Tanya Plibersek in foreign affairs because that’s where her loyalty lies

The six year legacy of the Australian Labor Party under Rudd, Gillard, Swan, Wong, Plibersek and co. (2007-2013) was of a hateful and wasteful treatment of Australians and taxpayer wealth, while pandering and gifting to anyone foreign.

So it came as no surprise after Australian voters discarded Labor in the 2013 election like chaff bags, that three timer Bill Shorten handed his Foreign Affairs portfolio to Tanya Plibersek. And being a feminazi senior Emily Lister, Plibersek bullied for the plumb Deputy Opposition Leader’s job and got it; not on merit, but in Labor lore simply because she’s not male.

Plibersek, as a daughter of migrants, has used her ethnicity to proclaim a self-righteous moral high ground to dictate to Australians our immigration desires.

It is one thing to be a hard-working immigrant or descendent of an immigrant committing to a host nation and its people.  It is an act of treachery to upon citizenship to then work against that Samaritan host nation to favour and preference foreigners.

Plibersek proclaims that her stance on refugees and migrants is shaped by her “deeply personal experience”.  But she has extrapolated her foreign evangelism to sympathising for any and all foreigners arriving in Australia – illegal or otherwise, funding their rights over and above native Australians.

If Plibersek has loyalty other than to Australia, she is welcome to emigrate to any foreign homeland of her declared loyalty.

Tanya Plibersek PM aspirant

But such is Labor’s candidate recruitment strategy – to entice more migrants to it ranks deliberately to win over each migrant community while Labor pursues its invasive mass immigration policy of 200,000 foreigners year on year.  The multiplier effect of migrant births and family reunions is exponential, so that migrants are set to outnumber traditional Australians within a generation.

Labor well knows this.

Traditional Australians – descended 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th generation and even First Fleeters having ancestry from Britain or Europe, we call Australia home and swear allegiance only to Australia, and relish thrashing the Poms in any sport.

Dual nationality is never an option.  Australian is Australian, else emigrate to where your family loyalties lie.  End of story.

Yet Plibersek’s politics are pro-Slovenian not Australian.  Her loyalties are confused, so why is she an Australian politician?

Plibersek’s “compassionate approach” to asylum seekers encouraged to queue jump the tens of thousands of refugee campers into Australia by smuggler boat has been demonstrated repeatedly and hypocritically as a key decision maker in the Rudd-Gillard Labor legacy.  During that time more than 52,000 economic illegals entered Australia by boat and 1000 perished at sea undertaking the dangerous smuggling journey to Australia.

Some compassion Tanya!

Under the Rudd-Gillard Labor legacy, Tanya Plibersek was Housing Minister.  How many ordinary Australians got housed under her tenure?  How many illegal migrants got housed?  How many from Slovenia?

Plibersek presided over Labor’s flagship social housing programme, its ‘National Rental Affordability Scheme’ (NRAS), laundered as tackling homelessness,but which as usual blew out beyond Rudd’s promised $4.5 billion budget.

Australians access to affordable housing has and continues to be impossible, thanks to the annual influx of 200,000 immigrants demanding housing, mainly in the capital cities to be close to their ethnic groups.

chinese urban invasion of Australia