Australians dreaming of owning a home need to wake up! The Australian government has given up on us and is allowing the Chinese to buy up Australian properties at a rate of $6m a day, or $2.4b a year, and experts say that’s a conservative figure.

Given how the Australian political establishment—which means all parties and political shades—has corrupted what it even means to be Australian, shortly we won’t even have terms of reference to articulate our grievance. After all, they will simply rejoin, “We are ALL Australians.” Oh, but we’re not.

The Chinese grew wealthy courtesy of American foreign policy that began when the Yanks enriched China at the expense of their eternal enemy, Russia. Now, safe in the confines of their oriental lairs, these consumerist automatons are buying up homes that at one time were predestined for the Australian race. That is what our great grandfathers fought the Japs for, after all! They didn’t beat the Japanese simply to have the Chinese slide in on a bamboo rug and take their place.

Outbidding Australians at the Auction Block, they are increasingly receiving a frosty welcome from desperate homebuyers who—suffering from the Labor government’s globalist policies—are struggling through a cost-of-living crisis stemming, in part, from astronomical interest rate hikes by the Reserve Bank. Yet, Albanese’s gung-ho immigration policies have worsened our financial dilemma. With international students now allowed to work as long as they like, and no end of ethnic diaspora ready to hire them ahead of Aussies, finding employment is tougher than ever, no matter what contrary statistics Jim Chalmers magically waves before us.

Albanese’s open door for international students, with over 450,000 visa holders having arrived and that same amount still due to settle in our overcrowded cities, is displacing the Australian on all fronts. We will be lucky to land a gig serving coffee to the new class of wealthy Chinese the government is so keen to welcome.  All the service jobs will be taken by Chinese and Indian students!

This is to say nothing of the rental crisis which worsened when the borders reopened post-COVID. And Albanese and his fellow traveller Chalmers couldn’t wait to open those! Not only are they afflicted with the mentality that still believes, after all the evidence to the contrary, that high immigration creates an economic stimulus, all it does is please Albanese’s globalist bosses in Davos. The rest of us pay for the ambitions and private interests of the political elite. Don’t forget, most of them are landlords and routinely deal in property. They are tight with property developers and WEF planners anxious to establish “15-minute cities”, such as that being constructed around the Aerotropolis in Western Sydney.

Australians cannot wait for politicians to give us a break because it’s not about that. We are where they want us. And with Albanese already cosying up to Beijing promising them even bigger chunks of our nation, and a chance to settle here in vaster numbers, even the most ignorant must disabuse themselves of any flim-flam around “multiculturalism.” Australia is not an economy and it’s not theirs to give away to every Indian and Chinaman hungry to shove us out of our homes! No, we are not afraid of being called “racist” when that is meaningless as a word and is wielded against us by those eager to ethnically cleanse us from these shores.

All over the West, the reality is sinking in, that a synchronised attack is occurring against all Western nations. The political class has anointed themselves as the supreme controllers of our fate and destiny. Albanese is so cocksure we’re all stupid he spends most of his time sucking up to G7 leaders on the world stage where he shucks about like a ventriloquist’s dummy. He couldn’t care less what’s happening here unless it involves selling us out to a criminal cartel of half-Aboriginal scam artists eyeing off titular power in the parliament. In other words, promoting The Voice.

But we have a voice, too, and it’s time we raised it. Not only must the Foreign Investment Review Board tighten its controls, but it must be abolished altogether! There must be NO foreign investment of any kind and particularly that which involves the diabolical Chinese.

Chinese and Indians (and the rest) are not like well-conditioned Westerners. They don’t have any moral qualms about displacing the native people. Not even the slightest concern about whether or not we can find housing will have them pause to think about what their Disneyland money is doing to us. Don’t expect any of these aliens to care whether they crowd us out of the job market or take the rented roof from over our heads. They laugh when they see Australian families forced to camp in tents because foreign-born real estate agents regard us as pond scum.

Get mad, get angry, and get organised. Stop The Oil protesters think nothing of halting busy commuters on the way to work. Instead, drivers should just step on the pedal and roll over the top of them. But the same could never be said of loyal Australians who turn up to Auctions where fancy Chinese are flashing their nouveau-riche stacks of Yuan. While making these interlopers, be they brown or yellow, feel unwelcome we must take it upon ourselves to change the Parliamentary system that has betrayed us every day up until recently when they scrapped the reading of the Lord’s Prayer in favour of the bogus ‘Acknowledgement of Country.’

These Muppets are not a higher caste than us, they are not Lords and we are not Serfs. The invasion of the Chinese shows us that it’s not the foreign invaders alone who are the problem, but a parliamentary system that is designed to work to bring them here. The Westminster Parliamentary system failed England and it’s destroying us. It needs scrapping along with the grifting politicians who inhabit it.

Stand up, Aussie, before it’s too late!