Australian Federal Police mantra of ‘policing for a safe Australia’ is best applied if we keep anti-Australians out!

Too many heads on one shoulder?

The current Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Andrew Colvin, since October 2014, has spoken publicly today to the National Press Club in Canberra to sell his gratitude on his $320 million extra funding of late; but then succumbed to politically-correct deviant compliance.

Commissioner Colvin appears confident in his role and appears to have necessary Cabinet support, but we remind him that he’s best stay squeaky clean of politics and remain removed from political correctness.  While he recognised cybercrime and sunni-islamic specific terror are the key threats to Australia, he digressed into some leftist ‘diversity and inclusion‘ cultural engineering upon his front line teams .  He must be intimidated by leftist anti Margaret Courtists.  

For the ideological Left are for foreign incursion, are anti-Australian, anti-policing and so the enemy of Australia.  Commissioner Colvin’s legacy thus far is to have let in leftist Elizabeth Broderick to contaminate the AFP. Staff turnover has risen ever since.

  Poor Judgement letting this discriminating bitch meddle.

In your televised public address today to the National Press Club, you insightfully demonstrated your interest and capacity for organisational historical research into the AFP.  The egg came before the chicken out of a stunned PM Billy Hughes copping public affray in Warwick.

Ordinary Australians, holding concerns and high expectations about the perceived shortcomings in Australia’s national security.  We’re not silly.  Don’t ever play us for ignorant fools, Commissioner.  Whilst you hold public respect in your role thus far, we highlight incompetent oversights in the AFP’s ‘policing for a safe Australia’:

  • Where is airport security when you need it at Gold Coast Airport?- it is an international gateway after all.
  • Liberal/Labor/Greens leftist policies of mass no-check immigrationkeeps letting in the Islamics and multiculturalism encourages then to stay Islamic at the proliferation of islamic schools and mosques. Islam is destructively anti-Australian, despite all the PC appeasement. Islamics hate us, radical or otherwise.
  • Narcotic crime, gun crime, ethnic domestic violence, cyber crime, fraud crime, and overcrowding of Australian prisons has contaminated urban Australia. It is mainly facilitated by Third World immigrants let in by AFP border screening failures. Gang violence across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane is mostly by immigrants. Publish the ethnicity of those convicted in all the drug bust stats.
  • If you deploy the offspring of an Islamic in border control, you invite islamic terror opportunism like across Europe. Australia’s borders can only be safeguarded by loyal Australians of third generation or more with full clear document history.
  • How about outlawing Islamic terrorist nutjob outfit Hizb ut-Tahrir permanently from Australia and deport their cleric Ismail al-Wahwah and the rest of them?  Thirteen security-minded nations do.  Read More.
  • Stop letting migrants from New Zealand into Australia – many are criminals and/or Third World Pacific Islander gangland thugs.
  • By not deporting foreign criminals, your AFP budget will only escalate year on year.

While 1917 Billy Hughes copped an egg to the head, current invading hateful islamists are Quran-coded to slaughter Australians.

Social Justice Warriors have no place in the AFP dealing with people trying to kill us.

Australia’s heart in Martin Place is no longer safe, decades after Sydney Hilton’s bombing.