CFMMEU Secretary Annastacia Palaszczuk to waste taxes on spiteful renaming of Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Hospital

Brisbane’s palliative chook (Annastacia Palaszczuk) is outa control, squandering more millions of Queensland taxpayer wealth to rename Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital because the unions told her so.

The fancy new hospital was flagged back in 2006 by Queensland’s then Labor Premier Peter Beattie.  It was against the advice of senior medicos who said it was an extravagant idea and would have less beds than the two hospitals it was to replace (the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s Hospitals).   Labor’s parachuted Premier Anna Bligh pressed ahead, blew out the budget, blew out the build timeframe, and mismanaged the project management and IT into a total clusterf%#k.

By 2014, eight years later, incoming LNP Campbell Newman rushed the new hospitals’ opening but with 71 fewer beds than promised; so proving the medicos right.  Newman named it in honour of Queensland medical practitioner and author Lady Phyllis Cilento.  Peter Beattie went on to stuff up the Commonwealth Games and Anna Bligh to work for the banks.  At least Campbell Newman is helping Aussie farmers these days.

But the leftie unions were always filthy with the naming, because apparently construction union members helped build it, and Lady Cilento was never a union member.  The construction budget was $1.2 billion, but with union help, that blew out to $1.5 billion with all the rorting overtime.

Perhaps the unions would prefer the hospital be renamed the ‘Gordon Nuttall Trust Hospital’?


But who paid for it?  Queensland taxpayers, who voted for Labor, then for the LNP (who finished it), then for Labor who are all in a tizz.

Who uses it?  Too many breeding foreigners, particularly imported Kiwis and Islanders.   Who works there?  Third world nurses on temporary work visas who don’t wash their hands after toileting and spread norovirus gastroenteritis, like the outbreak in 2016.  Apparently, breeding Third World foreigners who get flown in free of charge to benefit from Queensland healthcare for FREE, can’t pronounce ‘Cilento’ or ‘Lady’.

Now there’s fabricated crap about public confusion that the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is not for kids and that it may not even be in Queensland. So the unions have ordered Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to rename it to the Queensland Childrens Hospital to clear up confusion that doesn’t exist.

Labor Health Minister Steven Miles has concocted a fake survey and has concluded that a name change would help resolve all confusion.

Labor is hell bent on changing the signage on the building, street, helipad and precinct maps, all uniforms as well as the stationery, letterheads and IT systems.  It could be as much as $10 million some reckon.  While others suggest the taxpayers money would be better spent on actually improving the health services at the hospital.

Lady Cilento’s son, Dr David Cilento says:

“I am extraordinarily surprised that the staff at the hospital have this particular kind of agenda. It’s very strange to me because it was a bipartisan decision between both parties when it was brought up in the House a couple of years ago.   I think she [Lady Cilento] would have been absolutely astonished at the honour given to her because she was a very humble person.”

Others have commented that the name change thought bubble is an absolutely ridiculous idea.  Labor needs to be focusing on fixing the crisis in our hospitals, especially at Lady Cilento.

When LibLab pollies get into power, the power obviously goes to their head. Liberal Tony Abbott as PM wasted $200,000 rebadging the perfectly well named Department of Immigration and Citizenship to be his Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  Labor’s Dan the dumb man Andrews thought bubbled ‘Brand Victoria‘ costing $20 million to attract foreigners and foreign investment for bigger Melbourne.  Liberal Premier of NSW, Mike Baird reckoned it was ok to waste $160,000 to brand his state ‘Making it Happen‘ with a logo that could have been conjured by a primary school student.

Canberra is the king at wasting taxpayers money, spending $570,000 in 2015 to rebrand ACTEW Corporation to Icon Water.  Why?  Then it reckoned the bush capital needed to be reborn with this cryptic logo and promotion costing $2.6 million.

Brand Canberra:  confused and lost just like its layout


And back in Brisvegas, palliative chook doesn’t like the colour of the childrens’ hospital either.  She reckons it should be bright red to reflect the union movement’s communist heritage.

The chook has splurged $5,400,000,000 on her hyper-inflated public service in Brisvegas.  If Brisbane City Council is the biggest in the nation, the chook’s 220,000 odd public servants are the biggest most costly pen pushers in the nation.  But you couldn’t call them a ‘workforce’.

Employee wages and superannuation payments will have climbed from $21.89 billion in 2014-15 to a projected $27.36 billion at the end of the current financial year after putting on a further 26,400 public servants. It is one reason why Queensland’s debt is set to balloon to $83 billion in the next four years, and Labor Treasurer Jackie Trad says she makes no apologies.

Chook is oblivious.  She reckons: “I have no idea how many more people have been hired by my government on foreign contracts or through labour hire, so go ask me Together Union.

“Together we rort”