before ducking out for lunch.

Fires have also struck the Obeids domestically. Neighbours reported the Obeids’ Concord house was twice damaged by fire.

Then there was Offset Alpine. The printing plant was destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve 1993, but had been heavily insured and left its shareholders well compensated.   Obeid has said that in 1992, when Kerry Packer’s Australian Consolidated Press was offloading assets, he was offered the firm’s printing plant, Offset Alpine.  After mentioning the deal to his good friend, the then Federal Labor minister Graham Richardson, Richardson put him in touch with his stockbroker Rene Rivkin who funded the project.

A $26 million payout from shares in Offset Alpine went into Swiss bank accounts owned by Rivkin, Richardson and the businessman Trevor Kennedy.  Richardson later transferred $1 million from the proceeds of Offset Alpine from his Swiss bank account to an account in Lebanon which belonged to a good friend of the Obeids.  On May 1, 2005, the publicly disgraced Rivkin suicided.

In Middle Eastern Bankstown, just after midnight on May 13, the Chahine Lebanese Cuisine restaurant suspiciously caught fire in Cross Street.

Once the fire was put out, police set up a crime scene and said initial investigations indicated it may have been deliberately lit.

Lebanese Restaurant Arson in SydneyChargrilled Lebanese Cuisine


Even charcoal chook, so long as it is Lebanese…

Suspicious Lebanese shop fireSuspicious fire at Lebanese chicken shop in Sydney’s full-blown Middle Eastern south west suburb of Kingsgrove September 2014

..just two weeks after ‘suspicious’ shots were fired from a 2008-model Audi sedan at the same business.  Lebs luv their Audis.


If you see a suspicious male ‘Of Middle Eastern Appearance’, report it immediately.