Australia’s asylum seeker policy, stopping the boats

Enough is enough!  It is time ordinary Australians demanded a fair go for Australians and demanded that our Australian Government put an end to the flood of illegals invading our country.

Muslim Invaders

Asylum seeker invaders crossing into Australia’s north-west coastal frontier have escalated to numbering a boat a week.  Gillard’s ‘problem avoidance’ of the issue sees this invasion entering into full swing mode.  Indonesia’s dictator Yudhoyono is ‘problem transferring’, allowing his Timor Sea ports to be ‘transit lounges’ for illegals booked with human traffickers on the next scheduled dodgy boat out of Indonesia to Australia.

In 2012, over 3000 illegals have taken done the trip to Australia’s Christmas Island or Ashmore Reef in about 40 boats.  It’s become like a flotilla or amarda.  In 2011 69 boats carried 4565 illegals.

Boats muster on the River Thames, in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, in London

Like Australia’s incumbent Prime Minister Gillard, Labor’s current Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, is a patsy to Green’s left extremist Senator Sarah (Flood-Gate) Young who naively wants Australia to have NO borders.   The flood of illegals into Australia by boat and plane under the Labor Government is consistent with Labor’s leftist Mexican Border slack approach to immigration.  Labor’s retro-grade return to ‘Onshore Processing’ of asylum seekers sends a carte blanche invitation to people smugglers. It’s a free-for-all abject abandonment of Australia’s national security.

Gillard’s immigration department currently has budgeted $1.3 billion for “detention and compliance operations”. Of the 2,816 people released from immigration detention in financial year 2010-11, only 78 were released because they were “removed from Australia”.

In anticipation of increasing numbers, once all the detention centres are full, so Gillard in desperation last year pushed to accommodation problem back on to ordinary Australians with its ‘expanded community-based detention arrangements, offering a bribe of $300 a week.  Illegals also get access to Medicare and welfare as well as bridging visas that let them take Australian jobs, and so dumbing down workplace standards and pay.

It’s a One World capitulation!  It is unAustralian and doing wrong by Australia’s sovereignty and values.

And there is no shortage of foreign influenced leftist lobby groups in Australia pressuring our Government to keep the flood gates open:

  • The Socialist Alliance
  • Green Left
  • Australian Greens Party
  • The Green’s Party’s youth activist wing GetUp!
  • Left factions within the Australian Labor Party
  • Refugee Council of Australia
  • Amnesty International
  • The Human Rights Law Centre
  • The Marist Youth Centre
  • The ACTU
  • The University of Queensland’s Asylum and Refugee Law Project
  • Refugee Rights Action Network WA
  • Project SafeCom Inc.
  • Edmund Rice Centre (western Sydney)
  • Asylum Seeeker Resource Centre
  • Refugees International
  • The Australian Catholic Church’s Catholic Resources Limited
  • Refugee Advocacy Network (Victoria)
  • the socialist Solidarity
  • RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees) of bourgeois inner Melbourne
  • Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group

By being obsequious to these One World extremists, the rights of the Australian people are being disregarded and any local criticism put down with contempt and racist branding.

And politically correct Labor is convinced that it is hampered by its duties to take these hoards of illegals in under the 1951 Refugee Convention.

How to Stop the Boats once and for all!

  1. Australia needs to follow Malaysia, Jordan and Bangladesh and pragmatically disendorse the Refugee Convention and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as both relate to refugees and asylum seekers.  These post World War II generalist ideals have since been abused for too long by One Worldists and people smugglers selling the good life in rich countries.
  2. Ignore the leftist rants! – they betray Australia for foreign ideals.
  3. So-called refugees and asylum seekers should be reclassed as unarmed combattants and treated according to a different regimen.
  4. Set up blanket satellite monitoring of the Timor Sea 24/7 to instantly detect any boat approaching Australian territorial waters.
  5. Position a squadron of high speed Navy patrol boats to International Waters just outside Indonesian territorial waters in order to immediately intercept these boats.  Include a barge to tow them back to Indonesian ports – with the scuttled asylum boat and all.
  6. Re-open the Nauru Detention Centre and mandate offshore processing of all refugees to Nauru – that certain groups may be returned to whence they came.
  7. Maintain Mandatory Detention of all uninvited foireigners in Australia
  8. Remove the Community detention option and re-open Australia’s old closed gaols with minimal refit, to house the overflow of illegals while they are being investigated and processed home.
  9. Establish formal arrangements with “Safe Third Countries” to take so-called ‘asylum seekers’ already in Australia for resettlement.  Financial incentives may be necessary, but NO exchanges as per Gillard’s shonky Malaysian deal
  10. Sack the Labor Government at Australia’s next national election and Vote 1 for Australia FirstParty.  Always vote Greens last at every election – since Bob Brown left they have become a front for leftist extremism.
  11. Any foreigner, illegal or otherwise and regardless of origin, despite being granted residency status, if found guilty of an indictable offence by an Australian court will be automatically deported to the country of origin.  No foreigners are to be imprisonned in Australian gaols.   Example:  Afghan asylum-seeker, Esmatullah Sharifi has been jailed for a brutal rape of an 18-year-old Australian woman who he offered a lift after they met outside a nightclub in December 2008.  He will be eligible for parole in 2019 after completing his previous rape sentence.




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