Twitter Migration Scam – Saudi Arabian Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun’s genuine asylum is in Thailand, not Australia

So some adult woman (18) from Third World Saudi Arabia flees from her wealthy parents internationally to safe Thailand, then upgrades her asylum to third country Australia.  She’s likely already selected a Port Douglas beachfront online as her first choice of abode.

Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun has applied to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for asylum outside Saudi Arabia because of perceived persecution by her father should she return, as is her human right.  Alqunun’s runaway case compares with that of compatriot Dina Ali Lasloom (24) in 2017, who was denied asylum in the Philippines, forcibly returned to Riyadh and subsequently murdered by her uncles.

Country of First Asylum is Thailand

So currently Alqunun made it safely to Thailand, which is deemed to the the country of first asylum.  It appears the UNHCR has recognised her asulum status so that is where her asylum rights end, end of story.

However, any consideration for cherry picking preferred lifestyle First World nations such as her publicised desires on Twitter to migrate to more favourable countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.   But this step is not seeking asylum but emigration.  Relocation from safe haven Thailand would be an abuse of UNHCR – asylum seeking fraud.   Alqunun is not persecuted in Thailand.

It seems Alqunun wants the best and nothing but the best will do.  Notably all her choices are Anglo Christian nations.   If she wants to emigrate to Australia, well follow due process, pass the application tests.  Her renouncing Islam is a start, and so is speaking English, but get in the queue.

Refugee Advocates Abuse Humanitarian Laws

Twitter is a leftist social media platform, and that is why Alqunun is using it to try to illegally emigrate ultimately to Australia. She obtained a one way flight and Australian tourist visa in Bahrain to Australia via Bangkok on false pretences.  The only reason she was detained by Thai authorities in Bangkok is because she didn’t have a return ticket to Bahrain.

Many fake tourists enter Australia every year.  Then then overstay their visa and refugee advocates encourage them to falsely asylum.

As if Australia is a honeypot for the world’s oppressed?

Objectively, Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton needs to deny the spoilt Muslim woman queue-jumping immigration special treatment, just because she scammed sympathy on Twitter including the likes of open-border Greens-Leftist Sarah Hanson Young.

The Greens-Leftist is well adept at abusing privilege – just ask Senator David Leyonhjelm


Then we have refugee advocates like reverend Alexandra Sangster of the Uniting Church in Fairfield in western Sydney campaigning for Alqunun.  As if Fairfaield isn’t already overrun with Tony Abbott’s 12,000 Syrian welfare seekers?  Refugee advocates like Sangster continue to publicly and politically preference the mass immigration of Third Worlders, driving White Flight.The church needs to have its tax exempt status revoked.

Fairfield St Andrew’s Uniting Church’s hate preacher Alexandra Sangster – divisively anti-hetero White Aussie males

Sangster acted in Blue Heelers as Anna Croydon married to an Indian before being born again.  Refugee advocacy and lesbian weddings in purple are now her branded specialty.  She just hates fish and chips.  There’s every sign she’s a closet witch.

Moral leadership is not to kowtow to the Left or to allow some muzzie Arab chick to dummy spit upscale migrate.  It risks setting a social media migration precedent so that 15 million persecuted females in muzzie barbaric Saudia Arabia reckon they can copycat by bleeding-hearting on Twitter to scam their way to First World Australia.

The world’s 7.7 breeding billion would also relish our Aussie lifestyle and generous welfare, except we’ve got borders.  Plus most Aussies rightly this is our hard-fought and toiled land, and we’re already over-full, so bugger off!   Why does Australia even trade with repressive and barbaric Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia?

If Sarah Hanson Young had her rorting way she’d con Australian taxpayers to fund this Arab’s lifestyle migration choice to Port Douglas.  This beachside pad has a Saudi theme. 

Once citizened, Alqunun would pay Greens lawyers to apply for Subclass 115 ‘Remaining Relatives’ visas to have the rest of the Alqunun clan join her – her überbreeding father apparently has ten offspring.  Then before long, Port Douglas would cop a bloody Islamic mosque invasion.

Postscript:  She’s Canada’s problem now anyway, as long as she stays there. Good on her for renouncing Islam. Women have the right to cut their hair any fashion they choose.  The father needs to pull his head in, shave his beard and stop Third World überbreeding. Port Douglas folk can relax again.