Manus Island rapefugees shot at by PNG soldiers for competing with tribal rape culture

The remnants of Greens-Labor’s 50,000+ fake refugee invites on Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island all need to be immediately deported back to their origins for being the Third World welfare seeking illegals that they are.  That’s all 861 on Manus, 380 on Nauru and 269 on Christmas Island.  Leave the poor local islanders alone!

They are mostly male muslims of working age and military age.  Most are from notorious Third World mud-skinned rape nations Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Nepal.  They are not fleeing persecution.  They are themselves high risk and are indeed persecuting the locals, who were given no say in their invasion by Canberra.  And state police and court criminal records only reinforce that fact that when given an inch, these fake refugees abuse unprepared Australians criminally.

No docs criminals they are anyway – rapists, terrorists, murderers, fraudsters, backward low lifes.  They’ve all rioted and trashed their detention centres on all three islands.  Extreme vetters from the United States have left in disgust, saying to Australia – “they’re all fake refugees, you knew that, we don’t want them.

And the local Papua New Guineans