China’s One Belt One Road imperialist designs upon Australia – traitor class in Darwin grab their yuan cut

Traitors to Australia need to be fleshed out.  Despicably, many are former politicians who supposedly were part of Australia’s so-called ‘representative democracy‘. It translates to self-interest democracy and Darwin based journalist Christopher Walsh rightly brands them ‘Crocs in the Cabinet‘.

The notorious ‘Stooge of China’, Liberal MP Andrew Robb took a $880,000 China job in 2016 before he left his taxpayer job as Australia’s national trade minister, Robb was just back from signing a free trade agreement with the Xi Dynasty in Beijing when the confirmed bribe came through.

Robb just loves his wonton soup.  He scammed an Order of Australia for his services to Chinese imperialism.  He ought to have received China’s Order of the Heroic Exemplar.

Order of the Heroic Exemplar, Andrew Robb AO

The likes of former Victorian Labor Party politician, John Brumby, Premier of Victoria (2007 to 2010) happens to be the current president of anti-Australian lobby group calling itself the Australia-China Business Council (ACBC).  This ‘council’ was set up by disgraced PM Gough Whitlam, a pro-Chinese globalist when he conned power back in 1973 and all but bankrupted the national treasury.  Gough was to play into Mao’s imperialist Chinese designs on Australia – part of China’s One Belt One Road global empire.

Order of the Heroic Exemplar, John Brumby AO

Chinese imperialism has been eyeing Australian wealth since the Gold Rush from 1853.  Local Whites have been telling the greedy celestial immigrants where to go ever since.  Misguided government let in the slanty-eyed hordes sparking notable digger uprisings at Port Melbourne 1854, Bendigo in 1854, Castlemaine 1855, Buckand River 1857, Ararat 1858,  Lambing Flat 1861, Clunes 1873.  Other digger uprisings broke out against the yellow peril in Bendigo, Ballarat, Diamond Gully, Maryborough, Campbell’s Creek, Creswick, Smythes Creek, Tarrengower, Peg Leg Gully, Spring Creek and Mount Blackwood.  Victorian Governor Charles Hotham’s Chinese Immigration Act 1855 stemmed the invading tide somewhat, but Edmund Barton’s Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 at Federation, stemming from the White Australia Policy to protect Australia for generations.

Chinese imperialist designs can’t seem to help themselves – takeover, control and influence seem to be in their dynastic blood  The yellow peril has been invading sovereign neighbours since the ancient Qin Dynasty right through to the massacring Mao Dynasty and the current sly Xi Dynasty.

In fact, China’s current dictator President Xi Jinping secured his own Xi Dynasty in March 2018 after intimidating the National People’s Congress to alter the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and abolish the presidential term limit for himself and facilitating his self-rule over the Chinese empire indefinitely.

Whitlam’s legacy Australia China Business Council continues to be propped up by Chinese billionaire members of the Communist Party of China and former Australian politicians desperate for relevance and keen on their share of Chinese yuan.

Since wonton-embracing Whitlam’s 1971 Great Wall epiphany, a Chinese pilgrimage has become mandatory for Liberal-Labor globalists alike

Whitlam’s China council claims to facilitate Australian big business opportunities in China and hosts lavish brown paper bag banquets between senior operatives – Chinese officials and Australian businesses addicted to the yuan at any cost.  Invariably, wonton soup is always on the menu.

But Whitlam’s China council is actually engaged in the reverse – Chinese state-owned acquisition of Australian wealth – our resources, land, property, intellectual property, and political interference in the Australian government.   Shanghai Sam has credentials to be a life member.

Someone reckoned John Brumby deserved an Order of Australia for failing Victorians as Premier on critical matters of water, transport and disaster management. May be he was already working for the Chinese back then.

Indeed, last Monday July 9 2018, the Australia China Business Council organized one of its brown paper bag events in closest-to-Asia Darwin.  It draws together members of Australia’s traitor class and representatives of Chinese imperialism.

The China council’s blurb goes:

“Darwin is located at the southern end of the Maritime Silk Road and is the ideal location for this ground-breaking discussion. Delegates will explore the opportunities for coordination between the One Belt One Road policy framework, the Developing the North agenda and other projects in the region.”

For China, Darwin is strategic, being centred on the southern rim of ‘Asia’; a place where China’s trillion-dollar One Belt One Road trading route is to cut through Australia.  Australia is part what Beijing imperialists call the “Chinese Dream” see.  It involves the reassertion of the economic and political primacy that China claims it has enjoyed over neighbours for millennia. This agenda is now being pursued globally but most intensely in South-East Asia and Australia/New Zealand.Chinese Xi Dynasty imperialism is eyeing Australia.

Australians have always labelled it for what it is, The Yellow Peril.

China’s One Belt One Road scheme dovetails with the plans of local traitors who see the veritable detachment of northern Australia into some northern economic zone where super-exploitation of our resources in league with Chinese corporations and other multinationals are to occur.  It’s like World War II’s conjured ‘Brisbane Line’ of defence against the invading Japanese, only this line splits the entire continent in half.

Gina’s Partition Stage 1

Fat Gina Rinehart is a traitor to Australia. She’s only a billionaire because her late father Lang Hancock lobbied government and scammed the selfish theft of Australia’s national iron ore resources in the Pilbara region’s Turner River area in 1961.  PM Menzies was a traitor to allow the peoples mineral resource wealth to be so squandered.

Rinehart is pursuing a treacherous habit of selling off Australian wealth and partitioning the nation.  Since 2010 Rinehart has plotted developing her special northern economic zone flooded by cheap coolie labour, tax-free, no regulations, slashing wage rates, replacing Australian workers with Africans willing to work for $2 a day.  Armies of contract coolie labour will do the work and paramilitaries shall keep order. New tax and other wage rules must operate.

Order of the Heroic Exemplar, Gina Rinehart

Rinehart bank rolls right-wing elitist think tank and lobby group the Institute of Public Affairs which serves millionaires, big business exploitation and so advocates free market idealism, no regulations, no tax and no government if it could get its way.  “Let them eat cake” is its motto.

Rinehart also has her own lobby group, Australians for Northern Development and Vision (ANDEV), which is a front for the mining industry. Its main policy favours the creation of “Special Economic Zones” which would “secure the lowest possible tax rates for the remote north of Australia”, especially the elimination of all resource taxes.

Gina Rinehart’s Chinese business partner Gui Guojie jointly own Australia’s multi-million dollar S. Kidman & Co. beef cattle empire.  It’s so fillet steaks can be airfreighted to wealthy Chinese back in China.  Let Aussies eat offal.


Reports of the traitor meeting can only be revealing of the scheme.  Can any Australian doubt that warfare may be fought on Australian soil in the coming period?  That it may be necessary to secure Australian independence by whatever means necessary?

And why hold the meeting in Darwin, Sino Gina?

Well, the Communist Party of China is well aware that Darwin is isolated from the rest of Australian media and situated vulnerably closest to Asia to its north. Chinese proxy Indonesia has Timor just 414 nautical miles north of Darwin, under an hour’s flight away from Indonesian Air Force’s fleet of Boeing A-4 Skyhawk bombers. 

Darwin has a tragic history of exposure to being bombed from an Asian imperial force from the north – the Japanese on February 19 1942, killing 235 and wounding 400.  The imperialist Japs bombed Darwin 63 times until November 1943, as well as bombing the towns of Bachelor, Katherine, Wyndham, Derby, Broome, Port Hedland and Townsville.

Three generations later, imperialist China is just copying imperialist Japan.  Gina Rinehart calls it in her 2013 book ‘Northern Australia and then some’.

Gina’s Partition Stage 2

Aboriginal Entrusted Self-Determination goes and flogs Port of Darwin to da Chinese

Yet, Labor’s Adam Giles as former Chief Minister for the Northern Territory became a notorious Aboriginal traitor when on October 13 2015 he unilaterally handed over total control and influence of the Port of Darwin to the Chinese in a century lease into the never never to Landbridge Group owned by Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng, a member of the Communist Party of China.

When Landbridge emerged as the most serious bidder, a call went back to China. Within a couple of days, Ye Cheng, was sitting on the 14th floor of NT House on Mitchell Street, staring out over the tropical working port with Chinese Communist Party backing, rubbing his hands and smiling ear to ear.

Giles, without consultation with Australia’s Defence or port workers, unilaterally and treacherously handed over 100% operational control of Darwin’s strategic maritime and Australian Navy port (read more), including 80% ownership of Darwin Port land, facilities of East Arm wharf including the marine supply base, and Fort Hill wharf.

A classic example of what happens when local Aborigines get too much power is the 14 years of corruption by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) between 1990 and 2004.  ATSIC was hypocritically Labor PM Bob’s Hawke’s racist apartheid – only Aborigines could have a say on Aboriginal territories.  Its Aboriginal bosses indulged, thieved, embezzled millions.

Millions of dollars in mining royalties that was meant to be spent for the benefit of the Groote Eylandt community. Instead, tens of millions were spent on 156 cars and boats, fridges, a barge, gambling at the casino and charter flights… A total of $34 million disappeared from the [Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust”> coffers between 2010 and 2012, leaving just $400,000 remaining in the account. While [GEAT’S former public officer”> has pleaded guilty to a fraction of the missing millions, exactly what happened to the rest remains a mystery.

It is one thing native title holders should lease the land to pastoralists, but no Australian land or natural resource must be saleable by anyone black or white or brindle to foreign ownership.  This risk is why native title keeps failing.  It needs caveats, like ‘cannot be sold to non-Australian citizens.’  Cessation is not an option.   Australia is a singularly sovereign nation of one people – Australians.

Giles was only interested in his political future, in the $506 million Chinese yuan to pay off his Labor indulgent debt, to pork barrel some new six-star hotel, cruise ship terminal, and fund more over-spending of his re-election in September 2016 – just another ATSIC gravy train.

It was pure treachery.  Giles lost the election anyway, throwing his mobile phone in a swimming pool and somehow blaming NT police.  Now he’s a sad stain on NT, but his corrupt century enduring commitment with China lingers.  Giles treacherous spin went on about crap like the deal being important for the economic development of northern Australia.

“Through our extensive relationships in China particularly but Asia more generally, we will also facilitate bringing further Chinese investment in the Northern Territory, further Chinese business, either through investing directly in projects that need capital here in the Territory or providing a market in China for products that are going to be exported.”

The company has sought to link both the Panama and Darwin projects with China’s global infrastructure play, known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

China’s mole Andrew Robb publicly backed the deal while he was then Australia’s minister for trade and investment said the agreement was a:

“..powerful sign of the enhanced commercial relationship between Australia and China flowing from the China-Australia free trade agreement. Landbridge’s commitment to the growth of the Port of Darwin will be a huge spur to the development of Australia’s north, serving as a catalyst for the entry of major investment right across the port’s upstream supply chain in agriculture, resources & energy and economic infrastructure.”

The next day Andrew Robb was working for Landbridge in Darwin

But Andrew Krepinevich on the advisory board for the US chief of naval operations and the army’s special operations command disagreed, observing the deal seemed shortsighted at best.

“At worst, it threatens to undermine Australia’s relations with its closest security partner, the US, at a time when the latter is finally ­beginning to put serious ­effort ­behind its pivot to the Asia-­Pacific.”

Military experts commented that having US bombers stationed in the Top End would place them well outside the range of Chinese ballistic missiles, but, when deployed with tankers, the B1s could fly deep into Asia’s strategic hotspots including the South China Sea.  So for China controlling Australia’s strategic most northern port was a bargain for just $5 million a year.

Then reports emerged about Landbridge Group operating a “people’s militia” at its home base of Rizhao.

Visiting Fellow at the Crawford School of Public Policy at Australian National University, Geoff Wade says throughout the region, China is attempting to establish economic connectors through the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route and the Silk Road Economic Belt, the $100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the $40 billion Silk Road fund, the internationalisation of the yuan, the shifting of its industrial production offshore and the various free trade agreements it has entered into. Hundreds of billions of dollars in Chinese funds are being invested abroad as the PRC economy and national power expand. Infrastructural investment and control over that infrastructure are key in extending Chinese power across the region.

A vast range of China state-owned (and state-linked) enterprises are busy developing their control over infrastructure throughout South-East Asia – funding ports, power generators, energy transmission networks, highways, dams, railways and airports. China already completely dominates the infrastructure sphere and thus the economies of Laos and Cambodia, and Malaysia is swiftly following into that camp. This economic control is a precursor and necessary condition for strategic domination of the region.

Ports are extremely important in this pursuit of regional domination. China has been making great efforts to develop and control Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port and Pakistan’s Gwadar Port to the chagrin of India and is pushing to develop the port of Djibouti in Africa. Within Bangladesh a Chinese “special economic zone” and port are being developed in Anwara, Chittagong. In Myanmar, China has invested in a deep-sea port on Maday Island at Kyaukphyu, to facilitate a $2.5 billion pipeline transporting oil and gas to China’s Yunnan province.

In other parts of South-East Asia, China is also seeking to dominate ports as well as shipping between ports, with Laem Chabang in Thailand, Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Batam in Indonesia and Kuala Tanjung in Northern Sumatra marked for key development. Most recently a “port alliance” has been announced between 10 Chinese ports and five Malaysian ports. The “sister port” tie ups with Kuantan, Melaka, Kedah and Port Klang in Malaysia are readying further nodes in China’s network.

Australia is the natural extension of this agenda and Darwin is intended to be a crucial link in China’s new 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The Darwin deal will provide Chinese shipping and naval vessels with facilitated access to Australia, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific, as well as to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea over the coming century.

Chinese control of the port of Darwin marks just the beginning – the so-called “dragonhead” – of China’s economic domination of northern Australia. The aggressive Chinese pursuit of Australian infrastructure in all spheres from ports to power networks to railways, clearly reflecting the strategic imperatives of the Chinese state, is matched in degree only by the almost parodic offering to the China’s National Development and Reform Commission of lists of key infrastructure projects in which they might like to invest and subsequently control.

While the achievement of China’s economic primacy and control in Australia will be a gradual process, Northern Australia will be essential in the exercise and ChAFTA will be the merciless facilitator. This economic domination will subsequently and inevitably translate into China’s strategic influence over the country. The ultimate goal will be the severing of the US-Australia alliance, an end long pursued by China, as part of the Beijing’s intended strategic domination of the Western Pacific.

Those who believe that Chinese economic investment abroad is unconnected with China’s strategic aspirations need only look at the sorts of major infrastructure investments that Chinese firms have made in Australia – China Merchants’ century-long lease of the port of Newcastle (proximate to RAAF Base Williamtown), Landbridge’s century-long lease of the port of Darwin (proximate to RAAF Base Darwin, HMAS Coonawarra and to Larrakeyah Barracks), the new links between Qinzhou and the port of Townsville (proximate to RAAF Base Townsville), and a China-connected firm buying the plot of land next to ASIO headquarters in Canberra.

In addition, we have SOE State Grid controlling Australian energy networks and hoping to gain control of NSW electricity network assets which also carry top-secret ADF communications. Next on China’s acquisition list will likely be the port of Fremantle (proximate to RAAF Base Pearce and HMAS Stirling). China’s accessing of CYBINT, SIGINT and HUMINT intelligence through these new access points would present ongoing security concerns for Australia.

Every single investment by China’s state-linked companies has a strategic significance and we ignore this at our peril.  It must be strategic because Landbridge is making an operating loss with Darwin Port, possibly because Andrew Robb is its senior economic consultant.