Gillard Lies ‘moving forward’ into 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017…

“I’ve never felt more ready.”

Carbon Tooth Fairy

The Gillard has named Education and Family as the battlegrounds upon which she intended to fight for re-election.

Gillard Labor’s planned giant leap forward in her Education Devolution:

Building the Education Revolution

Gillard Labor Family values, so long as their foreign jobers:

Gillard has proclaimed in her next 4 year manifesto:

To be “clear-eyed” about her plans

“Getting the big things done”

Providing support and services to mums and dads juggling work, children and ageing parents.

Gillard's Single Mums

Putting her ignored national security back on the agenda:

Refugee Welcome Zone

Her National Broadband Network blowout:


Planning for an ageing society:

Aged Veterans ignored by the Labor Government

Modernising infrastructure:

Labor's Sydney Rail Hollow Spin

Moving forward?

I’ve never felt more ready.”

Gillard the National Helmsperson