Thomas Sewell is a dangerous man to be around if you’re a young edgelord seeking a tribal youth subculture to belong to. He is a walking, breathing ASIO magnet. Presently on bail for two serious matters, each of his own making, the 28-year-old’s network of young males, mostly from bourgeois backgrounds behave like a 4Chan troll army.

These kids view membership in European Australia Movement (EAM) as a cross between the “Fight Club” and the Hitler Youth (although it’s more in the vein of a delinquent Dead Poet’s Society). Sewell shamelessly exploits young males to bolster his EAM all for the aggrandisement of his ego.

Tom sure loves the company of impressionable lads, and, just like a groomer, is especially fond of encouraging them into physical situations, like his bruising “fight nights.” He fancies his “boys” in the gym, where he can monitor them while their fledgeling muscles ripple gently underneath the pale skin of their sweaty, undeveloped physiques. It’s all too imitative of Ernst Rohm and the hyper-masculine culture of the erstwhile Sturmabteilung, or brown shirts; a notoriously homosexual clique.

However, it also brings to mind criticisms by veteran British nationalists against the Patriotic Alternative, and its requirements for young male members to photograph themselves shirtless supposedly to demonstrate their progress in the gym. A bizarre request of this sort connotes either an intent to entrap naive youngsters or to satisfy their leaders’ homoerotic tendencies; or maybe even a little of both.

A soulless narcissist, everything that Tom Sewell claims to do in the name of his “race” he does entirely for the gratification of his self-image as ‘the führer’. Sources revealed that he exploited the situation in the former rented house in Rowville, in south-east Melbourne, which was known amongst the habitue of the NSN as “Racism HQ” to cover his rent and expenses in that house with the NSN’s membership fees.

Tom is partial to a spot of grifting, as Christopher Shortis will attest. Chris created a bank account for the aborted Fortitude, a kosher “anti-Islam” party that failed to register despite would-be members paying for unrefunded party memberships. The money that Chris donated to the party was allegedly drained by Tom and the party’s leader, Blair Cottrell. Except for the funds gathered, the definition of Fortitude as a “party” was otherwise in the festive category. To this day, Chris Shortis cannot account for what became of the spondulicks other than Tom and Blair used the account for party-related “expenses”, which is euphemistic at best. Such is the nature of those who criticise hierarchical structures of the hegemonies they purport to despise who then leaps at the chance to act just like them.

Tom Sewell is by all accounts a queer fish, no pun intended. He entered the fray of outlier political agitation in 2015 when he was 20. There, he served as lieutenant to Blair Cottrell in the defunct United Patriots Front (UPF), a kosher patriot group notable for its street demonstrations and clashes with Melbourne’s Antifascists.

The media is largely to blame for creating Tom Sewell, or rather, for cultivating within him delusions of grandeur. Nevertheless, in those early days, Sewell was much more reasonable. But then he became torn between gritting his teeth over Cottrell’s desires to “mainstream” by exploiting Islamaphobia and the pressure he was under from White Nationalists to champion White Rights.

Nevertheless, during a phone call to New Australian Bulletin editor Nathan Sykes in 2015, Sewell spoke of Blair Cottrell as a gift from providence—he stated his earnest belief that Cottrell was put among us “to save Australia.” His confidence was evidence of ideation echoed again when he decided he was wrong about Blair: God had intended that he be the gift to Australia all along. Silly God; missed it by that much. Still, there are many problems with that, but the most practical is that he’s not Australian. Sewell is a New Zealander, he has no roots here. Regardless, during his tenure as supreme leader of the Lads Society, we’re informed that his minions unironically referred to him as the “Fuhrer.”

The media fomented Islamaphobia (sic) long before it condemned it. It plays both sides. Former Prime Minister Scott Morrisson, when his party was in opposition, discussed using Islamaphobia as a recruitment opportunity for the Liberal Party. Thereafter, its far-right courted impresarios like Neil Erikson to spruik for them. In this confluence of public sentiment, political cynicism and media capitalization, social media celebrities were born, mainly thriving on Facebook.

These identities, most notable among them the far-right conservative Blair Cottrell, went from large Facebook followings to regular appearances on the evening news. Cottrell was even interviewed for chat segments on both Sky and ABC, of all places. He became a “go-to” source for the ill-informed Red Ice news network. Now, he’s no longer in demand. Firstly, it must’ve been excruciating for one as ambitious as Tom Sewell to be delegated to Blair’s shadow. Secondly, it must also have been disillusioning to one day be riding high on public infamy and then be discarded as social media and Australia moved on from those days of Reclaim Australia.

It certainly was for Neil Erikson who did anything and everything he could to draw attention to himself. But Erikson was a fink all along, and NAB has exhaustively detailed his actions. Erikson had, in the process, denounced both Blair and Tom as “Nazis”, defamed countless Australian patriots and nationalists, informed on others, and yet somehow always enjoyed a hero’s welcome courtesy of the media attention he commanded. His generation willingly discards their disingenuous ‘principles’ whenever there is the chance of the dopamine fix that comes from a media appearance, or “fame” by association, no matter how negative the context is.

It is fair to argue that Cottrell, Erikson and Sewell formed a nucleus in those days that continues to bind them as peers. They’re like the heroes of Big Wednesday, who’ll one day reunite to recapture—if only for a fleeting moment—the lost glory of their youth. Their generation arrived, was elevated by the media, and promptly dismissed all those hardworking nationalists and others before them as has-beens. That’s typical of youth, but youth doesn’t last forever, and before long they find that they’ve become the has-beens; especially when you’ve fostered that type of chauvinism. Nevertheless, their experience cannot be explained without the rise and proliferation of both the Internet and social media. They’re a product of all three.

The insular world of social media has spawned a galaxy of subcultures from which to procure an identity. And that was Sewell’s journey all along—to establish an identity for himself. This might explain the appeal of going “neo-Nazi” to those like Sewell, and how it intersects with their desire to be seen as harder, and more radical than those that came before. Going neo-Nazi ensures that you’ll achieve notoriety, and Sewell has done that in spades. On the other hand, it’s the least original path one can take.

Sewell takes his place behind dreamers like Jack Van Tongeren, and the Palmer-Coleman gang of Klub Nation, although the latter were state operators and grifters, whereas Van Tongeren was the truest Nazi dreamer of them all. The Nazis of the 1960s and 1970s were a police operation. It’s fair to say that both the National Socialist Network (NSN) and its backup organisation the EAM, while not being police operations, operate for the state and police. This is the hardest task, to explain this to the kids who dismiss everyone on chauvinistic grounds. Such admonitions are invariably received with derision and brushed off as scurrilous attempts to undermine them. This is despite how they’re constantly undermining others in their attempt to absorb everything around them. Hypocrisy and incapacity for self-analysis are constants among the spoiled generations.

Yet, with the benefit of history, an insight into ASIO’s tactics and the experience of life we can state—and are supported by the observations, experiences, and informed commentaries of nationalists the world over—that Sewell’s group serves as a honeypot trap. The style he has chosen, the defeated National Socialism of a bygone era, is resuscitated whenever the Jewish lobby needs a bogey to justify their ongoing status as victims of the “Holocaust.” The shenanigans of Sewell and his followers don’t add anything to what is already known about the Zionist menace. They don’t challenge it but provide it with sustenance.

While doing so, they get under the feet of Australian nationalism by appealing to the adolescent desire of the young to taste forbidden fruits; to shock and outrage the older generation. They appeal to their need for a youthful tribe to find companionship among. The youth revolution has spawned a myriad of such subcultures, especially in White European communities: there were the Teddy Boys, Mods & Rockers, Hippies and Yippies, Rockabilly, Sharpies and Skinheads, Punks and Rude Boys, Goths and Emos, Headbangers and, of late, Eshays. Far from conforming to a political typology, Sewell and his group belong to the latter, albeit with certain qualifications.

They are not political but a “racist gang”. Their belief that their genus lies in a lineal descendency to National Socialism is fantasy. National Socialism was German chauvinism, not a pan-universal white nationalism. The details that make it so they shun as—with Sewell’s instruction—such inquiries are rebuffed as intellectualism. All the education that Sewell’s disciples require is provided by Sewell himself in banal monologues contrived to sound knowledgeable. Sewell publishes these on separate Telegram channels. One of his latest “lectures” was “Caveman philosophy VS intellectualism.” Just the title alone is a source of choice gags, but that affords an insight into this self-righteous bore’s need to silence intelligent criticism.

Hence, rather than exploring their given identity, these kids seek to define themselves through a borrowed cult. In the process, they’ve helped to create—not a vanguard movement to defend White Civilisation, as bombastic as that sounds—but the cult of Sewell. The adoration of a nobody and a man who hasn’t yet risen to the challenges of manhood, let alone, the role of a mesmerising leader around whom a race and nation may crowd, is abominable. It is manipulation; it is grooming.

The sad reality of counter gangs. Tom Sewell requires children to prop him up. This is a 28-year-old man in a playground with children. The kid that is circled in red can’t be more than 12. That is grooming.

And that’s where we cut to the chase, to use a Hollywood expression. Because Sewell is no longer an o-eyed 20-year-old but a man who will shortly turn 30. The last girlfriend that he was known to have, apart from being Asian, was at least seven years ago. He has shunned the company of women for that of dysfunctional blokes and gullible youngsters. Sewell especially prefers the latter, as he has stated in his propaganda. But it’s reached a worrying phase now.

See, Sewell is not just a 28-year-old man without prospects, but a fantasist with severe criminal convictions pending. The “movement” he has helped foster originated with the proscribed FBI honeypot Atomwaffen on Iron March. That’s where the NSN descended from, out of a copycat online community calling themselves Antipodean Resistance, who emigrated to the universities and power poles of our major cities, mainly with stickers and provocative posters. Any pretence at irony the AR might’ve protested was lost with the NSN, and its former leader, a disrespectful young snot named Jacob Hersant.

In the fallout of the NSN’s infiltration by ASIO-backed journalist Nick McKenzie, who is associated with Victoria’s Antifascist underground, and the alleged assault and robbery that Sewell is charged with, Hersant was bailed with conditions preventing him from associating with NSN members. This was completely by design. Conversely, Sewell has received no such bail restrictions. At this point, the intelligent and experienced observer knows the reason and understands what the NSN/EAM now constitutes. It is glowing brighter than a radioactive jellyfish. Sewell is being permitted to harvest youngsters into his fold in what is almost certainly a coordinated ASIO operation.

How a man with Sewell’s intellect (normal) cannot know this is baffling. But what is more disturbing is that he persists in dragging others into his doomed social theatre. It’s not just the kids either; take for instance any man who brings his offspring along to one of Sewell’s sausage sizzles. Assume he has a disagreement with his wife or partner and she decides to leave him. The first thing a woman will do is take down the name and details of his associates to ensure she secures custody of the children. Then again, the only children attending Sewell’s events come as members.

Tom’s Toddlers don’t stand a chance in this environment which is under constant surveillance, and the cockier they get as they’re convinced that the heat is more-or-less off, the heavier the surveillance is. That is what he should’ve learned going back to his UPF days, but Sewell doesn’t learn, his role—in his mind—is to teach. He must warn off the cleanskins, not encourage them. He is toxic, not a political outlaw, but a clumsy and inept chickenhawk. The chickens do not bolster a revolutionary “movement” but serve as extras in his fantasy world.


Perhaps if Tom Sewell had ordered his “little birds” to stay in their own nest such commentary as this wouldn’t require the time wasted on it. Sewell is of nil interest to nationalists and is quite loathed. Frankly, we’d be happy if he dropped dead of Pfizer-related “died suddenly.” We don’t often say this, but we wish the Victorian criminal justice system would just hurry up and throw his bothersome arse in prison already.

But no, his hangers-on can’t honour this unspoken pact, so last Tuesday night they appeared on Australia First Party’s shortlived Telegram chat group. Due to their puerile behaviour, which dragged down an honest attempt to allow followers of the channel an outlet to comment, it was closed. Why were they even there? We don’t know why but one of them turned up on the channel with a link to a dull news item about community outrage over their propaganda flyers. Same old same old. But again, they live for media notoriety, and as such, this little nuisance appeared like a gushing schoolboy to share a link to this story as though he was clutching a famous person’s autograph in his excited little hand

When he posted it, the administrator was presented with a problem. He promised “no censorship” but sharing dross from the EAM was not acceptable. Not only do they have a blanket ban on allowing their members to read our material, but AFP’s members would be posed with the hypocrisy of their media unit suddenly permitting the groomer a platform on their digital space.

Instead of deleting the link, he posted an explanation of why nationalists do not promote the EAM, NSN, or anything from their broad camp of provocateurs. It was not an insulting commentary, but measured, respectful, and honest. However, he wasn’t to know that he was dealing with obnoxious children. After explaining that the AFP posts flyers “all the time” but the media ignores them because nationalism is a greater threat, grounded as it is in the historical origins of this country, the brat replied, “Your flyers are gay.”

Yes, nationalist sentiment is “gay” because it’s not mentioning Adolf Hitler or whatever this mutant peabrain believed it ought, having been raised on a  diet of Sewell’s rhetorical slops.

The admin had explained that composed how they were, the EAM’s material ticks all the boxes for clickbait. Furthermore, they’re doing so supports the ongoing ASIO operation around Sewell. But no, you might as well be trying to explain Keynesian Economics to someone’s idiot stepchild. Thereafter, the kiddies launched their dutiful 4Chan-style ad hominem attack, replete with the obligatory Pepe the frog meme, and all the other netspeak favoured within their age group. One went up and down the posts adding a “poo” emoji to serious content as if an African had been let loose in the hallowed space of the war memorial.

Messages were conveyed back and forth to Sewell via these post-pubescent go-betweens. Sewell’s boneheaded reply about his “fight night” was quite telling because it cuts to the heart of their central misapprehension—he thinks that prancing around in boxing gloves and throwing a few of Queensberry’s favourites in a safe space equates to Spartan training. Sewell has created an environment where these deluded kids equate their finite experiences as greater than the sum of those they nothing about to whom they address their implausible threats. These aren’t streetfighters, but cocky youths who’ve never had to labour to put a meal on the table. They’ve never had to make ends meet to balance the rent. Their mummies and daddies buy all their edgy streetwear and likely pay their EAM membership fees. The stresses that accompany adult responsibility are unknown to them. In short, they’re children and have no business being around serious adults. The assumption that you can threaten someone based on what Tom Sewell assumes about a person is dangerous complacency. But then the idea of a grown man cultivating kids to his “movement” like Bill Sikes and his pickpockets is every bit as obscene as what goes on in progressive schools. The comparison to the worst character traits they share with the Left doesn’t end there. Nevertheless.

None of our people will take any crap from Sewell or his baby blowhards. We have lived hard lives, fought vicious battles, carried scars, and suffered in times well before these babes sat their behinds on a potty. The greatest insult is that in their mewling sycophancy to this nonentity they’ve developed notions of themselves beyond their experience and capabilities. They are assessing strangers according to a caricature created for them (and if there was a caricature it is Tom Sewell). We wouldn’t wager a two-dollar coin on a streetfight between the EAM and a gang of frazzled African eshays. They’d lose because all their experience is artificial. The only way to learn to fight in the street is to fight in the street and when you do, the greatest wisdom you gain is to avoid street fights; they don’t go according to the techniques you’ve been coached in. You could pick on a frail 75-year-old pensioner only to have your throat unexpectedly sliced with a boxcutter you never predicted her whipping out.



That’s just by the by. There is no place for groomers in any movement. Tom Sewell is a grown man sucking all his energy from kids. It’s strange, and it’s wrong. Both he and they are not wanted, not welcome, and won’t be tolerated, especially on our territory. We kindly warn them following that intrusion to stay the hell away. You are toxic and everywhere you go the drooping eye of ASIO follows. Every bit of prejudice you express against genuine nationalists may as well have been scripted by ASIO.

Take for instance this pearler from Nick McKenzie. He is the “journalist” responsible for the operation that infiltrated (with incredible ease) the NSN. He is also an associate of Luke McMahon, the little-known former secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist Club who trolled Nathan Sykes from 2015 till 2022 despite Sykes being sentenced for threatening him. A selective prosecution if ever there was one and, unlike Sewell, a genuine case of political persecution by a collusion between the police and media.

Indeed, McKenzie departed from the other journalists who covered the sentencing of Sykes. At least they had the decency to include the allegations of McMahon’s provocations. But McKenzie knew all about those from the get-go since he was complicit in the frame-up. If nobody has been paying attention, that’s his role. So it’s little wonder when giving a partisan account of that day in March, he gratuitously padded his final hit piece with this extraneous comment, which was a precise indicator as to ASIO’s stratagem for division amongst the “far-right” (sic):

“…Mr Saleam and Mr Sykes remain active in Australia’s neo-Nazi scene as members of the far-right political party Australia First, but both are frequently derided as historical relics by more recently formed extremist groups. During this masthead’s 2021 infiltration of Australia’s largest neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Network, leaders of the network openly mocked Mr Saleam and his followers.”

Of course, they did. That’s what ASIO wants. That’s why the groomer grooms and why Sewell is headed for the protective wing among the nonces, paedos and granny killers. ■