Chinese flogging Australian property in shopping centres – the silent invasion by imperialist agent H&T Realty

The future dream of an Aussie family owning a home is being flogged to the Chinese, now from suburban shopping centres right next to the fruit & veg, the butcher, and the local Woolworths.  Floorspace rental is paid to Frank Lowy’s Westfield.

Sydney’s Hurstville invaded by Chinese

This pic above (slightly enhanced) was taken by one of our Aussie First supporters at Hurstville’s Westfield shopping plaza in Sydney’s south – another Chinese beachhead enclave.  
What you see are two fresh-from-Beijing ‘students’ targeting Chinese shoppers with real estate offers. If you are White, or anything but Chinese, they will not engage you.  Chinese onry.

Now that Scott “stop-the-boats-but-sell-the-farm-to-China” Morrison is PM, China trade deals will be as big a thing as they ever were.

Deception in our time

So Who is H&T Realty?

H&T Realty, really Hookwink and Treachery (H&T) was setup by a Chinese billionaire, Jerry Chen, (his Anglicised name).

Jerry Chen

Chen’s on a Silk Road Economic Belt mission to roll out Beijing’s imperialist strategy to secure Chinese ownership, control and infiltration of Australia for his jaundiced diaspora from hermit kingdom, China.

Chinese Utopia – ‘Sky’s da Rimmit

So Chen set up base in Australia in 2007 in Sydney’s Chinatown handy to dozens of Chinese immigrants with Chinese mainland connections and handy to Chinese fried wok joints for office runch.

Then with communist yuan, Chen’s mission has been to create the 1st Chinese property investment consulting company built upon hoodwinking and treachery – a business model of flogging urban highrise swing-a-rat container riving ‘off da plan’ to Chinese onry.  See sample below:

Contract clause #206:  Twin share in double bed, parking on street, ‘2 Baths’ means shower above bath so total choice, enjoy!

Chen expanded nationally by reaching out with evangelist seminars to Chinese communities through continuous contributions into migrant Melbourne and migrant Brisbane.  Chen’s Chinese-onry team won the Sydney China Business Award for two years running – for flogging the most real estate in Sydney to Chinese.

Buy one ratpartment, get one free


Chen pioneered a new standard of working hard, staging more than 400 investment seminars across Sydney to Chinese to flog Aussie property, boasting – “We are da one!”

H&T then got awarded with “Top Five Sales Agent Award” from Australia’s largest residential developer Meriton – think highrise Jewish billionaire Harry Triguboff.

In 2011, Chen upgraded his office digs to the highrise tower of Hong Kong Savings Bank (HSBC) at 580 George Street on level 12, because he had made it in Oz, flogging Oz to his celestial compatriots.  Chen setup up his Sydney Chinese Golf Association and his Australian Chinese Student Union, empowering youth to find direction and purpose – Chinese onry.

Try Ratpartment Timeshare – see da world!

H&T Vision:  We aim to be a leading Real Estate Company that provides quality investment products and services to our valuable Chinese customers.

H&T Mission: We will assist our Chinese customers to reach financial independency and their personal goal, sustain a long term relationship with our Chinese customers and build a bright future together, and to inspire, engage and develop our staff – Chinese onry.

H&T Values:  We believe honesty and trust are keys to success as an individual and a company – Chinese onry.  Customer Orientated – onry orients.

Silent Invasion by China – facilitated by Canberra’s perpetual Mass Immigration Policy