Greens Richard Luigi DiNatali’s Sicilian allegiance sides with Rohingya muslims, ignoring needy Australians

While true Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi throws down the ‘NO’ gauntlet to LGTBPEDOs over da deviant marriage by post, we turn our focus to more important matters – thwarting this month’s Greens lunacy campaign.

No we don’t need another 20,000 muslims from Myanmar dumped on Australia.  Yet that’s exactly what Greens Golly Godfather Senator Riccardo Luigi DiNatale is demanding.

“What dams, what forests?  We’re da party for refugees.”


Currently, a muslim ethnic group called the Rohingya is extremely unpopular in Myanmar which is their latest host nation. They really haven’t got a home as such and for reasons not practical for us to go into here when they find a temporary settlement the hosts pretty quickly decide they no longer want them.

But not so for Australian Greens Golly Godfather DiNatale — he threw a dart at a board and figured Australia needs 20,000 of them over here to add to the refugee party. Currently, we are hosting 12,000 Syrians courtesy of Tony Abbott. This is on top of every other identifiable race on the planet represented in our suffering metropolitan and rural areas.


Fairfax biased Sydney Morning Herald (under administration) reports how he wants Turnbull to make this happen.

Godfather DiNatale:

“We call on you to immediately commit a further 20,000 permanent ‘humanitarian’ (read ‘Third Worlders gifted First World taxpayer welfare’) visas for Rohingya refugees this year. This is not without precedent, with conflicts in Syria previously triggering this kind of emergency intake by Australia in 2015.”


Consider Victoria’s remote north-west town of Nhill – taken over by cheap Myanmar scab labor in the abattoir –  branded as ‘Luv-a-Duck‘.

Nhill – a beachhead for Rohingya muzzie invasion of Australia

And which Greens live near their invoked immigrant ghettos?

Greens Senator Di Natale demands Canberra evacuate 20,000 Rohingan muzzies, citing Abbott’s 2015 precedent of 12,000 Syrians after one fake and staged baby photo on a Turkish beach went heartstrings viral by the likes of Labor slush-funded GetUp online propaganda arm.

Where’s Luigi live – Victoria’s rural Deans Marsh.

Luigi Di Natale reckons of another ‘looming humanitarian crisis‘.  But hey Luigi, Australia’s Aboriginal Third World refugee problem is not just looming, it is inter-generationally systemic.  Give up ya Sicilian mob cause for Australia’s black fella mob.

Aboriginal Australia invisible to da Third World biased Greens

Luigi Di Natale’s Tasmanian immigration shadow minister Nick McKim said in the letter to Mr Turnbull and Mr Dutton.

“We call on you to immediately commit a further 20,000 permanent humanitarian visas for Rohingya refugees this year. This is not without precedent, with conflicts in Syria previously triggering this kind of emergency intake by Australia in 2015. Bugger the aborigines, Rohingya muzzies some 7000 km away take priority Mr Prime Minister of Australia!”

And Godfather Luigi wants Canberra to cough up $150 million to a problem caused by Myanmar’s de-facto leader and 1991 Nobel Peace laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi.

“Buddhists are peaceful and loving when it comes to other Buddhists”

The Islamic Terror Reality Check in Myanmar

Unsung hero Suu Kyi reckons all the crap coming from Amnesty International is all about leftards encouraging Third World exodus to the First World.  Suu Kyi says the leftist media won’t listen to her, because they are siding with the muzzie world.

Whereas in fact it’s nothing to do with the so-called “persecuted Rohingya minority” – that’s just another fabricated leftism which Suu Kyi says is a “huge iceberg of misinformation”. She said:  “We know very well, more than most, what it means to be deprived of human rights and democratic protection.  So we make sure that all the people in our country are entitled to protection of their rights as well as, the right to, and not just political but social and humanitarian defence.”

Suu Kyi says blame the Islamic terrorists for the 300,000+ displaced Rohingya refugees pouring into Bangladesh.

Islamic terror groups Rohingya Solidarity Organisation and Harakah al-Yaqin or Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, have been attacking Myanmar’s military in guerilla attacks for years.  Then last month the terrorists attacked ordinary ethnic Rohingya in Rakhine State bordering Bangladesh and forced them to flee across the border into Bangladesh.  It’s the same Islamic terror tactics as in Syrian and across Islamic northern Africa.

Of course the terrorists blamed the Myanmar military for scorched earthing and associated atrocities against Rohingya.  It’s all ethnic cleansing propaganda to appeal to the United Nations for First World freebies.

But Suu Kyi is right. The Rohingya are essentially illegal Bangladeshi interlopers, called ‘Bengali’.  And no wonder the military won’t do a peace deal with the Rohingya Muslim insurgents.

But da leftard Greens side with the Third World and Islam.  They would have all Rohingya set up shop in Australia.  The Greens so much hate Australia, they seize on any foreign scourge read in the news so they can purge, contaminate, undermine or outright invade Australia.  Some watchers of da Greens are convinced they’re funding Kim Jong nutjob.

Hey Luigi, have ya checked ya Italian citizenship papers, ’cause ya loyalty to Australia doesn’t sound too dinky di.  Too much garlic odour.

So where does Greens Godfather DiNatale come from?  Sicily.

Riccardo Luigi seen drinking family made vino with his distant cousins and speaking fluent Italian, while trying to tie up loose ends wiv da goodfella mob


Luigi:  “So che mia madre è venuta a Melbourne prima che io sia nata, ma ho solo bisogno di assicurarmi che non mi hanno registrato come un italiano.”    [I know my mother came to Melbourne before I was born, but I just need to make sure they didn’t register me as an Italian.]

Luigi: “Sarebbe molto cazzo male per l’ambiente e per i diritti delle minoranze in Australia, se fossi anche un cittadino doppio”  [It would be very bad for the environment, and the rights of minorities in Australia, if I was a dual citizen as well].

Di Natale’s unannounced trip to his both his mother’s home village of San Marco and his father’s home of Siracusa, in Sicily, came after his Deputy leader Larissa Waters resigned from Australia’s Senate after admitting she was a Canadian, while Green’s Scott Ludlam quit after admitting he was a New Zealander..and a bank thief from 1997.

Greens recruit candidate class f&$kwits.  The Greens keep indoctrinating Aborigines the myth that Australia is a rich country so rich that every time some civil war overseas happens, Canberra should kneejerk let all the foreign disaffected in for free so taxpayers can pile on more lifetime welfare, and put Black Fellas to da back of da queue again.

Da anti-Australian hateful Greens make no bones about wanting to completely eradicate the Anglo-European identity of this country, which is why they’re always sifting for ways in which to alter its social fabric irrecoverably.

Myanmar’s unsung hero reckons the Rohinga muzzies are harbouring islamic terrorists after the recent attacks and so is siding with the militray crackdown.

Hey Luigi, go ask ya Goodfella Greens mob financier Graeme Wood for more millions again!

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has just announced diverting $5 million of Australian taxes from Aboriginal cashless welfare cards to muzzie terrorists. Seriously, that is well more than enough gifting to a bunch of terror-linked muzzies on the other side of the world.

Julie Bishop has never been to an Aboriginal humpy, yet last week declared “Australia has provided $50 million for Rohingya people since 2012. We luv our peace luv’n buddhists.”

While Buddhist Myanmar rejects citizenship to Rohingya muslims connected to Islamic jihad.

And while London’s Muzzie Mayor locked down his muzzie saturated metropolis on September 15 2017, Londoners copped their fifth Islamic diversity enrichment for 2017.

Seems Britain’s old colony Burma is showing leadership to London of how to properly evict Islam from its country to protect its citizens.

“I’m gonna make Malcolm an offer he can’t refuse.”