The greed of Westfield knows no bounds

Frank Lowy two years ago handed over the corporate reigns of Westfield Group to his son in classic Jewish family style.  Jewish owned is jewish controlled.  If you work for a jewish business and you are not jewish you are an employee, never ever a partner.

Westfield control addiction has seen it become the world’s biggest shopping centre landlord.  Westfield Group is the mafiosi of shopping mall landlords with tentacles in 105 shopping centres across Australia, the US, Britain, New Zealand and Brazil.  The Lowy’s control 23,000 retailers and the familia ain’t shy of padlocking out a retail tenant.

Westfield the landlord is only about money.  Westfield’s relationship with its tenants starts and ends with the money.  And Westfield is Israeli in execution.

Westfield family yacht
The Lowy Family Yacht, fully tax deductible

[..the Lowy clan are under investigation for tax evasion via a Liechtenstein tax haven.  A US Senate inquiry into the use of offshore tax havens is examining the banking strategies used by Australia’s second-richest man and his sons…]

But with tough retail times due to cheap Third World import dumping by Third World workers on $1 a day and Free Trade encouraging it, is it any surprise?

Poor struggling multi-billion earning Westfield has complained lately that its rent income has fallen in its Australian centres, so it is advertsing to prospective new tenants rents of  up to 5 per cent cheaper.  But forget any favours if you are already suckered in as an existing Westfield tenant.  Westfield owns you and your business. No discount!  In Westfield’s new Pitt Street Mall tenants are locked into five year leases with three more years to go.  It has become an opulent barn.

Westfield has become the greediest retail landlord in the world.  Like a gigantic spider web, constantly waiting for new prey, once caught in the Westfield tenancy agreement, you are a slave to jewish control, like a Palestinian.

Westfield Jewish Greed

An ex-Westfield tenant’s account

Most tenants think their lack of business and ability to survive is their fault. But in fact it has nothing to do with you, your business, or the price of eggs.  Westfield employs special tactics to make you go broke from day one. You as a tenant don’t even suspect it. They use, what I call, a crooked philosophy from day one of your lease.

Westfield’s first objective is to get as much rent from you. Second is to make you broke by instigating methods which are very naive in nature.  For example, slowly you will notice as days go by that your shop is getting hotter. Customers don’t spend more than half a minute in your shop if it is hot.

Slowly they will put an opposition retailer next to you to undercut your products.  If these don’t work they will target you by telling your potential customers that you left Westfield, or that no one provides your product or service, by involving the information desk staff and P.R. personnel.

Victims of Westfield


If that still doesn’t work, some type of vendor will be installed in front of your shop with the intent on distracting customers to the point where they don’t even see you – such as a peanut vendor who cooks and then sells nuts. To attract customers this vendor will hire three to four young hollerers who will never stop yelling “Hey, free peanuts!” Now Westfield have made sure that you totally don’t exist.

They will “accidentally” make a mistake on the information directory leaflet to the detriment of your business.

If you move shop they will allow an opposition retailer to put signs in your old shop redirecting customers to their shop, leaving you lost in the wilderness with your new shop.

Suddenly you will have to go out of your shop and pay temporary leasing space in the centre for several weeks to get some money. Before you know it they ripped you off in the first 5 years.

When it comes to your lease, no matter what, Westfield will not discuss a new lease until up to 5 weeks before your current lease expires. Mind you, you already spent approximately $150,000 to $200,000 (Australian) dollars on the current shopfitting. Never mind that, it’s history now.

Two of Westfield’s crooks will come to talk to you about a new lease. They know you are desperate by now and most likely have a mortgage on your house and every cent you ever owned is in your business. First these two crooks – a leasing manager and his accomplice – will tell you that they sympathize with the fact that you’ve invested heavily, but unfortunately you will need relocating somewhere else or outbid the next tenant coming in your shop with rates you can in no way afford.

They will encourage you that relocating to another floor will be like going to a new world. They’ll say it’s a very busy place and you’ll make a fortune. They will praise your product and before you know it in a short time you are back where you started from. But the difference is now you are hooked with double rent and a new five year lease.

In a lot of instances they will give you money for set up costs (for example $50,000) to start you off, and they convince you that they have faith in your business.

Of course they indirectly get their money back from you two days after you open your business. They do so from kickbacks they got from money you paid to the shop building or renovation.

They recommend you builders and pressure you to finish the job in two weeks. These builders are their crooked mates, who charge you 200% more for building your shop. Half of this money goes into the Westfield coffers. Of course you can bring your own builders, but as soon as Westfield reads them their “American Constitution” plus Westfield’s version of the Bible – that is, their rules and conditions – your builder will never ring you back.

With time running out, you have no choice but to go back to Westfield to send their builders who will finish the job for you on time. But it will cost you double in extras as you get into the job. And you cannot object because you’re going to be paying rent for nothing if the job is not done on time. And then, if you are two weeks behind the rent Westfield have the option of putting a lock on your shop. Then, your house or any assets you have will be on auction for outstanding rent, which could be up to the end of the term of your lease.

In other words, you have paid for example rent in full under the lease agreement, but now you have lost your house and assets, they gave you a heart problem, and God knows what, not to mention the fact that you lost the most precious thing – and that is your family.

By this time you’re separated or divorced. What are you going to do? Jump from the fifth (or whatever is applicable) floor of Westfield on to the bottom floor tiles. I have personally witnessed such a thing happen.

If you wish to take Westfield to court, you cannot get legal aid because you used to own a business.  If you go through proper channels you will be told that Westfield has done nothing unconscionable. But off the record some will say: Westfield are big and they’ve got money.

If you have been through Westfield’s grilling you cannot afford legal action because every hard-earned dollar that you’ve earned with blood, sweat and tears was stolen from you by crooks – I mean Westfield. Not to mention your health and the rest of the agony they put you through.