Daniel Webb cedes his people smuggler model has been rejected by the High Court of Australia

The subversive extremist Left’s agenda is to make Australia the global dumping ground for millions of breeding Third Worlders seeking welfare. But it has hit another glitch in Australia.

The High Court of Australia has today ruled against people smuggling agent, Daniel Webb, upholding Australia’s sovereignty. Illegals have no right to breach national borders!

Australian Freedom comes at a priceOur Australian generation’s heritage freedom has come at a price


Daniel Webb frothed today in front of extended leftist media coverage:  “Right now I’m sure in the Immigration Minister’s office it’s high fives all round.”

Afro High Five


The full bench of Australia’s High Court handed down its ruling this morning after considering Webb’s spurious claim for a Bangladeshi boat illegal who decided to become pregnant in offshore detention on Nauru so as to give birth on the Australian mainland.  She somehow scammed that, then at the same time allowing her to hook up with Leftist illegal advocate Webb, who went legal against the Australian Government.

This latest asylum tactic by illegals is termed the “backdoor baby asylum” method, in which illegal women deliberately get pregnant in offshore detention in order to queue jump offshore asylum processing.  Detention staff call them by another name: “f*cking queue jumpers“.

But it has nothing to do with seeking asylum from persecution. The woman is Bangladeshi. Bangladesh is not at war.  It is a safe country.  The woman had to travel across multiple countries to reach Australia.

Bangladeshis are not asylum seekersTo get from Bangladesh to Australia is past five countries – so it ain’t asylum.  It is illegal migration.


She and her lot want to be in Australia for the good life, pure and simple.  They are illegal economic migrants and queue jumpers at that.

They are economic leeches.

Economic Leech

Webb is an agent in this case.  He took the asylum ploy to the High Court to try to get a precedent to overrule Australia’s right to stop illegals entering Australia and inflict a mass illegal open door policy upon Australia.  This would mean a flood of breeding illegals, just like the bad old 50,000 Big Kev Labor days!

Boat Arrivals

Webb’s so-called ‘compassionate’ ideology is some globalist social experiment that thinks solving Third World poverty is best achieved by mass migrating them to first world nations like Australia.

Bugger off Dan!

End Immigration

Daniel Webb is complicit in harbouring illegals.  He is a traitor to Australia and to our sovereign values.  He actively facilitates illegal invasion. He uses church groups, the leftist media and abuses Australia’s legal system with no compunction for wasting Australia taxpayer resources by abusing Australia’s High Court process.  Lefty Webb couldn’t care less about the taxpayer costs.  Daniel Webb is what’s known as a lifetime political menace.

Fortunately, Australia’s High Court is a wake up to the dodgy likes of Webb and his latest illegal preggy backdoor scam.  Yesterday it rightly ruled that the Australian government is legitimately acting within the law by detaining 157 so-called ‘asylum seekers’ at sea and the 267 illegals – including 91 newborns deliberately conceived to get special immigration treatment.

Woo Hoo, Australian Welfare!

So its back to tropical Nauru paradise, whether they impregnate themselves or have twins or even triplets in detention!

Separate the men from the women, and this backdoor scam is averted.  Auto-deport the rapists back to whence they came.  Problem averted.

Nauru TourismTropical Nauru paradise in the South Pacific – ideal for rooting at leisure!


Backdoor breeding is no excuse!   Asylum seekers can’t root themselves out of offshore detention to some cosy unit in Brisbane, Perth or Sydney on hyper-welfare.  In this case the test bitch is to be sent back and has been given a packet of condoms, after refusing Aussie taxpayer funded tubal ligation surgery or even the contraceptive pill.

Our Australian Government should only consider applications for asylum from those still in their country of origin or in genuine asylum still in a neighbouring country (i.e. those in overseas refugee camps).  A strict annual quota needs to apply.  We’ve exceeded that many times over, so the programme must be suspended until Australia’s infrastructure can cope.  All asylum applicants must submit to full identity, character tests and background checks else be auto-rejected.  No barbarians and definitely no muzzies.  Any illegal arrivals or visa over-stayers need to be auto-deported back to where they came from.

All asylum is to be temporary.  That is what asylum means.  As such all applicants and their dependents are to be returned once the persecution ends.  The Bosnians were returned.  The Vietnamese need to be returned. The Lebanese, Iraqis, Afghanis and Iranians needs to be returned.  The Tamils need to be returned.  The Sudanese and Somalis need to be returned.  The Syrians are on notice.

Australia should unsign the 1951 Refugee Convention.  It was for Europeans after World War II.  It has long lapse and been abused by illegals the world over.

As expected, Daniel Webb, as advocacy director for ‘Let the Breeding Third World into Australia or we’ll tell the UN‘, is visibly pissed off. The High Court decision is a major blow to the (Third World) Greens and their illegal smuggling networks.  Webb’s illegal boat trade has collapsed.  It is now six months since his conspiring agents in Australia arranged their last people smuggler boat. Today he got free media coverage by the ABC and Fairfax.

Here he is with support from smuggling sympathizer Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young:


Daniel Webb is one of a growing dangerous pseudo-Christian evangelicals who have fundamentally converted to the ideology that..’the only way to help the starving Third World breeding millions is to invite them to the first world’.

The United Nations organisation’s ‘Agenda 21‘ coincidentally is aligned to this same wackie neo-imperialist agenda.  It’s akin to a reformation of the naive European mission system that emerged from 18th Century Purists, who espoused a communist mindset of ‘We Know Best!

No wonder the Left remains so indignant.

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton MP has confirmed border protection personnel had turned back 15 vessels, with 429 potential illegal immigrants aboard, since Operation Sovereign Borders was launched in December 2013.

Mr Dutton said the figures showed the government’s policy was working.

“When the Rudd and Gillard governments abolished the Howard government’s proven border protection policies, more than 50,000 people illegally entered Australia on more than 800 boats,’’ he said.  “Operation Sovereign Borders and our turnback policy has restored the integrity of our borders.”

Mr Dutton thanked previous minister Scott Morrison, who introduced the tough policy in 2013.

“Anyone who comes to Australia illegally by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia,” Mr Dutton said. “Our policy applies to everyone.”

Australia’s Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, states that people-smuggling businesses (like Webb’s) are now under “great stress”.  (Webb’s) business continues to be under great stress, but we need to maintain the pressure and the vigilance.  There has been a very substantial and sustained reduction in maritime ventures and potential illegal immigrants attempting to reach Australia by sea,” Campbell stated.

People smugglers are now going months without trying to sneak illegal boat arrivals into Australian waters in the wake of the government’s turnback policy.   Their business is suffering and Leftist lawyer Daniel Webb is going broke and losing support.

Boat IllegalsHere we are via Indonesia – smuggler prepaid.

Our IDs thrown overboard. We demand Aussie Merkel asylum package – free transfers, health checks, residency, welfare, village reunion (not just family – but whole village), education, baby bonus, child care, Aussie jobs, keep our sexist culture, else we’ll phone Daniel Webb.

But Webb is an extremist.  He is now seeking more donations from Church groups like the Anglican Church in Brisbane to reinvigorate his illegal trade.  The Anglican Dean of Brisbane, Peter Catt has declared he will defy Australian law to harbour 270 illegals.  In doing so, Catt becomes an accomplice in the illegal people smuggling trade.  The church is losing Australian patronage, so it is going after foreign illegals.  This makes it a foreign church.  It should pay tax.

Reverend Peter Catt, Anglican Dean of BrisbaneConverting the church away from Australians to foreign illegals


Webb is in contact with Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs who has come out saying that irrespective of today’s ruling, sending the children to tropical Nauru paradise could breach international laws. Labor Party installed Triggs is a self-declared pro-Third World globalist with no credibility in first world Australia.  She is a socialist disruptive plant. Sack the bitch, even to pay out her indignant embarrassing pension!

Meanwhile, back to the people smuggler test case of the Bangladeshi mother.  Bangladeshi women are well looked after, in believe it or not, their proud homeland of Bangladesh…

Bangladesh Maternal Health ServiceBangladeshi mothers are healthy and not persecuted.   Daniel Webb is an immigration agent drama queen.

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