Unemployable extremist John Safran teams up with Cr Sue Bolton to incite anarchist violence

Coburg Riot May 28, 2016:


It turns out that the street violence that ensued on Melbourne streets on Saturday May 28 was incited and co-ordinated by Socialist Alliance councillor for Moreland, Sue Bolton, and unemployable jewish comedian, John Safran.

John Safran incites anarchist violence in CoburgSafran:  “We shall shut down Australian free speech”


Just north of Melbourne’s CBD fringe suburb of Coburg, Moreland councillor, Sue Bolton, an extreme leader within Socialist Alliance, arranged for the local council to allow masked leftists and anarchists to attack a legal community rally in a public reserve.  Behind the scenes back in Richmond, hardcore extreme socialists Mel Gregson and Stephen Jolly were of course the riot ringleaders.

The patriotic rally to be attacked was an authorised peaceful anti-immigration protest in Coburg’s Bridges Reserve by the United Patriots Front.  It was simply a democratic exercise in free speech by Australians of many persuasions who have become frustrated by government policies to encourage unfettered immigration and for foreign multiculturalism to overrule and usurp Australian cultural values.

Globalism v Nationalism

But globalist leftists reject democracy and the rights of locals to protest against invasion.  Antifa violent anarchists attacked police and the peaceful rally, blocking busy Bell Street, Sydney Road and trespassing through Coburg Primary School grounds.  A riot ensued involving 500 in masks.

Antifa violent anarchists attack police

Bolton had defied pleas from local retail businesses not to support a so-called “anti-racism” protest due to fears that it would degenerate into precisely the type of mayhem we saw on the Saturday involving dozens of masked male student thugs who turned Coburg into a battleground.

But the radical socialist ignored the Coburg Traders Association despite them passing a no-confidence motion against her and other councillors who supported the protest in the lead up to the Saturday.


Socialist Hate Group

Sue Bolton has a stated hatred of capitalism.  She has been accused of monopolising council time with her pet political causes to the detriment of core council business.  “Sometimes we get bogged down with Sue Bolton’s far Left political causes and motions and we don’t get to the real items on the agenda from (council management) until very late in the night,” said former mayor Lambros Tapinos.  Last month, council backed her motion for ratepayers to “donate” $1000 a year for pro-refugee rallies.

Sue Bolton leftist protestorPeste councillor Sue Bolton has form making a nuisance of herself against police


The role by both Bolton and Safran as a co-organisers of the weekend protest featuring masked extreme-Left anarchists and Moreland Council’s promotion of the event has been condemned by police, the State Government, the Opposition and the former mayor, along with long-suffering ratepayers and traders. Not only did the Socialist Alliance councillor disregard the pleas of constituents, she also treated Victoria Police advice with disdain.

In the lead-up to the event, Bolton had the gall to accuse Victoria Police of overreacting to the threat posed by the masked rent-a-crowd Antifa unemployable students who have shown a propensity for violence in the past, particularly when squaring up against the anti-Islamist dolts, who also wore masks on the weekend.


Welcome to Melbourne, home of riotsWelcome to Marvellous Melbourne


The police have long identified the problem of violent protesters covering their faces and finally the dawdling Dan Andrews Government will do something to deter cowardly thugs who aren’t game to identify themselves.

The State Government has pledged to crack down on masked protesters and is considering legislation to ban face masks during protests and empowering police to prevent those “with violent intent” from entering designated areas.

Those who wear masks, disguises or cover their face in any way are looking for trouble. Surely, any protester in Australia would be happy to own their activism and be associated with whatever protest they are attending.

Anarchists wearing Guy Fawkes masks


The only reason anarchists cover their face is because they’re cowards.  It’s to avoid media exposure, accountability.  They forfeit any moral authority by not having the courage to identify themselves. The masked morons are the real-world version of gutless internet trolls who spew abuse under the cover of anonymity.

Masks give gutless ne’er-do-wells freedom to behave in a violent manner even when in the full glare of cameras and with police watching.  That these imbeciles were allowed, indeed encouraged by councillors, to cause havoc in Coburg is a shameful betrayal of residents and local businesses, some of whom closed on what is usually their busiest day.

Antifa unmaskedAntifa unmasked and all beat up – a crying weedy anarchist gets arrested


Other traders who stayed opened report losing more than 50 per cent of revenue while spending money on hiring security guards to stand in front of their shops.

Coburg Traders Association president Jason Sennitt said: “On a Saturday morning, when all the young families with children flock to our malls for their morning coffee, there’s this protest which is potentially attracting violence that wasn’t even considered, from what we could tell by the organisers.  The timing, and where it was, was so risky. Given that Sue Bolton knew it was potentially going to attract far Left and far Right supporters, we were shocked … that she thought it was OK.”

Another small business owner, Statewide Sewing Centre’s Roger Smith, was also critical of the council for supporting an unneeded and unwanted protest.

Coburg Immigration Riot

Coburg was turned into an ugly conflict zone on a day where it should have been busy with locals and visitors taking advantage of Coburg’s many restaurants and shops.

Coburg Immigration Riot 2016Free-for-all in the middle of busy Bell Street Coburg, Saturday May 28, 2016


The original peaceful anti-immigration rally succeeded in raising local community awareness about the social problems of imposed mass immigration and imposed multiculturalism. A number of speeches were made in the public reserve.

But in contrast, the only thing the council-backed violent protest and ambush achieved was considerable transport disruption, loss of local business revenues, wanton unprovoked violence and a massive waste of taxpayer dollars that tied up crucial police resources.  It has not helped Coburg’s reputation as a safe place to shop, nor Melbourne’s wider tourism reputation as a safe place to visit.  Melbourne is becoming Australia’s anarchist and negro Brixton.

Flag poles were used as weapons and police had to use pepper spray to bring outbursts of violence under control.  Five masked anarchists were arrested for riotous behaviour as well as assaulting and hindering police, while two more were arrested for carrying knives and other weapons.

Police disperse the smelly feral anarchistsPolice disperse the smelly feral anarchists with OC cockroach spray


Labor Police Minister Lisa Neville has hit out at the violent gang of anarchists wearing Guy Fawkes masks and has called for face masks to be banned.  Acting Labor Premier James Merlino told media on Sunday he had talked with Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and the government would ‘be working closely’ with Victoria Police to deal with people wearing masks at protests.

But is is a come back since the Andrews Labor Government unilaterally scrapped Victoria Police’s move-on laws in 2015 under pressure from the donating thug unions.   Under the laws, police and the courts could identify repeat, violent offenders and ban them from going to areas or engaging in protests.

John Safran unemployedComedian John Safran remains currently unemployed, like most of his masked unemployable mates


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