Manus Island rapefugees shot at by PNG soldiers for competing with tribal rape culture

The remnants of Greens-Labor’s 50,000+ fake refugee invites on Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island all need to be immediately deported back to their origins for being the Third World welfare seeking illegals that they are.  That’s all 861 on Manus, 380 on Nauru and 269 on Christmas Island.  Leave the poor local islanders alone!

They are mostly male muslims of working age and military age.  Most are from notorious Third World mud-skinned rape nations Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Nepal.  They are not fleeing persecution.  They are themselves high risk and are indeed persecuting the locals, who were given no say in their invasion by Canberra.  And state police and court criminal records only reinforce that fact that when given an inch, these fake refugees abuse unprepared Australians criminally.

No docs criminals they are anyway – rapists, terrorists, murderers, fraudsters, backward low lifes.  They’ve all rioted and trashed their detention centres on all three islands.  Extreme vetters from the United States have left in disgust, saying to Australia – “they’re all fake refugees, you knew that, we don’t want them.

And the local Papua New Guineans don’t want them either.  The rapefugees are competing with their own tribal rape culture.

Papua New Guinea is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman.  Anecdotally, two-thirds of PNG women are beaten by their partners, and one in five PNG woman’s first sexual experience is rape.  Tribal savages say don’t need competition from foreigner from Asian or the Middle East.

Manus Island is part of Canberra’s Pacific Solution to keep ’em away from the Australian mainland, so they couldn’t rape Australians. Since 2001 the Liberal’s offshore detention started off as an effective deterrent to discourage illegals funding the people smuggling trade to Australia by boat.  The solution was always designed to resettle the muddies in some third countries like PNG, Cambodia or Malaysia, else just send them back to from whence they came illegally.  It worked a hoot until the incoming Greens-Labor socialist government unravelled it by sending out invites.from 2007 through 2013.

In the recent Manus Island detention case since 2014, the idea was that if detainees at Manus Island were found to be genuine refugees they could resettle in PNG, while those exposed as illegal migrants would be sent back to from whence they came.  Problem is that three so far found to be genuine and so released into PNG got shit scared after the locals came at ’em with machetes, so they ran back to the detention centre for protection.

Problem is the PNG locals weren’t consulted, and they are known for their bad tempers and use of machetes to resolve disputes. Dumb Canberra bureaucrats at the desk site the detention centre within view and earshot of the PNG Naval base barracks across the bay.  So what’s the bet arrogant muddies from their protected fenced location tormented the PNG soldiers with expletives and obscene gestures across the bay, until the PNG lads had had enough?

May be Australians can learn from the actions of PNG to deter Third World illegals from considering Australia.  They could coach us in their proven effective techniques.

Keep First World Australia, Tribal Culture Free

Culturally, PNG is a primitive and tribal patrilineal patriarchal society, where women’s beliefs and values aren’t equal to men. It’s similar across the tribal Pacific Islands.  The backward tribal mentality is that the men are in charge, which has comparisons to Third World mud-skinned rape nations like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq and Nepal.

In such muzzie and buddhist cultures, whatever the man asks, the woman has to submit. The cultural traditions are arguably equally as backward and barbaric.  So Canberra must have given the Pacific Solution thing some special thought.  PM Julia Gillard in 2012 gifted $320 million of Aussie taxpayers’ wealth to Islander women so they could stand up for themselves.  Hypocritically, the witch also gifted $500 million of Aussie taxpayers’ wealth to Indonesia to build schools for its patriarchal islamic culture

Then on February 17 2014, the Manus inmates rioted and so the local guards squashed PNG style – clubs, machetes, etc.  An Iranian inmate Reza Barati must have given lip cause they got stuck into him good and proper.  Even an Aussie Salvo was fired up enough to make sure.

On Christmas Eve 2016, the inmates rioted again

On January 17 2017, one of the rapefugees (31) raped a young local Papuan woman multiple times after getting day release into town on Manus in provincial town of Lorengau about 10km east of the Detention Centre.   Manus Province commander David Yapu said the filth met his 18-year-old victim in the town, before taking her to the nearby Harbourside hotel and raping her.

Black Papuans only now, no muddies!

The victim attempted to reach safety at a relative’s house but “fainted” at the side of a river until she was rescued by a passersby, he said. She was then taken to Lorengau General Hospital for treatment.

It’s not the first rapegugee case and local PNG islanders have had a gutful.

Manus Commander Yapu said he did not have enough officers to deal with any potential problems at the detention centre. “We currently have only 55 police and when you look at the asylum seekers it’s about 800-plus,” he said.

Seven asylum seekers have been arrested and charged in the past month for various offences, ranging from rape to drunk and disorderly conduct.  Yapu said 39 asylum seekers faced court on Manus in 2016.  “My prediction is that by end of 2017 we should reach about 50 or 60 that have gone through the court,” he said.

No wonder America won’t take them.

So some enterprising PNG military lads went around to the detention centre on Manus last night and did a Leb-style drive-by shooting effort to send a clear message that muddy rapists don’t mix with the local black Papuans.  The babies look shit.  There was even an attempt to storm the detention centre and do some lynching, but the lads were too pissed and disorganised.  One male detainee managed to be brained by a rock – Gaza style.

Tension has been rising on Manus Island for months, with local Manus islanders upset at the abusive actions of various fake asylum seekers let loose. Then the PNG Supreme Court ruled in April 2016 that Australia’s detention centre on Manus was unconstitutional and so ordered it shut down. Canberra ought to have quickly transferred the lot to Nauru, shipped the huts over and cut Australia’s $477 million gifted foreign aid to PNG accordingly.  But Australia’s Liberal-Nationals government remains indecisive and weak kneed.

Australians knows how to deal with breakouts by illegals like the Japs in Cowra in 1944.

Vickers machine-gun, suicide, else knifed by their fellow Japs, making the task easier.


Treacherous rapefugee agent, Ian Rintoul, of his Rapefugee Action Coalition was quick to froth to the leftist media and get his ‘clients’ to text photo proof of the bullet holes from their new iPhone smartphones.  “Navy have shot more than 100 times, some of the bullets have hit rooms,” the Ring Tool bleated incensed.


Violence also reportedly broke out when locals tried to put an end to a soccer game that was being played by ‘asylum seekers’, so-called.

The ‘Ring Tool’ has of course used this event as a propaganda opportunity to pressure Canberra to fly all 1510 of the illegal scum to Australia to become citizens on permanent welfare, and so send a message to the thousands waiting in Indonesia in the wings.

Bugger off!