Gillard’s spots haven’t changed – jobs for mates since Slater and Gordon

Remember Julia Gillard set up a union slush fund when she was a lawyer with Slater and Gordon, to help her Labor mates make some dosh.

Remember, Nicola Roxon was a lawyer at the same time and her and Gillard became mates – Labor mates, and Feminist mates.

Look at all the jobs for girl mates Gillard has created since seizing power.  It’s called Emily’s List and its a registered organisation of feminists.

Under Gillard’s sexist reign, it’s Women Only!   No men allowed, except as submissives, just like Gillard’s submissive Bill Shorten has publicly stated, “I agree with the PM, but I don’t know what she said.”

Under the thumb or what!  And Wayne Swan is the perfect submissive treasurer.

As one observer has noted:  “Gillard surrounds herself with tough irrational women and a few submissive eunuch males.”

It could be straight out of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconis favourites, except the female equivalent.

In Labor its not what you know , but who you know, and with Queen Gillard in the Lodge, girls get favours ahead of the boys in Gillard’s Girls Club:

Gillard's Girls ClubI wear the pearls now!


Emily’s List (Anti-Men Society), 146 or thereabouts:

  1. Kate Lundy, Senator for the ACT
  2. Gai Brodtmann, Member of Parliament, Canberra
  3. Sharon Grierson, Member of Parliament, Newcastle
  4. Julie Owens, Member of Parliament, Parramatta
  5. Tanya Plibersek, Member of Parliament, Sydney
  6. Janelle Saffin, Member of Parliament, Page
  7. Sharon Bird, Member of Parliament, Cunningham
  8. Justine Elliot, Member of Parliament, Richmond
  9. Trish Crossin, Senator for the Northern Territory (knifed and ousted by Gillard January 2013)
  10. Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland
  11. Claire Moore, Senator for Queensland
  12. Kirsten Livermore, Member of Parliament, Capricornia
  13. Anne McEwen, Senator for South Australia
  14. Penny Wong, Senator for South Australia  (Deputy High Witch in waiting)
  15. Carol Brown, Senator for Tasmania
  16. Julie Collins, Member of Parliament, Franklin
  17. Lisa Singh, Senator for Tasmania
  18. Anne Urquhart, Senator for Tasmania
  19. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia (Grand High Witch)
  20. Catherine King, Member of Parliament, Ballarat
  21. Jenny Macklin, Member of Parliament, Jagajaga
  22. Laura Smyth, Member of Parliament, La Trobe
  23. Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia
  24. Melissa Parke, Member of Parliament, Fremantle
  25. Katy Gallagher,  ACT Member for Molonglo, and Chief Minister of ACT
  26. Yvette Berry,  ACT Member for Ginninderra
  27. Joy Burch, ACT Member for Brindabella
  28. Mary Porter     ACT     Member for     Ginninderra
  29. Linda Burney     NSW     Member for     Canterbury
  30. Noreen Hay     NSW     Member for     Wollongong
  31. Sonia Hornery     NSW     Member for     Wallsend
  32. Penny Sharpe     NSW     Member for     Leg. Council
  33. Carmel Tebbutt     NSW     Member for     Marrickville
  34. Lynda Voltz     NSW     Member for     Leg. Council
  35. Helen Westwood     NSW     Member for     Leg. Council
  36. Natasha Fyles     NT     Member for     Nightcliff
  37. Delia Lawrie     NT     Member for     Karama, and Opposition Leader
  38. Lynne Walker     NT     Member for     Nhulunbuy
  39. Desley Scott     QLD     Member for     Woodridge
  40. Jackie Trad     QLD     Member for     South Brisbane
  41. Frances Bedford     SA     Member for     Florey
  42. Lyn Breuer     SA     Member for     Giles
  43. Susan Close     SA     Member for     Port Adelaide
  44. Gail Gago     SA     Member for     Leg. Council
  45. Robyn Geraghty     SA     Member for     Torrens
  46. Stephanie Key     SA     Member for     Ashford
  47. Grace Portolesi     SA     Member for     Hartley
  48. Jennifer Rankine     SA     Member for     Wright
  49. Gay Thompson     SA     Member for     Reynell
  50. Lara Giddings     TAS     Member for     Franklin, and Premier
  51. Michelle O’Byrne     TAS     Member for     Bass
  52. Rebecca White     TAS     Member for     Lyons
  53. Jacinta Allan     VIC     Member for     Bendigo East
  54. Liz Beattie     VIC     Member for     Yuroke
  55. Candy Broad     VIC     Member for     Northern Victoria
  56. Lily D’Ambrosio     VIC     Member for     Mill Park
  57. Kaye Darveniza     VIC     Member for     Northern Victoria
  58. Joanne Duncan     VIC     Member for     Macedon
  59. Maree Edwards     VIC     Member for     Bendigo West
  60. Jane Garrett     VIC     Member for     Brunswick
  61. Danielle Green     VIC     Member for     Yan Yean
  62. Jill Hennessy     VIC     Member for     Altona
  63. Natalie Hutchins     VIC     Member for     Keilor
  64. Sharon Knight     VIC     Member for     Ballarat West
  65. Jenny Mikakos     VIC     Member for     Northern Metropolitan
  66. Lisa Neville     VIC     Member for     Bellarine
  67. Bronwyn Pike     VIC     Member for     Melbourne
  68. Jaala Pulford     VIC     Member for     Western Victoria
  69. Fiona Richardson     VIC     Member for     Northcote
  70. Gayle Tierney     VIC     Member for     Western Victoria
  71. Sue Ellery     WA     Member for     Leg. Council South Met.
  72. Carol Martin     WA     Member for     Kimberley
  73. Sally Talbot     WA     Member for     Leg. Council South West
  74. Lisa Baker     WA     Member for     Maylands
  75. Janine Freeman     WA     Member for     Nollamara
  76. Linda Savage     WA     Member for     Leg. Council Eastern Metro
  77. Former Federal Members of Parliament
  78. Jennie George     NSW     Former Member for     Throsby
  79. Kelly Hoare     NSW     Former Member for     Charlton
  80. Julia Irwin     NSW     Former Member for     Fowler
  81. Cheryl Kernot     QLD     Former Member for     Dickson
  82. Kerry Rea     QLD     Former Member for     Bonner
  83. Leonie Short     QLD     Former Member for     Ryan
  84. Jodie Campbell     TAS     Former Member for     Bass
  85. Sue Mackay     TAS     Former Senator
  86. Ann Corcoran     VIC     Former Member for     Isaacs
  87. Sharryn Jackson     WA     Former Member for     Hasluck
  88. Carmen Lawrence     WA     Former Member for     Fremantle
  89. Jann McFarlane     WA     Former Member for     Stirling
  90. Ruth Webber     WA     Former Senator
  91. Former State/Territory Members of Parliament
  92. Karin MacDonald     ACT     Former Member for     Brindabella
  93. Verity Firth     NSW     Former Member for     Balmain
  94. Alison Megarritty     NSW     Former Member for     Menai
  95. Sandra Nori     NSW     Former Member for     Port Jackson
  96. Karyn Paluzzano     NSW     Former Member for     Penrith
  97. Christine Robertson     NSW     Former Member for     Leg. Council
  98. Jane Aagard     NT     Former Member for     Nightcliff
  99. Malarndirri McCarthy     NT     Former Member for     Arnhem
  100. Clare Martin     NT     Former Member for     Fannie Bay, and Chief Minister
  101. Kerry Sacilotto     NT     Former Member for     Port Darwin
  102. Marion Scrymgour     NT     Former Member for     Arafura
  103. Bonny Barry     QLD     Former Member for     Aspley
  104. Anna Bligh     QLD     Former Member for     South Brisbane, and Premier
  105. Desley Boyle     QLD     Former Member for     Cairns
  106. Liddy Clark     QLD     Former Member for     Clayfield
  107. Lesley Clark     QLD     Former Member for     Barron River
  108. Wendy Edmond     QLD     Former Member for     Mt Coot-tha
  109. Jan Jarratt     QLD     Former Member for     Whitsunday
  110. Linda Lavarch     QLD     Former Member for     Kurwongbah
  111. Lindy Nelson-Carr     QLD     Former Member for     Mundingburra
  112. Rachel Nolan     QLD     Former Member for     Ipswich
  113. Dianne Reilly     QLD     Former Member for     Mudgeeraba
  114. Christine Smith     QLD     Former Member for     Burleigh
  115. Judy Spence     QLD     Former Member for     Mt Gravatt, Sunnybank
  116. Barbara Stone     QLD     Former Member for     Springwood
  117. Karen Struthers     QLD     Former Member for     Algester
  118. Christine Scott     QLD     Former Member for     Charters Towers
  119. Jane Lomax-Smith     SA     Former Member for     Adelaide
  120. Lea Stevens     SA     Former Member for     Little Para
  121. Fran Bladel     TAS     Former Member for     Franklin
  122. Heather Butler     TAS     Former Member for     Lyons
  123. Allison Ritchie     TAS     Former Member for     Pembroke
  124. Lin Thorp     TAS     Former Legislative Council Member for     Rumney
  125. Paula Wriedt     TAS     Former Member for     Franklin
  126. Denise Allen     VIC     Former Member for     Benalla
  127. Dympna Beard     VIC     Former Member for     Kilsyth
  128. Rosy Buchanan     VIC     Former Member for     Hastings
  129. Helen Buckingham     VIC     Former Member for     Koonung Province
  130. Elaine Carbines     VIC     Former Member for     Western Vic Province
  131. Mary Delahunty     VIC     Former Member for     Northcote
  132. Anne Eckstein     VIC     Former Member for     Ferntree Gully
  133. Dianne Hadden     VIC     Former Member for     Ballarat Province
  134. Carolyn Hirsh     VIC     Former Member for     Silvan Province
  135. Lynne Kosky     VIC     Former Member for     Altona
  136. Maxine Morand     VIC     Former Member for     Mount Waverley
  137. Janice Munt     VIC     Former Member for     Mordialloc
  138. Karen Overington     VIC     Former Member for     Ballarat West
  139. Glenyys Romanes     VIC     Former Member for     Eastern Vic Province
  140. Megan Anwyl     WA     Former Member for     Kalgoorlie
  141. Shelley Archer     WA     Former Member for     Leg. Council
  142. Judy Edwards     WA     Former Member for     Maylands
  143. Dianne Guise     WA     Former Member for     Franklin
  144. Sheila McHale     WA     Former Member for     Kenwick
  145. Alannah MacTiernan     WA     Former Member for     Armadale
  146. Jaye Radisich     WA     Former Member for     Swan Hills
  147. Nova Peris, NT, not a Labor member yet, but Gillard’s new token Aboriginal senator
Gillard Polka Spots
‘He was right, it was me Labor spots that got me the plumb Labor break.
“Merit?”, that’s why I left Slaters.’


What a high powered well paid job on the public purse, no qualifications needed. Just be female and phone Julia!   Wear Polka dots to the interview, and its Fem favour.

And if your an ex-Labor polly out of work, Queenie Gillard can find you a cushy lucrative job too on the public purse, oh except if you question Queenie Gillard’s morals, like former Attorney General Robert McClelland did.

queenieIf you do not laugh at my jokes, I shall have you executed!

Queenie Gillard has set up a Lost Labor List – a Labor refugee camp for out-of-work premiers and ex-Labor government and union officials.

An analysis of recent Commonwealth appointments reads like a who’s who of former high-profile Labor figures. The Opposition has accused the Gillard Government of engaging in a “jobs for the boys” program.  But it includes girls, so long as you’re a Labor veteran.

Appointments include former Victorian Labor premier John Brumby to the chair of the Council of Australian Governments Reform Council on December 7.

Former Queensland Labor premier Anna Bligh was appointed to the board of Medibank Private three days earlier.

Her South Australian counterpart Labor’s Mike Rann, was given the role of Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK on August 23. In November, ex-Queensland Treasurer Labor’s Andrew Fraser was appointed to Australian Sports Commission board.

A month later, Mr Fraser also joined the board of the new Moorebank Intermodal Company. Former Queensland Labor’s attorney-general Cameron Dick was appointed to the chair of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission on November 30. And ex-Victorian Deputy Labor Premier John Thwaites was given the chair of the National Sustainability Council in October.

Mr Thwaites was also appointed chairman of the Australian Building Codes Board in the previous year.

Former WA Labor premier Geoff Gallop was given a job on the International Education Advisory Council and appointed chairman of the Australia Awards Board. Former NSW Labor party president and Electrical Trades Union secretary, Bernie Riordan, has the role of commissioner of Fair Work Australia.

And NSW former Labor premier Bob Carr was plucked from retirement by Gillard and parachuted unelected into the Senate and handed the plumb job of Foreign Minister.  Captain Gillard’s choice they call it.

True to her sexist modus operandi, Gillard has parachuted Nova Peris into the NT Senate unelected, oh and she’ll probably have to join the Labor Party too.

“If there is one thing Gillard has implemented successfully, it is an employment program for her Labor mates,” Opposition waste spokesman Jamie Briggs said.