Ethnic Surf Life Saving needs you to risk ya life for dumb illegals

Wanna catch a Third World disease?

Join a surf club and drown trying to save another dumb ethnic

..else catch TB, AIDs, Dengue, Infectious Diarrhea, Ebola in the process.


With a million ethnics flooding Australia every year ( an a quarter bloody staying) and with many overcrowding our beaches, they make up a third of surf drownings and surf patrol pests.

Back in 2010, 200% more foreign ethnics died in the Aussie surf than in 2006, and it wasn’t the surf’s fault, just more ethnics with NFI.   Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has embarked on a diversity drowning campaign to try to raise awareness, except the marketing was all in English.

From a proud White, Anglo-Celtic patriotic fraternity to embracing PC, foreign diversity, sharia, and $3.5 million corruption

Lifeguard Brett Williamson reckons, “Our research indicates that this high risk group has…a lack of knowledge about the beach, over-estimate their swimming ability, inadequate swimming skills and a general lack of surf safety awareness.”

This translates to NFI.

It hasn’t worked.  Culturally the Third Worlders especially swim solo, away from Aussies and near dusk.


Glenelg Jetty Jumping

In South Australia, Surf Life Saving SA chief executive Clare Harris reckons after two diversity drownings in two weeks at sheltered lapping Glenelg beach, they need a multi-language awareness campaign to reach the “target groups” – she means Third Worlders on welfare.  Nitisha Negi was indian.  Eliase Nimbona was african.  Both jetty jumping, like back in Africa.  Hunter-gathering parents M.I.A.?

The lying media reported the latter coming from the Adelaide suburb of Goodwood. Fake news again. Try from Burundi in deepest darkest Africa, home of the chimpanzee.

Harris expects more than $100,000 per year to fund assisting migrants and tourists.   More taxpayers money going to reckless foreigners?

Bugger that.  The money should go to Shelter SA to support Adelaide’s own homeless, not the breeding Third World.

In July 2016, Africans Frank Ndikuriyo and Thierry Niyomwungere (sort of real names – Frank seems Anglicized) from Burundi, drowned near the Glenelg breakwater – yep, jetty jumping.  The year before, Afghan “refugee” Nasir Ali Anwari (real name) — who had never had swimming lessons — was one of three drownings at rippy, rocky unpatrolled Petrel Cove, 100km south of Adelaide.

He copy-catted visiting indians Kamran Gujari and Kamran Bimal Gujari who succumbed to the local rip in big surf in 2014.  Petrel Cove seems to be a holy place for hindu tourist sacrifice by White Pointer.

Harris reckons a fifth of coastal deaths in Australia were visitors and a third of all those who had drowned in South Australia over the past 10 years were migrants.

Then when an Aussie bloke tells the dumb Africans to stop jetty jumping, they mob attack him and police arrest him for racism.

Weak Dogs, African Scum

None of the violent negros were charged with assault.  They all look the same and police are too scared of being charged with racism – in Australia racist laws only apply to local Whites in an attempt to quell local resistance to the unarmed invasion.

His smarter option would be to paint over any jetty signs that warn of jumping.  That way he would have a more desired effect on the enemy.

Someone’s already on to it

Thanks to Greens Third Worlder hugger, Sarah Hanson Young, northern Adelaide has become a Third World crime ghetto for Africans, Afghanis, Indians, Chinese, and Asians. Suburbs Port Adelaide-Enfield and Salisbury are no go areas.

Jan 8, 2017 Surf Beach Update:

Some foreign ethnic suffered a near-drowning at Coolum (Sunshine Coast) and has been taken to hospital. Paramedics were called to the Coolum Surf Life Saving Club at 9am today, where some ethnic aged in his 40s, received first aid after he was pulled from the surf.

Also this morning lifeguards at Alex Heads (Maroochydore) plucked a 12-year-old ethnic girl from a rip as she was swimming outside the flagged area.  Outside the flags and in a rip – double whammy!