African gang violence spreading to Queensland – fight dogs with dogs

African Muggings in Brisbane Parks

A Brisbane woman was happily jogging through her local park when she was savagely set on by two African women, leaving her with a fractured cheekbone.

Ms Smith said she was jogging along with her earphone music through a park in the suburb of Redbank Plains, in Brisbane’s south, when she was approached by two women of African descent.  The Queenslander said that the two started yelling abuse at her unprovoked as she ran, so she decided to ask them what the issue was.

“When I’m running, I generally keep to myself and I wouldn’t have taken notice. But out of the corner of my eye I saw them coming closer and closer.  They kept shouting at me, so I just asked them what their problem was. I didn’t hear them because I had earphones in.  Then I just felt this pain and I vaguely remember being knocked to the floor. The next thing I remember is picking myself up off the ground and trying to find help.”

She believes one of the women punched her once in the head (a coward punch likely using knuckledusters). But she lost consciousness so she can’t be sure.  Shaken up by the assault, theyoung woman managed to flag down a passing car and collapsed on a median strip before she was rushed to hospital.

The young woman later said she believes the attack was definitely racially motivated. She had nothing against Sudanese, but they just hate Whites.  Her family told the media that the incident comes as tensions in the local community have heightened, resulting in some parks becoming “no-go Negro zones”.

That was in March 2018.


Yet the African thug presence across Brisbane’s south seems to have been emboldened since 2015.  That’s about when Australia’s immigration munster Amanda Vanstone’s darling Sudanese golliwog offspring reached teenage.

Beware da imported hooded nogs

Aussies can validate this for us:

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In November 2015 in nearby Bellbird Park a woman was mugged at a bus stop on Redbank Plains Road at around 9.30am on a Tuesday.  Police  described her attacker as being of African appearance, aged in his early 20s, and 180 centimetres tall.  He had a scar on the left-hand side of his face and was wearing a black singlet and black shorts.  So he was fully blacked.

Monday December 17 in 2018, and another Brisbane park is targeted. Two men, aged 30 and 39, were beaten and one of them had his camera stolen in Musgrave Park during a 25-minute period on Monday by a group of up to eight teenagers – African in appearance.

The first attack took place at 9.50pm when the 39-year-old White Australian man was set upon by the group who hit him in the face with a weapon and stole his camera.  He managed to get away and call triple-zero before being taken to Queens Elizabeth II Hospital for treatment of a serious eye injury. He remained in hospital on Tuesday afternoon receiving further treatment.

A second man, a White Australian male (30) was riding his bike through the park about 10.15pm, when he was set upon and beaten by the teenage gang, who demanded his wallet and phone – unsuccessfully.  The victim luckily managed to ride off. He was later treated by paramedics for a minor injury to his back and taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Police in Public Denial of African Gang Crime Wave

Queensland Police Detective Senior Sergeant Warren Gibbs said officers were aware of a group of “vulnerable youths” (diddums) in the area but were yet to identify them.  (It was dark and well they were black).

Gibbs soft policing of Afro Hannibal Lecters:

“We’re looking to provide them with intervention strategies, this is with a view to addressing recent incidents of anti-social behaviour around the Musgrave Park area. We’re collaborating with these agencies to provide a holistic approach to these matters. The collaboration with this regard is to be ongoing and with a view to providing support services to the vulnerable youths and these are the ones who are at risk of offending now and into the future.”

How about nabbing the scum, locking them up and then deporting their ‘crim’ clan back to Sudan?  How about policing Brisbane streets and protecting White Australians from these hateful imported breeding criminals?

It takes one to know one.  Labor’s Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is doing a Dan Andrews, reckoning:

there was no African gang problem in the state…We actually believe here in tolerance and respect. We believe in a harmonious, multicultural Queensland and a multicultural Australia.

But then she’s a leftie, blind and soft on crime perpetrated by ethnics, especially by African gangs.  Of course, Queensland political Police have mouthed Victoria political Police.  Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart “What gangs of African appearance?”  Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton: “What gangs of African appearance?”

African Gang Crime Spree follows Melbourne

However, Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has countered the leftie spin, confirming the actual facts.

We have seen violent assaults and carjackings by African criminals in Annerley, Rocklea, Yeronga and Greenslopes” he reported at the St Kilda patriot rally in Melbourne yesterday.

In 2018, attackers of African appearance mugged and stabbed two teens in a park at Brisbane’s southern suburb of Greenslopes on November 14. There were a series of knife-point carjackings by Negro types at Yeronga on December 18, in Runcorn on December 20 and in Annerley on November 22.

Africans prefer to attack at night so they can’t be identified, since to White Australian’s they all look the same when its dark.

Queensland Police are deserting Australians by responding:  “It’s just disgraceful.”

The Third World Africans that have invaded Melbourne have recently set up shop in Brisbane – gang street and park attacks, carjackings, home invasions, bashings and gang rapes and assorted race hate crimes against their generous tolerant White Australian hosts.

The political police are outright liars to the Australian public.  As recently as December 2018, Queensland police admitted that they are increasingly concerned about a spate of African youth crime in Brisbane after two carjackings on consecutive nights.  Four youths (Sudanese) were arrested after the carjackings and ­assaults in which one man had his face cut on Brisbane’s south side.

Queensland Police Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming stated to the Brisbane media on Wednesday December 19:

“There have been a number of incidences lately where we have seen robberies and crimes of violence where the alleged offenders are people of African heritage, generally young people.   There is a change in the violent behaviour … we have escalated our response and we are working with intelligence to try to look at what some of the drivers are.  I don’t think this is a widespread problem in the ­African community in Brisbane but I do think there is a small number of people within that community, generally young men, whose ­behaviour is just unacceptable. Our intelligence officers and investigators are looking for that because if that happens, that’s an escalation and that’s concerning.”

He described the African violence as “quick, sudden and without mercy”.

Mr Fleming said police intelligence indicated a small group of Negro youths was behind most of the ­incidents reported in the past few months. Mr Fleming said yesterday he was “acutely aware” of incidents involving gangs of Negro youths committing similar crimes down in Melbourne.

Police believe drugs, unemployment, a breakdown in community connections and a lack of deterrence were contributing factors.

Care factor?  Deport the barbaric evil.  Who needs imported criminals, when Australia has enough of its own?

African Carjackings in Brisbane’s South

On the night of Tuesday December 18, two African youths attacked a man, slashing his face with a knife when they tried to steal his Mercedes as he refueled at a Yeronga service station in Brisbane’s south.  The vicious attack was captured on CCTV.

Vibrant enrichers ape Mercedes owner filling up his prestige car


The same night, just hours later, the same two dragged a couple from their BMW 320i convertible as they arrived home in nearby Runcorn (Brisbane’s south).

At around midnight, the dark pair bashed the owner Changwook Lee (his real name) and kicked his girlfriend in the neck, before stealing his prestige BMW.  The victim of the Runcorn carjacking said he was threatened with a knife and pushed to the ground.

Lee:  “They were aiming the gun into my head and said, ‘If you don’t give the car key now I will kill you.  As soon as they pushed me down to the floor, they just ran away.”

Two days later on December 20 and four youths of African ­appearance, two aged 17, one 16 and one 15, were in police custody after officers tracked them in a stolen BMW 320i that had allegedly been stolen from a man at gunpoint overnight.  Video captured by Queensland’s Police Air Wing shows police tracking a stolen car to Bracken Ridge, in the city’s north.  Their targets scrambled like scurrying monkeys in the jungle, but police managed to nab seven of them. During the arrests, two stolen cars and a handgun were seized.  (Check 9 News video).

It is believed the four Negro teens are known to be part of a group of offenders responsible for recent armed carjackings; all are described as males of African appearance.

Welcome of January 2019, and Fraser Anning is right about the African violence invading his constituents in Queensland.

Police have this week confirmed they have charged a 15-year-old boy and a 21-year-old woman (Sudanese) following investigations into several offences, including the serious assault and attempted robbery of a 19-year-old woman in Alderley (Brisbane’s south) on Monday, December 24.  Christmas Eve and the muzzies obviously weren’t waiting for Santa.

Police intercepted a 21-year-old woman and the boy at around 2.30pm at a shopping centre in Mount Pleasant in Mackay, nearly 1000km north.

Watch out Queensland, the Negros are infiltrating north!

Police say the CX5 was carjacked at gunpoint from a Fitzgibbon residence (Brisbane’s north) at 11.15am on December 24 and at 12.45pm, the same vehicle left a service station on Great Barrier Road at Brisbane Airport without paying for fuel.  Both offenders are of African appearance.

White Flight from African Home Invasions in Brisbane South

December 27 in 2017 post-Christmas, and a young family in Thornlands in Brisbane’s south was terrorised when a gang home invaded at night.   Described as Sudanese in appearance, the male gang violently invaded and proceeded to bash two brothers Nick and Josh Buddon, along with their sister Chloe in their home, then ransacked and pillaged before carjacking their car.

The family members were horrified, unprepared and left bloodied and bruised following what police said was a random attack (on White Australians).

Chloe Budden was the first to be faced with the violent intruders and claims the men needlessly destroyed furniture in her bedroom

Both of the brothers attempted to fight the gang members but were outnumbered, and were left with bruises and facial lacerations.

Brother Nick said, “They just came at me and I was absolutely terrified, I didn’t know what to do.”

Young Nick tried his best, but the dogs attacked in a pack

Brother Josh added, “They terrorised my sister, I came downstairs, they came for me.”

The African gang made off with stolen valuables, including brother Josh’s car, taking off down their quiet suburban street.

Big bother Josh was just unprepared; it was Christmas at home for Christ sake!


Police have compared the criminals to a ‘pack of wild dogs’.

It is believed the ‘African’ gang was high on a street drug known as ‘cat’ when they stormed the Budden home.  The incident has also been linked to a brutal assault on a woman in a car park in the Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank.

Africans are muslims and don’t recognise Christmas.  So they should not be in Australia.

In July 2015, the Dearden family in the Henty Drive area of Redbank Plains (Brisbane’s south) became victims of a spate of home invasions while asleep inside their home.  Negros had recently moved into nearby housing commission, that was supposed to have been be set aside for struggling Aussies.

Canberran Left politics preferencing Third Worlders over Ordinary Australians, wrongly and undemocratically overrules.

A brazen home invasion occurred while she and her children were asleep inside the house.  “We were broken into and thankfully they were satisfied with the $100 cash in my purse and didn’t take anything else,” Mrs Dearden said.

“It was nice and quiet here for the first six to eight months after we moved in last year,” Mrs Dearden said.  “Something changed this year – maybe some new residents or some kind of crime gang.”

Redbank Plains mum Monique Dearden says home break-ins and car theft has become so rife in her neighbourhood that she can’t wait to move out.

Mrs Dearden said many homes in her area had been hit this year – many of them occupied by hard-working, low-income families.  Mrs Dearden said the residents in the Henty Drive area of Redbank Plains were growing tired of the crime.

“We’re hoping to have enough money to move in October but given that we only moved here in April last year and the troubles have only begun this year, we doubt we will have enough saved – particularly if we are robbed again. These criminals don’t care how many lives they ruin.”

“My friend who lives around the corner wasn’t so lucky, her and her husband (Rob and Brooke Dumitrov) were broken into during the week while they were at work.  They stole computers and electronics, even their pet scorpion of all things.”

Rob Dumitrov said the stolen pet ‘Daintree’ (a scorpion) was bad enough, but thieves also took several pieces of jewellery with sentimental value, including his wedding ring and a gold cross that was handed down by his grandfather.   Their home was ransacked.  This is some of the mess left behind after the African gang home invaders ransacked their home in Redbank Plains. .

Aussie couples bedroom Negred


“We have had to replace all the locks on our doors – this has had a significant financial and personal effect on us,” Mr Dumitrov said.  “We now keep our two Chihuahuas in the house because there have been reports of dogs going missing too.”



It follows an awful start to 2015 in which 46 offences of unlawful entry and car theft have been reported in her neighbourhood.

Back in 2015, Brisbane started copping the African gang crime spree.  Fraser Anning is right.

This crime map showing Redbank Plains and surrounding areas. The circled area shows the number of home break-ins and car thefts in the Dearden’s neighbourhood from January 1 to July 1 – all by gangs “of African appearance”.


Attacked residents across Brisbane’s south have blamed a lack of police presence and will.   Local Goodna police station officer in charge Senior Sergeant Greg Shaw reckons “Investigations into the cause of the spate of crime in the area are progressing.”  

But locals don’t hold much hope.  The police cannot be trusted.  Police instead are just encouraging residents to lock their houses and vehicles at all times, while they “liaise” with Sudanese community groups.

How can police in Victoria and Queensland remain in denial about the African gang crime wave invasion?

How can White Australians continue to have place trust in the police to protect Australians from this imported hateful scourge imposed by Canberran lefties?

If police continue to side with the Sudanese menace, how can police not expect White Australians to take the law into their own hands and be compelled to become vigilantes to protect themselves, their targeted families and property?

The African crime problem is being committed by youth offspring of Sudanese economic migrants.  Canberra set them up in Brisbane at two taxpayer ‘African Houses’ of the Queensland African Community Council.  One is located at 10 Jean Howie Drive in Morningside and another at 16 Fawn Street in Upper Coomera.

There African only centres are equivalent to Muslim mosques, where unemployed African youth congregate and plan their gang attacks – mainly across Brisbane south.  Their main targets are prestige cars – Mercedes and BMWs – ideally black coloured ones.  So if you own one in Brisbane, be forewarned and forearmed.

Hint: Africans carry machetes and don’t like Boerboels.  White South Afrikaaners have known all about Negro gangs and that their barbaric spots will never change.  This is what the Negros did to Afrikaner nationalist Eugène Ney Terre’Blanche on April 3 in 2010.

Pure anti-White hate now marauds White Australians

R.I.P. Eugène!

That’s why colonial Whites in wild Africa have in fearful desperation bred their protective Boerboel hounds to defend their homes from raiding negra savages. They are truly White Man’s best friend to protect family.

Legally this is serious family defence

This loyal breed has long proven in White South Africa to be a trustworthy family protector when it comes to last resort – like when the father is unarmed or not at home during a home invasion.

Properly fed, cared for and trained, this dog will loyally die to protect your family.   Yet sound home defence doesn’t come cheap.  This solid breed of dog must be respected and must never neglected or abused.  This breed properly fed, daily walked and kept fit and muscular, professionally trained in behaviour and advanced defence – will defend and save your family under attack.

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