University of Canberra’s Professor Louise Watson goes politically hateful against Eureka Flag nationalism

The party was advised June 19, that (Professor) Louise Watson at the University of Canberra has in her academic capacity, launched an action in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to deny Australia First Party its party logo.

We say bugger off prof!

Registered Logo.   Australia’s Only Registered Nationalist Party.

Louise Watson a senior public servant voicing opinions on government policy?


Professor Watson’s complaint has been made legal and very public, arguing as a senior officer, indeed Director of the Education Institute within the University of Canberra, that the Australian Electoral Commission decided the matter wrongly.  She reckons.

On what grounds and with whose authority, the university’s Chancellor Professor Tom Calma?

Appointed by quota

Professor Watson’s action also raises extraneous historical material about the Flag’s meaning, which is not something the Administrative Appeals Tribunal could reasonably hear or adjudicate upon.

Watson’s got what authority in Australian political history, besides being a puppet of the pissed-off union movement?

Fly it high dudes and chuck dem red commie flags away

Is she on the phone to the Labor Party’s Catherine King Federal Member for Ballaarat?

Labor beholden to Union intimidation – even Bill’s passive around hateful Commo King

King has a partisan Bill before Parliament to allow challenges to be made to our use of the Flag in our logo on various historical grounds. How familiar with the Labor Party’s tactic is the University of Canberra’s Professor Watson aware?

How is Professor Watson personally affected by the Australia First Party’s choice of the Eureka Flag?

Canberra University hates White Australians – Now why would that be? No upfront yuan perhaps?  Uni gouges 200% more from foreign students than Aussie ‘poor White trash’ on HECS?  Yep.


Watson is Professor Watson connected with a racial political issue as a professor of education in Canberra – by political membership?

Professor Watson holds senior authority within the Australian Public Service (APS) and Louise Watson’s conduct is governed under the Public Service Act 1999.

Australian Public Service values are set out in section 10 of the Public Service Act 1999, revised in 2013. They are mandatory and are intended to embody the principles of good public administration.

The values are stated in section 10 of the Public Service Act 1999 as follows:

  • Impartial? The APS is apolitical and provides the Government with advice that is frank, honest, timely and based on the best available evidence.
  • Committed to Service? The APS is professional, objective, innovative and efficient, and works collaboratively to achieve the best results for the Australian community and the Government.
  • Accountable? The APS is open and accountable to the Australian community under the law and within the framework of Ministerial responsibility.
  • Respectful? The APS respects all people, including their rights and their heritage.
  • Ethical? The APS demonstrates leadership, is trustworthy, and acts with integrity, in all that it does.

Watson fails the first condition.  In the Party’s view (Professor) Louise Watson is politically motivated and as such in direct flagrant breach of the Public Service Act, thus deeming Louise Watson unfit to execute her independent role as a public servant.

Professor Louise Watson’s claim against Australia First Party is politically motivated.

The Party shall join itself to the Tribunal’s proceedings.  The Party welcomes this ultimate round of the history wars.  The struggle over this mighty icon of Australian history shall continue.  Australian nationalist rights prevail!

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