Freedom Day 2014: Stop the Associations Laws this Australia Day

Australia First Party supports the Anti-Association Laws rallies in all capital cities to be held in national solidarity this coming Australia Day.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

12 noon

Australia Day Bill of Rights Petition Run

Show your Australian patriotism

Roll up to support Australian democratic rights in front of Australia’s National Parliament

If you can’t make it to Canberra, roll up in your city to the following locations

In MelbourneFreedom Day 2014 Melbourne

In AdelaideFreedom Day 2014 Adelaide

In PerthFreedom Day 2014 Perth

Around the WorldFreedom Day 2014 in San Francisco

In Sydney?

All citizens of New South Wales and the ACT are invited to attend the Parliament House rally in Canberra

Protest against the VLAD – Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act.  This is a fascist law of the LNP Regime in Brisbane, set to be imposed across all Australian states and territories.

The associations’ laws have nothing really to do with criminal elements who have infiltrated certain motorcycle clubs.    These laws are about who can associate with
who and where and how.

In most States, these laws do not have a single reference to ‘outlaw’ motorcycle clubs. These laws can be used against any group, anytime. They can be used against churches, unions, trade associations and even more dangerously, political parties.

It is a fundamental attack on our people’s rights.  Australian Democracy is under attack.  Australians have a “right to silence”.

Australia First Party has rejected the idea that these laws are necessary to fight any criminal activity within motorcycle associations. The Party says there are laws sufficient and intelligence and surveillance methods aplenty to deal with any individual who may be involved in criminal activity.

Dr. Jim Saleam, National President of the Australia First Party has stated:

“The new laws do not mention ‘bikies’ but refer only to ‘criminal associations’, something defined in a way that could eventually target churches, political parties, unions and other professional associations and community groups at odds with government policy.

The laws could dissolve these democratic organisations and in a revival of the notorious consorting laws, could see people banned from communicating or meeting with each other. All of this is a recipe for an array of repressive actions and an army of opportunistic informers seeking rewards.

Similar laws are being used right now in Greece to suppress a democratically elected party and have been around in Italy for three decades where they have abused democratic rights.”

Dr Jim Saleam is one of several key note speakers to address the Anti Associations’ Law Rally in front of Parliament House, Canberra, January 26, 2014.

Australian Capital Territory area members and friends should take the time out to
attend the anti-associations’ laws rally in Canberra on January 26, and Australians in each capital city similarly are invited to attend their respective parliaments at 12 noon.

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