Eureka Flag of Australian Nationalism – The Bakery Hill Speech by Peter Lalor of 1st December 1854

Swearing allegiance to the Southern Cross 1854, by Charles Doudiet

Peter Lalor, Leader of Eureka Stockade 1854


Fellow diggers, outraged at the unaccountable conduct of the Camp officials, in such a wicked license-hunt at the point of the bayonet as the one this morning, we take it as an insult to our manhood…

It is my duty now to swear you in, and to take with you the oath to be faithful to the Southern Cross. Now hear me with attention. The man who, after this solemn oath does not stand by our standard, is a coward at heart.

We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other, and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

Comrades, assist me to pray for the safety of these men. Bless these men that go to fight for their rights and liberties. May Heaven shield them from danger. I charge you to commit no violence to the peaceably disposed. I will shoot the first man who takes any property from another except arms and ammunition and what is necessary for us to use in our defence.

Now fall in comrades, and march behind our standard to the Eureka.”

Eureka Flag of Australian Nationalism


No mention of treacherous multiculturalism shite by Lefties trying to rewrite Australian History.