Australia First has affiliated with the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF). Our acceptance into the APF comes after consultation with Australia First leading members and a council vote.

Located in Europe, the APF is a fraternal association of nationalist parties and associations founded in 2015 under the inspiration of Robert Fiore and Nick Griffin.

The APF include several well-known European parties: National Democratic Party of Germany, New Force (Italy), Irish Patriots, National Democracy (Spain), Our Home (Slovakia), French Nationalist Party, Workers Party (Czech Republic), New Social Order (Portugal), National Radical Camp (Poland).

Advising the APF is Jean-Marie Le Pen, the remarkable former leader of the erstwhile National Front [Front Nationale] in France. The APF boasts special cultural groups and publications.

The formation of a nationalist foreign policy must begin before we could ever constitute any form of state. Planning for that future, it would be logical that a ‘nationalist’ government in one country would make a friend for another. Our move is a step forward in developing the party’s profile with these forces.

In practice, our presence in the APF instructs our understanding of a broad crisis affecting European Civilisation that can only resolve through a country-by-country strategy.

Each APF affiliate is committed to the demolition of globalism and opposition to New World Order imperialism. All parties staunchly defend the historical traditions and freedoms of their country. Every nationalist party appreciates the connection and heritage common to the bond it shares in European Civilisation.

Similarly, we may each marshal support through a Third Position logic, a political locus that is neither Left nor Right. We do so by proudly employing the language and style of our country, as any party calling itself nationalist should.

Affiliating with the APF demonstrates a positive force: parties that join this alliance retain their unique ideological identities, and vitally, their integrity remains intact.

Members exchange information at conferences and through other means where appropriate by waging particular campaigns for the common good.

The APF stood in the tangled woes of the Middle East. It understood that NATO and its allies promoted Islamist terror in countries like Syria to bring down its government.

Delegates of the APF learned how NATO and its allies precipitated the Syrian refugee crisis; and that Bashar al-Assad welcomed home the refugees. Due to its independent nature, the President of Lebanon and ministers in the Syrian government received APF delegates and affirmed their observations at meetings. The APF has also had fraternal contact with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, which fought terrorism on the ground.

Furthermore, APF delegates have attended nationalist conferences in Russia, where its spokesmen have rejected the provocations and hatreds of the whole New World Order system against the resurgence of Russia and its independent line.

The President of Australia First Party, Dr Jim Saleam, said:

“Australia First has had friendly dealings with APF affiliates in the past. I have known some of its leaders for decades. We look forward to developing our fraternal connection over time. It is obvious to Australian nationalists that our policy of Australian national independence and neutrality towards the rivalry of superpowers and our ethical commitment to defending our common European civilisation demands this arrangement.”

A conference to relaunch the APF will take place soon.

Jean Mariene Le Pen [centre left] with Nick Griffin and other APF members