First World’s biggest enemy is the Islamic Dark Ages Cult within

Another attack and another western nation in grieving.

Today, another Neanderthal islamic welcomed into Britain says thank you and goes rabid near Westminster, London running his car over pedestrians on the pavement along Westminster Bridge.

After the car crashes he hatefully stabs an unarmed police officer to death.

Leftards and globalist governments go into damage control to script:

“It’s just an isolated case”, “He acted alone”, “Islam is a religion of peace”.. they will all cry, while praying for appeasement of the meek in our time.

Not a random attack resulting in the deaths of five innocent people going about their daily lives.

7th Century Desert Cave Islam hates 21st Century Civilization because it missed out on the wealth and doesn’t control us.

It is another declaration of war on Britain and the west. How many more innocent lives have to be lost before nations take real action to protect themselves from this threat that many still refuse to acknowledge?

We must not stall or falter in our struggle for a free and peaceful nation. Our governments, their handlers and the extreme left create more challenges for us every day with the continued push for an open borders society and we must push back.

So who allowed this?

7th Century Desert Cave Islam hates 21st Century civilization because it Neanderthaled missing out on millennia of wealth gain and doesn’t control us.

Who allowed ‘refugees’ to be admitted? Who allowed migration from certain countries in the first place? Who supported the radicalisation of thousands by the de facto support given to ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria?

Socialist globalist European countries have paid the price. And still their social controllers speak of diversity and values and how nothing will rock unity in that diversity dogma.