Easter pre-Budget Message: elitist Canberra treats Ordinary Australians with contempt

Canberra’s politicians are as useless to Australia’s prosperity, sovereignty and sanity as bloody tits on a bull; worse as mad cow disease killing the bull.

What has the Burley Griffin Experiment of 1908 done for Australians?

  • Fed us like burley to the foreign sharks
  • Lied, betrayed us and spun crap
  • Made life harder, if not impossible for most
  • Surrendered our sovereignty to globalisation
  • Abandoned the Bush, our elderly, our youth, our poor
  • Sold the farm, our resources, our cities to foreigners
  • Trashed our heritage
  • Sent our sons and daughters to slaughter in others’ wars
  • Worsened national debt
  • Favoured Third World imports over local jobs
  • Shifted investment goal posts to impoverish retirements
  • Third World flooding in on welfare
  • Migrant criminals addicting our youth
  • Let Muslims terrorise us at home
  • Unaffordable housing, except for refugees
  • Unaffordable energy, except for exports by multinationals
  • Unaffordable living, except for pay-rised politicians
  • Wasting billions on duds – NBN, NDIS, F35, climate alarmism, illegals
  • Backstabbed and navel-gazed
  • Rorted taxpayers with personal junkets and indulgences
  • Foreign Aid prioritised ahead of devastated Aussies
  • Imposed diversity agenda preferencing foreigners and deviants
  • Selling public institutions to fund the above
  • Censored criticism by White Australia of all the above.

Canberra hates Australians.  We’d be better off if the lot of them in Canberra played Sudoko all year, the place returned to sheep farming, and Australia’s capital restored in Melbourne, as it was.

Government upon federation amongst the people – not isolated, insular, irrelevant and ornamental around a fake lake.

Ever wonder why when a polly does a press conference in the ‘budget tree’ garden outside Parliament, the local crows are most vocal?

Meet PM Malcolm Richard Di Shorten:

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I’m from Canberra and I’m here to help you.