This is not about Covid anymore. There is evidence now emerging that all these lockdowns, with the destruction of people’s lives, the economy and the disruption of the educational future of children, have been unnecessary.  The chief medical officers in their respective States, who have advised the State premiers, had a choice of accepting information that should have made them decline to take us down this path of self-destruction; but they chose to ignore it. There is something else going on.

The media is heavily complicit in this tyranny, by neither questioning or criticizing it. There was no pressure to make the politicians change course.

Even a supposedly ‘conservative’ newspaper, the Daily Telegraph in NSW, sacked Alan Jones from its weekly Thursday column.  Alan Jones, who is still on Sky News, is one of the most popular and influential columnists and talk radio hosts in Australia in the last fifty years. Such was his popularity and yet the Daily Telegraph de-platformed him.  Alan Jones was not a so-called ‘anti vaxxer’; he was always highly critical of the lockdowns and argued that there was no reasonable basis to justify them, given the societal damage that was and is still occurring.  What happened to free speech in the media in Australia? Be very worried about this development.

At the moment the Liberal Federal government knows that it is walking a proverbial tight-rope, trying to keep the left-leaning media at bay, by being neutral on the question of mandatory vaxxing, and the lockdowns and even vaxxing children unnecessarily.  No media outlets are criticizing the lockdowns in Australia. Look at what the Premier of Victoria Dan Andrews is getting away with – and the media is giving him a free pass.

John Barilaro, the Deputy Premier of NSW, let it slip about how concerned politicians are about keeping the media onside; he recently admitted that the enactment of some of the lockdown orders was influenced by the media’s pressure to do so.

Dan Andrews, a Labor media darling, has made Australia the laughing stock of the world and it is now common for international media outlets to express shock and disbelief at how far the Australian governments have gone to strip our rights and the freedoms that have been taken for granted.

Australians always believed in these freedoms that we now don’t have.  Many assumed the Common Law system of England which we inherited assumed them.  Many thought the Westminster styled Governance which included the principle of the ‘separation of powers’ –  and particularly the right to vote out of office people that we did not like – was real.  Australians had a belief in the weight of the freedoms that we now don’t have,  because we have for a long time also identified with the cultural and political norms of other democracies, particularly with America and its codified constitutional freedoms.

However, the difference between us and America is that we have freedoms that are implied in our constitution, or that we have until recently generally lived with as the norm, but America’s freedoms are not merely implied, but expressly codified and clearly stated as a Bill of Rights in the American constitution.  Australia does not have a Bill of Rights that expressly forbids what the political elites are doing to us at the moment and at this time in our history, we need a Bill of Rights more than ever.

In a recent Victorian Supreme Court case, a woman was exercising and yet legally complying with health orders. She was heavily fined for carrying a placard criticizing Premier Dan Andrews, the dictator of Victoria. Even though the fine was withdrawn, she appealed to the Victorian Supreme Court to answer the question of whether or not she has the right to exercise political expression at the time she was given the fine. She argued that her criticism of Premier Dan Andrews was a right of political expression under the Australian constitution.

The Court ruled against her and in favour of Dan Andrews. The Court found that ‘political expression’ under the Constitution was merely an implied right. In other words, what is written in the Australian Constitution is not worded in strong and clear enough terms to make political expression an unalienable right. The Australian Constitution is weak and this is an Achilles heel in our country. We have to do something about this, if we do not want this continually and evolving tyranny to become permanent. Do we want a society where freedom has become a memory? Something we can whisper to tour grandchildren about – if we are allowed to?

In NSW, the Health Minister under the Public Health Act (2010), can order whatever he wants and the wording in the Act does not clarify what he cannot do. He can stop your worship; he can stop you from working; he can stop you from leaving your own home and he can stop you from maintaining relationships with your family members. He can do anything because the legislation does not mention any personal rights that should be protected. There is nothing in the Public Health Act that stops Mr Brad Hazzard, the so-called ‘Health Minister’, from making a so-called ‘Health Order’ and getting the police to kick down your door, to hold you on the ground while a medical person injects you with a Covid vaccine. That is the bottom line.

Perhaps the only thing stopping him from doing this at the moment is there are not enough people who have taken the vaccine, so he doesn’t have enough police available to do this house to house! But this might change as more people get the vaccine and the ‘unvaxxed’ become a targeted minority!

Just watch the Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, on TV and you can see that this power has gone to his head. Then watch the Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, taunting the recent protesters in Sydney with more brutal policing if they dare protest again. In Sydney, there is recent video footage of police arresting a 12 y/o girl and pepper-spraying her friend. Their crimes? Not wearing masks. To add to the insanity of the situation, some of the arresting police were not wearing masks either. This footage has shocked some media outlets around the world. You will not get an apology from Brad Hazzard, or Mick Fuller about the behaviour of his child-abusing officers either.

All this meanness is planned. The government knew that there would be protests and the protesters would be angry and financially destitute as a result of the lockdowns and job losses. Then government raised the protest fines to thousands of dollars so that the financially destitute can’t afford to protest. There is a saying that goes: “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

You the electorate have a chance to stop these policies of oppressive unscientific tyrannical madness. Since the beginning of this psychosis in early 2020, there have been two State elections –  Western Australia and Queensland.  The Premier of Queensland was heartless and unreasonable and would not even allow people into Queensland to see dying relatives or to receive medical treatments. The Premier of Western Australia turned his State into a prison that no one could leave or enter as well as experiencing the inevitable societal destruction. But rather than vote them out – people voted them back!

They were joined by their collaborator, the Premier of Victoria, who turned his State into a lockdown ghost town with no empathic heed to the ensuing social and economic destruction. Even Kim Jong Un of North Korea would have been envious.

The voting public had sufficient time before the State elections to see and experience where this was going and how destructive it was.

Democracy still permits a mechanism for the public to get rid of oppressive and bad governance. So what has happened?! There was no protest vote from the electorates of these States with elections and even the politicians in ‘opposition’ are not offering you an alternative. The voters have given gave them the message that those who are ‘anti lockdown’ are the voting minority. We are now stuck with this and it has to change.

Maybe voters didn’t see what was coming before the State elections, but can now see where this is going in this country by observing what is happening overseas?! Look at Israel: ideal vaccination targets have been reached and there are still lockdowns!!  Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and vaccine-created variants are now mostly infecting the vaccinated, and now there are more proposed lockdowns and booster shots after booster shots with no conceivable plan to get back to normal civil freedoms.

We in Australia are heading the same way. Israeli politicians like Australian politicians are not admitting that they are wrong. We are heading in the same direction of continuing ADE and vaccine-driven infections and lockdowns and boosters and stubborn politicians. It all proves the point that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

In Australia, politicians are dangling the carrot of freedom if we reach a vax threshold of at least 70% – 80%. But even this will not make the virus go away. If the governments were serious about this threshold of so-called ‘herd immunity’ they would also include the unvaxxed, who now have been exposed to Covid and now have natural immunity. It is all about forcing the vaccine onto us.

Other countries in Europe are rioting against pro lockdown governments trying to force vaccines onto people in return for freedoms taken away. Many people, who have taken the Covid vaccine, are now rallying with the un-vaxxed because they have realized that their governments have no intention of allowing a return to normalcy. They have realized that the future on the tyrants’ terms will be a dystopian society of disease, surveillance tyranny with vaccine passports and forced medical interventions.  All this is done under the guise of good intentions.

We in Australia have the benefit of observing history as it is unfolding and we can now determine the modus operandi of the political class. One good antidote is to initiate a referendum to reform the Constitution with a Bill of Rights that is strong and unequivocal terms, specifically prohibits the things our political leaders are doing. You don’t have to maintain ‘conspiracy beliefs’ about the motives of our political class to be motivated to speak up.

At worst, there is a conspiracy of sorts. At the very least, there is a monumental historical mistake that has momentum generated by a mass hysteria where ignorance and stupidity and lack of proper scientific common sense are promulgated as positives by nasty and stupid politicians and media elites – in tandem with medical industries. Thus making profits with vaccines which most of us don’t need is good business. This has made the infection statistics worse with the phenomenon of ADE.  This is not about Covid anymore. It’s about the medical industry’s financial interests and those nasty and stupid people with power not following the emerging information about what is the correct science  – and ultimately admitting, they are wrong.

In the end, if you subtract: all the false results of over-cycled PCR tests (and hence ‘fake positives’), and (ii) the unnecessary so-called Covid ICU deaths caused by inappropriate intubation with the toxic kidney-destroying drug Remdesivir, and (iii) the lack of autopsies determining and distinguishing whether people died with, or because, of Covid and (iv) the vaccine-induced injuries, and (v) the ADE and vaccine-created variants – then,  all we would be statistically left with would be a typically rather bad flu season.  All this societal upheaval and destruction was unnecessary. The bureaucrats and the politicians are in a trance of tunnel-vision policies that are maintained to avoid the political suicide that goes with eventually telling the electorate that, after all this societal damage, they have got it wrong.

These people surround themselves in their cliques, exist in opinion bubbles, complete with damage-control advisors and believe that this is what we want and this is what will win the re-election. Even if we don’t want this, they and the media elites believe that we will become used to it all. Then, they can convince us that this was all for our good. And we will accept it. No way!

It does not matter who you habitually vote for anymore, because both sides of the political spectrum and those who are really on their ‘sides’ say they are independent but are all taking us down this dystopian path.

Australia needs a Federal political party in power that will create a draft bill of inalienable rights to be put before all voting Australians, and then to be put to a referendum, such that the Bill of Rights is added to the present Constitution. Once this is done, its values and its words must be taught in school to make all future generations aware of their rights. The wording of the Australian Bill of Rights should be clearly and strongly-worded so that lawyers and judges can’t argue about interpretation to dilute its legal force, intent and meaning.

For example, the present weakness of the American Constitution is that it allows substantial interpretation by the US Supreme Court, and this is why the American rights are in a state of argument and occasional historical review, completely dependent on the collective party bias of the nine judges of the Court. Having the historical lesson of what has gone wrong with the American Bill of Rights, we can avoid this American mistake by a Bill of Rights that is so worded that lawyers and judges can’t argue about interpretation to dilute its legal force and obscure its basis. Australia is a signatory to Human Rights Treaties and Conventions, but they mostly only have moral advisory authority and don’t have full legal force in Australia. Yet, there is one reason not to rely on them. That is because they can override any constitution, let alone any Bill of Rights, we may ever write.

We must have a Bill of Rights emplaced in our Constitution, one that gives us inalienable rights to free speech, religious congregating, religious belief, peaceful protest, work, travel, choose or refuse medicines or medical procedures. Also, in the Australian Bill of Rights, it should be stated that politicians, bureaucrats and private citizens, cannot make laws or orders or create conditions of circumstantial coercion, which force someone to give up these rights.

We have to get back our freedoms and ultimately make these freedoms constitutionally permanent.