Bail Judges are being politically corrupted by civil libertarians to side with criminals against civil society

Name one bail judge in Australia who is a member of a civil libertarian political group who has not come under criticism for excusing violent offenders?  Name one bail judge in Australia who is a member of a civil libertarian political group who doesn’t hate police, but instead sympathises with those arrested by police – the perpetrators, violent offenders, recidivist criminals.

And where do these civil libertarian judges come from?  Criminal defence law firms – they are ideologically biased against police as barristers before they get appointed by their own to the bench.  Australia’s judicial system is corrupt especially when it comes to Bail Law and Family Law.  That is why both are grossing failing to dispense justice for the Australian community.

The judiciary reckon they’re above the law, and the Australian community have lost faith in the judiciary, while criminals have got used to getting off lightly.   The judiciary is not an honourary profession, but a corrupt political one.

Bail Injustice

Law has become is not about justice, but buddying up and getting paid – paid filthy.

If there’s any court jurisdiction in Australia not more corrupt and incompetent than the Family Court, then it’s Bail Magistrates Courts.

Police bashers like Islamic Arab terrorist import Ahmed Elomar even get court bail.  Magistrate Robert Abood (a Leb himself) of the Parramatta Bail Court in western Sydney handed the violent Islamic thug bail. Favours for fellow countrymen.

“That was easy, eh?  Youse got that one-way to Beirut bro?”


Fortunately the NSW Corrective Services Minister overruled the bail injustice and threw Ahmed Elomar back in prison where he belongs.

In June 2017, a Cairns Magistrate Susie Warrington released three men aged 20, 21 and 22 accused of bashing a police officer.  They had been kicked out of a pub following a wake and punched and stomped on a 28-year-old acting sergeant.  Warrington is a known civil libertarian, except when it comes to police.  She’s a police hater.

Of course she was backed by her cult members, the Queensland Council of Civil Liberties, claiming granting bail is “an important process of any ‘free society’ that upheld the belief people should not be incarcerated ‘upon mere allegations’ before a trial”.

So violent police bashers have more rights than police?

In Victoria, bail judges are soft on crime even if it involves terrorism.  The Victorian Court of Appeal reckons a 10-year sentence is OK for Islamic terrorist Sevdet Besim, who plotted to behead a police office on ANZAC Day and then shoot marching veterans indiscriminately. Jihadist Sevdet Besim should rot in hell for the term, of his natural life in Gitmo.

Victorian MP Michael Sukkar responded saying that judges’ attitudes had “eroded any trust that remained in our legal system”.

He’s right.  Australia’ Health Minister Greg Hunt and Human Services Minister Alan Tudge both claimed Victorian judges were failing the public.

Mr Tudge said the public was “fed up”.

“The state courts should not be places for ideological experiments in the face of global and local threats from Islamic extremism that has led to such tragic losses. There is a crime-related crisis in Victoria and said the public is fed up in relation to people who are getting out on parole.  There has been comments made by some judges to say that the NSW sentences are tougher than the Victorian sentences and frankly I think most of the Australian public will say that you can’t get tough enough on people who are committing terrorism offences.”

Quite right!

Parliamentarians in our democracy are supposed represent the people, whereas judges think they are above the people.  Many are found wanting, representing not the community who pays them generously via our taxes; but criminals and leftist ideological interests, especially those who are members of the  leftist ideological cult that is the various state-based councils of civil liberties.

Politically charged campaigns in law firms

Yet the pompous civil libertarian leftist judiciary don’t like criticism and so threatened to sue the three members of parliament for contempt of court.  What a judicial abuse of power!

In 2015, then Prime Minister said he could understand that people are “aghast” at the decision to grant bail to hateful Islamic Leb import  Khodr Moustafa Taha, who had been accused of threatening police and using social media to support terrorist group Islamic State.

“This is someone who appears to have a history of violence, a commitment to extremism and he has made explicit threats against the police.  It does seem a very, very questionable bit of judicial judgment – injudicious judgment by the judiciary. That’s how it seems to me.”

Taha at the time faced charges of using a carriage service to menace, harass or causing offence, possessing ammunition, three counts of possessing a prohibited weapon, possessing child exploitation material, possessing property suspected of being the proceeds of crime, criminal damage and unlawful assault with a weapon.

Of course the magistrate was a civil libertarian, Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic, who has form for siding with criminals and violent offenders. And of course she was backed by the leftist Law Institute of Victoria and the Human Rights Law Centre.

Errs on account of her political membership

The integrity of the court system and its processes and magistrates are in disarray and grossly fail to meet Australian community expectations of protecting the Australian community or respecting the victims of crime.  Australians, especially police, have no confidence in the judiciary to do the right thing.

Australia’s disparate bail laws need to be nationalised into a uniform Australian Bail Act that is framed to protect victims, witnesses and the community ahead of any bleeding heart compassion for violent offenders.  Anyone who assaults police doing their job relinquished all right to mix in the community.

Any justice who is a member of a civil libertarian group has an inherent conflict of interest against discharging their duties in protecting the interests of the community before the interests of violent offenders.

It’s extreme leftist politics.

A national law needs to be passed that prohibits such conflict of interest. Any judge who is a member of such a political group needs to be held in contempt of court.

In October 2016, violent criminal Stephen Jake Spiteri was granted bail multiple times before shooting a man during a home invasion, then pointed a loaded gun at a police officer.

In February, Spiteri and two accomplices were allegedly caught raiding a marijuana grow house in Truganina. When confronted, Spiteri allegedly pointed a 9mm semi-automatic handgun that was “ready to be fired” at police, dropping the weapon when the officer charged at him.

Spiteri applied for bail in March before Magistrate Megan Aumair, a former Bendigo criminal defence solicitor who had been appointed to the bench in late 2015.
Magistrate Aumair had already granted bail to Spiteri’s two co-accused despite both men having a string of gun and violence convictions, including possession of a sawn-off shotgun, attempting to pervert the course of justice and drug trafficking.

Yet Magistrate Megan Aumair, a civil libertarian, had granted Spiteri bail, leaving Victoria Police increasingly frustrated about the lenient penalties given to armed criminals.  Judges are out of touch.  They fail to grasp the severity of the problem of gun crime, and the daily threat it poses to police officers.

Justice Coghlan was critical of Magistrate Megan Aumair:

“She’s been in the job for five minutes … It’s starting to show how little this magistrate knew about anything. “[Spiteri’s] been in possession of three pistols in 18 months. Come on … He’s a danger to the community, that’s what he is… And I reckon the chance of him not reoffending is close to zero… How many chances are you entitled to have?”

Justice Coghlan’s warnings proved prescient.

Just three months after this damning assessment, Spiteri allegedly stormed a home in Deer Park with an associate and shot a man multiple times in the leg.  It is the fifth time in two years the 25-year-old has been charged or convicted for committing a serious offence while on bail or serving a community corrections order, nearly all of which involved firearms.

Courts have been granting bail to offenders accused of serious weapons offences, some of whom have re-armed themselves and committed other violent crimes while awaiting trial.

There is also mounting frustration at the perceived lenient penalties being handed out to those who are being convicted.

In the Magistrates Court of Victoria, less than a quarter of offenders convicted of carrying a prohibited weapon between 2011 and 2014 received a custodial sentence.

For “prohibited persons” – those who have previous convictions for gun or violence offences – less than half were sent to prison after being found guilty of possessing an unregistered firearm.

In January 2017, imported Islamic Kurd, Dimitrious Gargasoulas (26) with a violent criminal record was given bail by civil libertarian volunteer bail Justice Phillip Priest at the St Kilda Police Station on January 14, just days before Gargasoulas mowed down dozens of pedestrians in what has become known as Melbourne’s ‘Bourke Street Islamic Massacre.’

Serial violent offender given bail by a civil libertarian judge

Gargasoulas had faced charges for theft and other offences allegedly committed in early January and late last year, including stabbing his brother, brutally attacking an old man, hostage taking and driving on the wrong side of the road to evade police in St Kilda.   After the terror attack, Gargasoulas said to the court: “Your Honour, did you know the Muslim faith is the correct faith according to the whole world? And I am not guilty.”

The politically charged Liberty Victoria is loaded with leftists lawyers like refugee advocate Julian Burnside and many judges.


And guess who Liberty Victoria awarded their ‘free speech’ prize to last month?

It’s all a leftie closed shop replete with encouragement awards and secret handshakes


In 2015, lesbian Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan of the Caboolture court (northern Brisbane in Queensland) granted bail to the “house of horrors” grandmother – accused of locking children in a burning room and trying to smother one in his sleep – saying police should not make it “too difficult for this woman to live her life”.

Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan a serial backer of criminals

The 58-year-old grandmother was charged with four counts of attempted murder, attempted arson and interfering with a corpse.  Two children have died in the Morayfield house (outer northern Brisbane) – a three-year-old boy after suffering flu-like symptoms on July 27, 2013 and the woman’s seven-month-old grandson on September 27.

Police documents lodged with the court confirmed that the woman was the “only person of interest” in the children’s deaths, with investigations still under way.  Police alleged the grandmother snuck into the room of two of the children – aged 11 and nine – and held a pillow over the older boy’s face, believing him to be asleep. On another occasion, she is alleged to have pressed a tea towel over the same boy’s face.
Police allege she attempted to murder both boys on February 27, 2014, by setting fire to their bed and holding the door closed as they tried to escape.

And on September 27, 2014, the grandmother was also charged with interfering with the corpse of her grandson.

Magistrate Callaghan has a record of leniency and contempt for police.  She’s a civil libertarian, a perfect example of Labor left wing politics.  Labor introduced a requirement that a magistrate must have 5 years experience in defense work which rules out career prosecutors getting on the bench.

Hence there’s a heap of left wing magistrates who reflect their own ideological bias and not community values.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, bizarrely goes by the name Independent Australia.  Independent, as in ‘broadminded’ so long as you are deviant – sexually, socially, politically, criminally.


In 2012 in Perth, drug traffickers Cyril Mansour (39), Serj Mansour (37), Andy Mannah (26) and Niraj Singh (37) – all foreign and ethnic as they come, were granted bail by Magistrate Peter Malone despite being charged with being part of an organised crime group involved in illegal drug trafficking, and bashing Gary Visanich (43) causing grievous bodily harm and kidnapping.

Magistrate Peter Malone is a civil libertarian, with a career in criminal defence law. Funny that.

Police Frustration Defaulting to ‘Shoot n Ask Later’

So why do police bother being fair with violent offenders who attack police?  Police have become accustomed to expect their arrested and charged violent offender will attract a civil libertarian leftie lawyer who nudges and winks the civil libertarian bail judge and see the scum let off – only to recommit as sure as night follows day.

Recidivists just do it again, that’s what recidivism means and the police know it. Over the police radio the auto-response is “here we go again.”

Police are best apply ‘Magnum Force’ – aka police street justice.  It leaves leftist bail magistrates relinquishing their unjust power to give bail to violent offenders and recidivist criminals because the bastards are dead.

The Australian community and victims of crime would be better served.

Magnum Force Policing without witnesses, else the bail judges will just let ’em off. Just shoot!!



In crime ravaged Victoria, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews is on the lookout for bail justice volunteer recruits.  The government propaganda sells the offer as “honorary justice volunteers”.

Jihadis and outlaw bikies are invited to apply.


“If you want the Honorary Justice Office to contact you when they are recruiting in your local area, lodge an expression of interest below.

Applicants must successfully complete and meet the criteria for each stage of the appointment process. The stages include:

  • lodge an expression of interest
  • attend at a recruitment information session (bail justice only)
  • lodge an ‘Application for Appointment and a Consent to Check and Release National Police Record Form’ (following an invitation by the Honorary Justice Office)
  • relevant probity checks and assessment conducted by the Honorary Justice Office
  • applicant interviews conducted by the Honorary Justice Office
  • satisfactorily complete the prescribed course of training, including online and face-to-face components
  • recommendation of the applicant’s suitability for appointment as a justice of the peace made by the Honorary Justice Office to the Attorney-General
  • appointment by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Attorney-General.

Successful honorary justice applicants commit to the ongoing delivery of vital justice services to the Victorian community. This includes making themselves available to the public and stakeholders on a regular basis and demonstrating commitment to the role requirements.”

…else cash in a brown paper bag shall suffice.

Most aware Australians have by far greater faith in police and police associations than civil libertarian corrupted judiciary.

Police View of Bail Judges:  If the bench is a civil libertarian, the offender will get bail because of judicial ideological bias.