Labor’s backdoor foreign student scam: 80,000 Chinese invasion of Werribee via ‘Educity’ front

China’s attempts to colonise Australia continue in earnest, with conspiring treachery by the Labor Party.

One scary instance is Beijing’s plan to build an ‘Educity’ in Werribee on Melbourne’s western fringe – for some 50,000 Chinese students plus a further Chinese 30,000 residents.

The spruiking about ‘education’ is just a deceptive fraud belying Chinese invasion.  The secret corrupt scheme is for the Victorian Labor Government under Premier Daniel Andrews and his Finance Minister Robin Scott MP to flog off 400 hectares of public land in East Werribee so the Chinese can build a 1.5million square metre Chinese high-rise city for more Chinese.

‘Educity’ indeed: a wilful act of re-colonisation.  No other word fits the scale of this scheme

This ‘Educity‘ scam has its origins back in 2015, when Labor’s Robin Scott secretly awarded a two-bit Chinese firm ‘Investors Direct Financial Group‘ preferred bidder status to develop a vest tract of public land in Werribee.  Of course, no background checks were conducted by the foreign-hugging Labor Government – vested interests, donations, bribes, corruption – it’s all Chinese business.

The Investors Direct Financial Group is but a front shelf company of and for Chinese interests, which wholly owns and controls the trading name ‘Australian Education City Consortium‘, so innocuously branded.

And the deal has the usual political connections, as with all China ‘soft power’ imperialism.  Labor’s scandal-ridden former state premier John Brumby (Windsor Hotel, Citywide) is on the consortium’s advisory board, and who just so happens to be on the Australia China Business Council, a director of China state-owned Huawei and an active lobbyist around Spring Street?

Brumby’s on the Australian Education City Consortium advisory board with other lobbyists James van Smeerdijk (PwC), Knowles Tivendale (Phillip Boyle and Associates) and leftie Professor Tony Bacic from La Trobe University, up near Robin Scott’s digs.

Smell anything rather ‘oyster saucey’ yet?

Chinese connections – MSG at the MCG

Well, the companies and leaders involved in the proposed Chinese takeover and highrising of Werribee indicate deep involvements with Chinese imperialism.

The consortium’s plans include 50 storey skyscrapers, yet the Chinese ‘Investors Direct Financial Group’ aka Australian Education City Consortium (AEC) has no previous major infrastructure delivery experience.

It’s fanciful artist impressionism, otherwise known as Chinese propaganda.

So what’s in this for Labor’s Robin Scott then, besides selling another public asset to the Chinese which Labor has no right to sell?

He has Chinese connections, but how far into Beijing?   Robin Scott’s a La Trobe Uni hardcore leftie who prefers foreigners and their anti-Australian cultures.  There’s his 1995 student representative council election scandal involving postal ballots where Robin Scott was charged with Dishonest Conduct and Interfering with Ballot Papers.  Then Labor plonked him in their ethnic safe seat of Preston in northern Melbourne as the only White Australian to galvanise the multiculti melting pot by spending more on dem migrants.

That’s why he go the multicultural affairs portfolio gig. Now he’s doing property deals with the Chinese.

Labor’s Robin Scott MP with Chinese-born wife Shaojie Wu

Suddenly back on November 20 2015, the two-bit company with assets of just $16,000 at the time, had six secret Chinese investors tip in $4.25 million.

Robin Scott spruiks the hackneyed “job jobs jobs” mantra – make that Chinese jobs, Chinese jobs, Chinese jobs; plus a beachhead of 80,000 Chinglese Australian citizens to inter-generationally vote Labor.

Who’s the mastermind behind this scam?

Australian Education City’s flash website claims: “Australian Education City is an Australian company formed for the purpose of creating education and innovation districts in Australia.

Crap!  It is not Australian.  It is not about education – this is purely it’s misleading political front.  But it is about cities – Chinese cities in Australia. That’s the ‘innovation’ – also termed China Politburo’s ‘Belt Road Initiative‘ and the new regional order.


Australian Education City is owned by Chinese billionaires head up by Chinese billionaire Bill Zheng (his Anglicised name) is the chair of ‘Investors Direct Financial Group‘ (yes another one, and with connections to the Chinese Communist Party of course.

Bǐ Lè (Bill) Zheng, Chinese Communist Party billionaire 


Australian Education City Consortium’s Executive Chairman is Bill Zheng – Executive Chairman.  He has recruited Catherine Walter as Co-Chairperson although she has a habit of sacking people she doesn’t like and can’t spell corporate governance.  She was all but sacked from the National Australia Bank in 2004 for overseeing $360 million in losses from rogue trading in foreign exchange.  Then in 2009 there was a mutiny against her by scientists at Synchrotron. So she must be the female quota on the consortium.

And former Docklands authority and Sydney’s Barangaroo Delivery Authority boss John Tabart is CEO of Zheng’s outfit. He knows all about Chinese property development and their insatiable demand for harbourside highrise.

Tabart facilitated Chinese “whales” snapping up the exclusive Barangaroo waterfront tower and harbourside apartments ranging in price from $1.875m to $6m, all bought off the plan by Chinese in 2013.

Labor Robin Scott MP and John Tabart

All the auctions were cancelled because the property sold before the auction date.

Chinese investors believe Barangaroo is good feng shiu – close to Packer’s Chinese-onry high roller casino, choice of wonton, noodle, sushi or stir-fry restaurants and hundreds of tai chi cultists clogging the walkways.

“For Chinese buyers, part of the appeal is the status of living in Barangaroo,” according to real estate shark Matt Mifsud at Raine & Horne Real Estate City Living.  The Liberal Party in NSW gifted the Chinese a new train station and ferry wharf.

Tabart left in August 2014 to join Zheng.

And so who’s China’s local agent in Melbourne on good Yuan commission?

Julian Heatherich, director with foreign multi-national property developer Savills.  And Savills has form lobbying the Victorian Labor Government to buy up Australian public owned land so it can develop and profit from selling it to foreign ownership, aka the Chinese – just like the 33 hectare Footscray Market site previously owned by the Victorian Government. It’s now apartments owned by Chinese, like much of inner Melbourne.

Heatherich reckons of his Chinese client’s East Werribee site..

“Should Australian Education City get the tick of approval from the Victorian Government this sort of facility and others like it are going to attract a premium the likes of which has hitherto not been seen in Melbourne’s west.”

Project partners include Australia’s Telstra and Urbis and foreign multinationals PwC, IBM, Cisco, Jacobs and Honeywell; pro-Chinese co-conspirators one and all.

Billionaire Rupert Murdock’s Herald-Sun newspaper in Melbourne is happy to spruik the Werribee beachhead invasion as an ‘Australian Education City” precinct and “a bold vision to transform Melbourne’s west with a $30 billion “super city” the “Future (for) Melbourne”.  In the following Chinese advertisement disguised as a journalist article.  It’s author, News Corp’s John Masanauskas, must be on the take or what?

“The Herald Sun has been given exclusive new images of the proposal.”

How much did the Chinese pay him to bleat this rubbish?

The self-contained city will link through to the Avalon Airport, Melbourne Docklands and possibly other projects that fall under the sway of the intrusive Chinese corporations.

In 2016, Australia First Party’s candidate for the Federal seat of Lalor, Susan Jakobi, put the issue out into the community.

Many locals were stunned by their likely displacement. Yet the political elite scoffed at our campaign. They may still heap abuse on us but they cannot deny the project has gone beyond the drawing board.

No Australian should think this project is a one-off.  Chinese company Songcheng Performance Development is striking the deal to give it control over a giant swath of land in the Norwell Valley between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Songcheng, owned by Chinese billionaire Huang Qiaoling, in March 2017 unveiled plans for a $400m cultural theme park on a $55m riverfront Nerang site on the Gold Coast.


Bruce Zhong’s fancyful Chappypie ‘China them Park’ proposed for NSW Central Coast


Further, eight new cities along a very-fast-railway line between Sydney and Melbourne and the creation of large sub-cities within Greater Sydney and Greater Melbourne are other plans of the Chinese imperialists and their local ‘Australian’ collaborators.

Resistance must now be built in western Melbourne where it impacts directly.

Here’s John Masanauskas’ propaganda article on behalf of Beijing (we changed the pictures):

 ‘Australian Education City precinct proposed for Melbourne’s west’

by JOHN MASANAUSKAS, Herald Sun, June 21, 2017

“A bold vision to transform Melbourne’s west with a $30 billion “super city” is nearing reality with the State Government to decide on the project within months.

A high-level consortium has been solidly negotiating with government officials over the past year after the plan was first mooted in 2015.

The Herald Sun can reveal that up to 80,000 residents and 50,000 students are planned for the precinct which would see local and overseas universities collaborate to provide world-class education across several campuses.

An artist’s impression of the $30 billion Australian Education City proposed for Melbourne’s west. The $30 billion “super city” is close to becoming reality.

The backers of Australian Education City want to turn a huge parcel of surplus land at East Werribee into a dynamic centre with 30,000 dwellings, medium to high-storey towers, universities, schools, a research and development hub, and a thriving town centre.

“The Herald Sun has been given exclusive new images of the proposal!!!”

Australian Education Cityis hoping to leverage off Melbourne’s reputation as a top international education centre, and its first masterplan boasts it will create 100,000 jobs linked directly to education, research, and service industries by 2050. (All Chinese)

The project will create 100,000 jobs, backers say. (Gross exaggeration, and they will be Chinese or foreign anyway) The Australian Education City will include schools, universities and 30,000 dwellings.  (Chinese onry).

“A significant proportion of these jobs will be high-skill, high-wage employment such as professors, lecturers and administrators at the university campus, and managers, researchers and technicians working in the research development park,” said an Australian Education City fact sheet (propaganda).

In addition, 1000 construction jobs (foreign) would be created in the first year of the masterplan reaching a peak of 16,500 by the end of year five, it said.

The consortium, which includes former state premier John Brumby on its advisory board, said that dwellings would be located in several distinct areas.

“From homes perched on the waterfront, or presiding over a green heritage park … from quiet streets with Hills hoists and picket fences to busy activity centres with restaurants and cafes and bars,” it said.

AEC currently has exclusive right to negotiate development of the 400ha East Werribee Employment Precinct, which is state government-owned land around Sneydes Rd that was previously used for agriculture and research.  (Since when did the Libs or Labor invest in Australia’s agriculture and research?)

State Finance Minister Robin Scott said that AEC’s exclusivity period for the precinct had been extended to September.

“The current proposal is being assessed and considered, with a decision expected to be made later in 2017,” he said.

An artist’s impression of the super city’s aerial view. A decision on the hub will be made later this year.

AEC spokesman Ross Martiensen said the consortium was committed to delivering master planned innovation precincts to service Australia’s growth.

Westgate growth promise by 2050

It is understood that talks are under way with local and overseas educational institutions to provide tuition to a potential student population half local and half from abroad.

(But all Chinese).