Transport Workers’ Union’s Tony Sheldon wants foreign visa workers to vote in Aussie elections

There is a spate of lecherous filth befouling the halls of power in Australia.

Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union, wants foreign workers to have the right to vote in federal and state elections.  What the?

Tony Sheldon is a very dangerous elitist.  According to a newspaper article in the Australian Financial Review May 17, 2015 by Ewan Hannan, Sheldon has called for foreign workers in Australia on working visas to get the vote in all Australian elections.  He claims that foreigners “deserve Aussie rights”, he said.  Sheldon wants foreign scab labour who, are taking the jobs of Australians, to have voting rights regardless of how long they intend to be in Australia.

He accepts that they will come and go and can have the “right” to vote as long as they are here.  This would mean that at any one time as many as a quarter of a million aliens could vote in our elections, distorting just about every outcome possible away from the interests of Australian citizens.

There is no doubt that this demand is ‘serious’ on Sheldon’s part. He is kite flying for those who own the Australian economy.

And Sheldon represents an Australian trade union?  Is this new Labor policy?  Foreigners before Australians?

Is this the same hypocrite who in 2013 recruited foreigners on various working visas to fill three key positions in his own union?  TWU chief of staff Dermot Ryan, media officer Barry Dunning and senior organiser Celia Petty were fully imported by Sheldon on 457 visas to take the place of Australians at the TWU.  All the while, Sheldon has embarked on a hypocritical crusade against Australian employers who import 457 visa workers, accusing them of engaging in “human trafficking”.

Sheldon's TWU ScabsAre these Sheldon’s scabs each imported with their own leftist agendas? – homosexual parentingIrish Labour welfare state, and charity for Africa’s breeding millions?

This borderless/globalist lot just seem to be the leftists Sheldon can’t find in Australia to pursue Labor Party political causes.

Transport Workers Union

Sheldon has no credibility in the Australian union movement. He is just a tool of the Labor Party.  Sheldon two-times as ALP national vice-president.   Sheldon is a Labor loyalist and he wants his (sic) policy idea adopted by the Union movement and – the Labor Party. Ultimately, we have no doubt, this will be the policy of these institutions and the country itself unless a community backlash ensues.

Tony Sheldon ALP National Vice-PresidentDishevel Head – Labor knows how to pick ’em

The Union movement leadership and the Labor Party are loyal to the idea of globalisation although from time to time they put out a few counter-signals as their effort in deception. From time to time, they talk of protecting Australian jobs, preserving the odd industry and limiting foreign workers. However, every time they ‘cave in’ to the new demand of globalisation after game-playing at opposing it. This new plan is just another step on the path of betrayal.

Sheldon's Scab Betrayal

Sheldon has long been understood as a tool of the big bosses in transport and he has screwed workers and owner-drivers at every turn and is reviled by many workers. This latest effort shows his contempt for Australians and Aussie workers and demonstrates that deception is occasionally no longer even necessary in dealing with our cowed people.

Dispossessing the Australian people of their country is the effect of immigration and economic policy.

Tony Sheldon's 457 Visa Scabs

Tony Sheldon is just one more member of the traitor class.  He plans to declare his treachery in a speech to the TWU’s national council in Melbourne on Monday, seeking support from the wider union movement and the federal ALP.  He conveniently shuns the principle of democracy which rightly only allows a nation’s citizens the right to vote.  When foreigners can vote, we will have no democratic nation.

“Only by giving migrant workers full democratic representation will their voices be heard because politicians and the business elite will have to listen to their demands. This right should extend to all working people and their families who are paying tax.”

TWU Foreign Scab LaborScab Heaven !

He said costs borne by overseas workers employed in Australia such as health insurance and the public education of their children should be shifted to their employers.

“Migrant workers pay thousands of dollars in health insurance and payment for their children’s education in public schools,” he said.

“Often this cost is borne by the workers themselves, effectively amounting to an additional tax on already vulnerable workers.

“If employers want to bring migrant workers into Australia then they must be held responsible for ensuring they can share in the Australian way of life. This is a nation built on egalitarian values where workers are equal – this right must extend to all workers.”

Tony Sheldon must be on the turpsThis scab must be on ICE

The TWU also wants foreign workers to be given “mandatory access” to union representation upon arrival in Australia. Overseas employees should know their legal rights and, if desired, how to negotiate improved wages and conditions.

There seems to be a spate of leacherous filth in the halls of power in Australia.

In New South Wales, Clover Moore and smiling Mike Baird would happily sell off all state assets to the People’s Republic of China. The Liberal Party’s poster boy, Mike Baird is told he only bare gifts to voters if he sells off the NSW electricity network.  His smiling con calls ‘asset recycling’ to raise $20 billion to develop new infrastructure is “tricky” and “dishonest”.  Baird’s ‘asset recycling’ line is a political ruse to appeal to the electorate rather than a solid argument based on fact.  Baird comes across as con artist.  One should trust Baird as much as O’Farrell with a bottle of red.   Remember Baird was a merchant banker like Malcolm Turnbull – says everything.

Unions have become tools under the Labor traitor class.

Sweatshop LabourSheldon’s Scabs to get the vote