Canberra to impose a Syrian Ghetto on Sydney’s West – Abbott’s last cultural fragging of Ordinary Australians

Liberal PM Tony Abbott’s last decision before being back-stabbed by his own in the Labor tradition, was to surrender to Leftist intimidation by declaring he would impose 12,000 Syrian Welfare Seekers on Sydney’s west and Melbourne’s north.

Just days prior, PM Abbott had told us Australian people he would accept more welfare seekers from Syria but strictly within Australia’s already unsustainable annual humanitarian quota of 13,750.

Bullshit!  Why?

Syrian Migrants to Sydney

Abbott’s own Liberals at state premier level (like mussie-luv’n smiling Mike Baird) went humanitarian.  They joined with Labor, The Greens, and the leftist media barraged Abbott with the clichéd: “Australia is a rich nation“, “Australia should share the burden“.  Liberal back-bencher Leftist Ewen Jones upped the ante, demanding the Abbott government take in as many as 50,000. 

It was all because of a misleading propaganda photo of a drowned Syrian toddler, exploited to tear jerk the compassionate West.  The family weren’t even refugees.  His father was a construction worker in Turkey who paid a people smuggler just so he could get his teeth fixed in Greece.

It has become a competition for global compassion.  This same globalist mob also demand that Australians accept tens of thousands of Rohingya from Burma.  Who?  Where?

It’s as if Australia, because our non-Aboriginal society is First World?  Does the UN somehow expected us rolling in so much excess wealth to be the Third World’s socio-economic salvation, like the open invites from Marxist Germany and Sweden?  Sure as shit, invite the Third World and they shall surely come!

Journalist Chris Kenny in The Australian on September 8 wrote:

“All compassion and no responsibility seems to be the mantra over recent days. From NSW Premier Mike Baird to federal Liberal backbencher Craig Laundy, from Greens Leader Richard DiNatale to ABC commentator Paul Bongiorno, these people tell the world how caring they are and how generous they are on behalf of Australia – but they bear no responsibility for the consequences – social, economic and strategic – of their proposed actions. All compassion, no responsibility.”

Government leaders, foreign ministers, defence and immigration ministers need to take serious decisions weighing up the consequences. Tell us how you are going to provide a real, ongoing and sustainable solution.”


Weak Abbott lost his nerve and capitulated to his ideological Leftist enemies.  Days later, his own Leftist Liberals white-anted him anyway. There’s a leadership lesson somewhere in what happened.

Abbott’s “generous heart” speech on September 9, 2015 declared to the Australian People that, We must play our part in this humanitarian crisis. Australia will PERMANENTLY resettle 12,000 refugees from Syria, and begin air strikes on Islamic State targets within the week.”

It was Abbott’s last cultural fragging against traditional Australian society before he himself was fragged in the Liberal Party’s officers’ mess.  So much for Abbott’s resolve that got him elected:  “Nope, nope, nope … I’m sorry. If you want a new life, you come through the front door, not through the back door.

So in doing so, Abbott broke his promise, another promise.  In Australian culture, politicians who do this become dead pollies talking.  Some hard heads are just slow to realise and become detached in the Canberran mistletoe; so isolated and insulated from Ordinary Australia, and swept up in the haughty irrelevant agenda of the National Press Club.

Abbott’s decision to accept 12,000 Syrian Welfare Seekers comes on top of Australia’s already existing annual humanitarian intake of 13,750 – most of whom are resettled in Sydney’s west and Melbourne north.  Apparently this are where the bulk of Australia’s Syrian community lives.

The cost of resettling the 12,000 Syrian Welfare Seekers is officially estimated to bleed Australians $700 million over four years, not including processing costs (free flights, free housing, free food, free Medicare, etc) – so double it to more like $1.4 billion. Abbott also declared he would splurge another $44 million supplying a further 240,000 Arab ‘refugees’ and welfare seekers (mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan) with cash, food, water and blankets in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

And that’s before the State’s cost to deal with these Third Worlders, and before the crime wave.  They will not assimilate in their lifetime. So at least triple the cost burden on Australian society to perhaps $3 billion?   Rudd let in 50,000.  Abbott has let in 12,000 by plane on top of the 13,750 annual quota over his government’s three-year term, altogether totalling 53,250 so-called asylum seekers.  So, more than Rudd’s effort!

Yet nearby oil-wealthy Arab cousins in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cough up squat. WTF?

So Abbott was no different to Rudd. As we warned, Abbott stopped the boats, to fly the planes. He’s culturally fragged Australian society worse than Labor PM Kevin Rudd.

The budget deficit is no different to Labor, just that the Libs have found different pet projects to splurge Australian taxpayer wealth on – like $40B on naval ships, $22B on NDIS, $20B on some health research fund, $12B on Joint Strike Fighters, $5B on setting up Australia’s north for foreign multinationals, and $2.5B on some emissions reduction fund. And that’s before so-called Free Trade deals with Korea, Japan and China, wipe out Australian business and so company tax revenues.

Tony Abbott Legacy ConfirmedFixated Abbott was just Rudd in a blue tie.

Now incoming King Turnbull’s to slug ordinary Aussies with a 15% GST hike, to reap an extra $256 Billion from us mere subjects.

Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are the civil war zones in which Australia’s military has contributed to the unrest and driven the exodus from the Arab world to the West.  Abbott denied there would be any preferential treatment given to Christians over Muslims.  So more mussies are set for us only to demand more mosques!

Syrian President Dr Bashar Assad is right in pointing to the cause of the refugee crisis coming from support of extremist groups by Western nations.  Assad has said that Syrians are fleeing because of the terrorist-led civil war from groups like al-Nusra and ISIS.

“If you’re worried about them [refugees], stop supporting terrorists,” he said.

So once again, Sydney’s west is to cop another mass invasion of a concentrated ethnic group. From the end of 2015, most of the 12,000 Syrians will be housed in high density buildings in Liverpool and Fairfield.

Liverpool set to be a Syrian illegal enclaveWestern Sydney’s Liverpool – before the Syrian invasion

It is just like how more than 100,000 Vietnamese were dumped on the same area in the 1980s by former LibLab PM’s Whitlam and Fraser, who in their post-political retirement years disclosed a scary common ideology.

In Melbourne, the impending Syrian welfare seeking invasion is likely to be across Melbourne’s Arab-saturated northern suburbs from Northcote, Coburg and Preston out to Broadmeadows, St Albans and Sunbury.  It’s full blown ethnic.

Of last year’s intake (2014) of 2252 Syrian refugees, Sydney resettled 1380, with 75 per cent going to Fairfield and Liverpool. Melbourne received 473, Perth 52, Brisbane and the Gold Coast 24, ­Adelaide 46.  Wollongong took the third-highest number of Syrian refugees, resettling 276 last year.

Canberra ­received one. That’s big of Canberra – push the immigration problem away from those causing it!

All compassion, no responsibility!

Now we face 12,000 Arab welfare seekers with 100% needs dependency on CentreLink and Medicare!

As for Australia’s own homeless – Canberra has no compassion, let alone any responsibility.

In March 2014, the Abbott Government announced a $44 million funding cut to Australia’s National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. It sent a clear message to the 3,400 workers, 180 programs and 80,000 Australians who depend on support under the agreement.


Sydney's Homeless2015 figures.  Meanwhile NSW Liberal Premier, Smiling Mike Baird has made $22 million from flogging off nine sales of homes in Millers Point public housing to Jamie Packer’s Chinese millionaires.  None of that money has gone to providing replacement affordable housing.

Western Sydney is already over expanding with the Third World’s breeding welfare seekers, yet chronically lacks essential public infrastructure – public housing, public transport, public schools, public hospitals, public roads, etc.

Rents in Western Sydney are feared to spiral even further out of control.

Syrian Ghetto for Western SydneyAs if the Lebs aren’t bad enough.  Syrian Crime Wave here we come!