Eureka Flag – we cop first shots by Ballaarat indignant Left pretending they own Eureka’s memory

by Jim Saleam and others.


We anticipated our choice of logo would invite the usual ranting from the usual suspects.

This week, we read that even before our application is even advertised in the press by the Electoral Commission inviting any public criticism, the first ‘objections’ are making their way into the press – via Fairfax and the ABC of course.

Bring it on!

We see that the unions’ secretary in Ballaarat and a councillor on Ballaarat City Council are complaining. They are not only upset that we nationalists would do this, they lie and attempt to associate the Flag and the Eureka Stockade Rebellion with multiculturalism ideology.

We expect this debate to go national in the next week or so. We are keen that the culture-war over the Flag be waged.

Aside from a very particular (and somewhat historically explainable) quotation from the romantic Italian revolutionary, Rafaello Carboni, they can present next to zero about the Flag having a meaning of relevance to multiculturalism. Obviously not – because it just does not.

We shall be publishing a lot about the history of the Flag in the coming days. Our case is absolute. Suffice to say for now, battle is joined.

The Eureka Flag is the symbol of Australian Nationalism. All nationalists must do their bit in the community and elsewhere to promote the Flag is the essence of Australianism.

Eureka Flag Commemoration 2014

Fairfax Media on standby for any Leftie propaganda

We publicised our application to use the logo last Friday April 8, and by Monday April 11, a protest article appeared in Fairfax’s newspaper in Ballaarat, ‘The Courier’.  So we must be a news source for Fairfax.  Well since Fairfax sacked another 120 journos last month, why are we not surprised?    They must be able to play indoor cricket now in the SMH newsroom.

As for the ABC on this topic, they just did a copy paste effort – we’ve been known to do that.

ABC journo Bridget Judd had some misleading crap added in the title of her piece by News Editor Stuart Watt – something about us Australian Nationalists using the logo somehow angering “rebel descendants” in Ballaarat.  Crap – no explanation was offered and Bridget didn’t even raise it in her article.  Good one Stuewe!


Within days of Leftists reading this website and contacting their Leftie mates in Ballaarat, a bunch of politically motivated pro-refugee  multiculturalists on the local council cobbled together a propaganda piece across the sympathetic Fairfax leftie journo Matthew Dixon at The Courier.

Matthew DixonMatthew Dixon, hooded and ready for anarcho-scribing


Dixon did journalism at Victoria’s lead Leftie campus, La Trobe University; the same place where the deviant Safe Schools Coalition crap was inculcated by lesbian Roz Ward.  The Left must be on sentry duty and we are gratified that they read our website closely.

Commiserations leftards!

Dixon’s article outlines a flimsy complaint Ballaarat Councillor Vicki Coltman who wants to suddenly adopt the Eureka Flag for her personal multicultural political cause – as dumb as a juicy lamb chop symbol trying to promote veganism.

Coltman cites a reference to Raffaello Carboni who was a travelling Italian Nationalist revolutionary and linguist who, though joined the mining at Ballaarat, was but a spectating scribe to the 1854 Eureka Rebellion.  Carboni didn’t participate let alone lead the rebellion. He had attended miners’ meetings, in particular one at Bakery Hill in November 1853, and if he had spoken it had been ‘for the fun of the thing‘.

Carboni was appointed by the leader of the rebellion, Peter Lalor, to organize a small group of foreign miners behind the stockade because Carboni spoke many languages to petition for the discontinuance of licence hunting.

A year after the rebellion, Carboni wrote his eyewitness account of it, albeit with a touch of poetic license.  Two years later he returned to Italy.  Carboni’s account suited his own revolutionary persuasions as a foreigner.

But the cause of the Eureka Rebellion belonged to the would-be Australian citizens.  The miners’ leader was Peter Lalor who stayed on, so quote from him!  Coltman needs to get her facts right.  Eureka had nothing to do with multiculturalism or refugees or deviant marriage or deviant education in schools or about veganism either!  The Eureka Flag has never been politically correct!

Vicki Coltman

Coltman has some nerve.  She’s the antithesis of what the Eureka Rebellion was all about – a grassroots rebellion against unfair taxes and against British colonial tyranny.

But what has Vicki Coltman done in Ballaarat?  In 2013, as councillor she voted to impose a 7.5 per cent rate hike upon the struggling ratepayers of Ballaarat, all so she could fund an extravagant $72 million upgrade to the councillors’ town hall and some over the top sports complex.

Coltman’s Rate Hike is just another Miners License of unfair taxes on struggling locals.  Elitist bitch thinks she’s another Governor Charles La Trobe of 1853!

And the unions similarly have lost any legitimacy to fly the Eureka Flag, their behind jacking up minimum rates for owner drivers who are to be otherwise slugged with a $50,000 fine or thrown in gaol.  It’s bloody Eureka repeated.  So union hack Brett Edgington can pull his head in. If he’s so interested in miners’ rights, then he should be more concerned with addressing the spate of black lung in Australia, and just last month Metro Quarry Group copped a second quarry death at Nyora in South Gippsland.

The Eureka Flag doesn’t belong to anyone, least of all his thuggish thieving union cousins at the TWU!

North Queensland truck drivers protesting the Road Safety Remuneration OrderNo unions here, just hardworking Ordinary Aussies protesting AGAINST the unions!

North Queensland truck drivers protest with the Eureka Flag this week against the Transport Workers Union and its greedy Road Safety Remuneration Order


Indeed, our Aussie Eureka Flag belongs to all Australians.  It is not a property of a few toffee-nosed elitists up the top end of Lydiard Street.  The Eureka Flag has become a common symbol of protest by Australians for many grassroots causes of freedom, democracy, against tyranny from worker’s rights to residents rights to anyone pissed off with government authoritarianism.

Eureka Flag heritage

The original intentions of the Eureka Flag were all about defiance against British colonial tyranny and calls for one man one vote representative democracy.  The Eureka Rebellion heralded the birth of Australian Nationalism –  Identity, Independence and Freedom, which is why we consider our application has more merit than any other current political organisation in Australia.

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