Time to build up our true blue Australian nationalist party – Australia First!

Australia is in a mess socially, economically and financially with no plans from Canberra to fix our nation by any of the self-serving politicians.

They constantly put Ordinary Australians last after themselves, their donors, foreigners, deviants, multinationals and big business.  They constantly impose on Ordinary Australians globalist ideologies like Third World Import Dumping, 457 Scab Labour, Offshoring, Mass Immigration, Urbanization, Ethnic Crime, Climate Change Fraud, De-industrialization, Multiculturalism, Deviance, Privatisation and Austerity.

Keep voting for them and nothing will change except more unaffordable living, more waiting lists and more Ordinary Aussies will find themselves on the employment scrap heap, in poverty then homeless.

Restore Australian nationhood and wealth back to Ordinary Australians, who have pioneered and fought for this country and for our freedoms and rights.

Join the one and only Australia First Party to put Australians first, where we used to be.

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When it comes to Australian nationalism, beware of imitations, fakes, stooges and pop up parties

AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY – The original and the best!