Smart Meters another harebrained scheme of the Dumb Bitch

Everything The Gillard touches turns to shite, from major accounts at Slater and Gordon to Asylum Seeker control to harebrained ‘Education Revolutions’ and Labor’s Broadband Network, Grocery Watch, Petrol Watch and now Smart Meters.

Hey, I’ve got another idea!


The Gillard’s latest cheque writing spree is to throw money at pretending to ease a problem she imposed – the Carbon Tax.   Gillard’s latest weekly proclamation is to ‘reform’ the electricity sector with a plan to somehow save households $250 a year on electricity.

Electricity bills across Australia have risen considerably since July 1 when the Gillard Labor Government introduced its Carbon Tax.  Electricity account fees and rates have also risen considerably since the LibLabs at state level privatised Australian electricity infrastructure.   It is not the usage per household that has increased.  The 200,000 odd new immigrants a year may have something to do with compounding consumption demand on existing electricity supplies.

It also may have something to do with the siphoning off of hundreds of millions in electricity revenues over decades by LibLab state governments, instead of prudently allowing the electricity authorities to responsibly reinvest in infrastructure and timely capital upgrades.  Electricity networks have seen inefficiencies fester for decades, so now our national electricity assets are run down.

Funny how these facts are conspicuously avoided by LibLabs in the corporate media.

So The Gillard has now announced this perverse counter Carbon Tax rebate for electricity consumers.  Gillard’s harebrained scheme is to reduce electricity consumption during peak times so that private electricity companies don’t have to spend as much on infrastructure upgrades to cater for peak usage.

But to do that, households will need to know when peak usage is and so they will have to buy Smart Electricity Meters.  So when people turn on the airconditioner at 4pm when it is hottest in summer, they can read the meter and see demand is at a peak.

Friggen rocket science or what?

So when it is hot, Gillard says turn your airconditioners off.  Dumb bitch.

Over the past decade or so the likes of foreign companies like Fujitsu and Daikin, with the paid promotion of cricketing personality Mark Taylor, have been flogging reverse cycle airconditioners across Australia.   So hundreds of thousands of Australians are now dependent upon airconditioners for both their household cooling in summer and for heating in winter.   No wonder power blackouts occurred in the heat of summer afternoons when both business and households have their aircons blasting at the same time.

Now the electricity bills have soared, so gotcha!  Nice one.

Origin Energy already publicises when peak electricity usage occurs – generally between 7am and 9pm weekdays, with summer peak usage spiking around 4pm, when home airconditioners are turned on.

So we don’t need smart meters to tell us what we already know.

The real ploy is so that private electricity companies can start charging consumers more.

They can charge more not just on account fees, not just on rates, but on consumption based on popular usage.

Privatised Electricity Rule:  ‘If you want to save, when it’s hot or cold, just suffer and turn off!

Gillard Peasant Electrical Rates:

  • 7am-2pm:  19 cents
  • 2pm-8pm:  45 cents
  • 8pm-11pm:  19 cents
  • 11pm-7am:  15 cents

Gillard Offshored Filipino Call Centre:    ‘So if you live a normal life, under corporate electricity, you’re family’s finances are fucked.  Have a nice day.  Next can I help you?”

Dumb LibLab thinking is to profit from selling public electricity assets to fund pet politician programmes like Bob Carr’s $1 billion gifting of Australian taxpayers’ wealth to Afghanistan last July.

LibLabs at national and state level have jointly modified the regulatory regime over the last decade to favour energy businesses.  Dumb LibLab thinking is that essential infrastructure like electricity supply can be privatised so that the overriding aim becomes shareholder return over affordable power supply.

Victoria has already suffered the mandatory rollout saturation of “smart” electricity meters to 2.4 million homes over four years..   It has experienced a $500 million dollar blowout.  The program was originally expected to cost Victorians $1.1 billion dollars over 20 years, but good ol’ taxpayers are now expected to pay $1.6 billion over the same period.

Cost-benefit analysis?  The dumb bitch from Lalor doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase.   The Victorian experience has found that the costs of the rollout were now likely to exceed $2.3 billion, more than $300m greater than the anticipated benefits.  So the smart meter rollout has made Victorians at least $300 million worse off in net terms.   And far from keeping bills down, the rollout is adding an average $100 a year to what customers pay on top of all the other increases.

All we get is more pressure on the rising cost of living and another wasteful harebrained scheme.  The Gillard when she bleats ‘reform’ means just another harebrained scheme.  Just like her setting up of a union slush fund for the Australian Workers Union when she was a dodgy lawyer, Gillard treats Australian taxpayers’ wealth like her personal slush fund.  Communists don’t change their spots.

After years of harebrained schemes drawing down Australia’s taxpayers’ bank balance, Gillard Labor is eyingoff the Future Fund and Australian superannuation wealth.   It is like a pokie addict feeding an insatiable one-armed bandit.

The Gillard Announcement:

“Here we are, document signed, cheque writ…so job done, next media announcement?”


And so The Gillard Labor Government bandidos stretch out a debt interest bill costing Australians $20 million a day.