Singapore invading Australia with treacherous betrayal by Canberra and our own Army

Cross-eyeds in bed with Slanty-eyed!  Australia’s Army Chief Angus Campbell switches sides.  For years Australia First Party has been warning Australians about the Asian Invasion from our north. But we never expected Australia’s own army to facilitate it and take our people’s land by force in the process.

Now Liberal Party fat bitch for Defence Minister Marise Payne (Major Payne) has told Singapore they can have a big chunk of Australian arable farmland in rural Queensland to play their war games.

Problem is the subject land is Australian, privately owned.  It’s not the Liberal Party’s land, nor the Army’s.  The land is owned by generations of Australian families who have fought and died for Australian liberty since World War I.  Furthermore, the fertile grazing land is owned mainly by Australian graziers for grazing their cattle oddly enough (mostly for fattening beef cattle) and they don’t bloody want to sell.

Graziers Bob Hicks and Glenn Spurdle on Mr Hicks’s Mirambeena cattle station in Queensland.


On January 24, 2017 last week Major Payne decreed compulsory acquisition of dozens of Australian rural properties that adjoined and are near the Army’s two training areas in Queensland:

  1. Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, 50km north of Rockhampton (4500km2)
  2. Townsville Field Training Area, immediately north of Charters Towers (3000km2) .

Major Payne, sitting on her bum in Canberra, has given all the land owners just four weeks’ notice.


Her government calls it ‘compulsory acquisition‘.  Defence can acquire state government land under the Commonwealth Land Acquisition Act 1989, implemented by Bob Hawke’s Labor government.  It is an unfair, shameful totalitarian low act, unAustralian and such a government tactic needs to be prohibited in our democratic nation.  The Liberals have been doing it in New South Wales to ram through their Westconnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro and the Sydney light rail projects to service mass immigration in Sydney.

Major Payne hasn’t made the decision.  She’s just a safe seat patsy installed by the Libs.  Major Payne just does what she’s told by Turncoat Turnbull and the Australian Defence Force brass, except exercise of course.

She’s not consulting with the affected landholders.  So whose doing the consulting?  KPMG, the corrupted Liberal Party lobbyist-donor firm; the same firm that makes hundreds of millions of dollars from consultancy out of the Liberals every year such as spruiking the $84 billion NBN pipe dream.

KPMG Consulting:  “Don’t worry Sir, we’ll appease the property owners, keep them in the dark, mitigate the payouts, justify the Army’s greater good, and charge Canberra our usual fee.”

The combined targeted properties sustain livelihoods.  They employ staff.  They shop locally. Annually they send 15,000 head of cattle to Townsville’s abattoir, which in employs 500 people at peak times of the year. These jobs would be threatened.  The member for Kennedy (western Queensland), Bob Katter has said, “This proposal would landlock Townsville. It’s disastrous for the city. It would be a devastating blow to the city of Charters Towers.”

January 9, 2017:  Rural Queenslanders meet at the Marlborough Public Hall to protest against the Army’s forced acquisition moves.


A total of some 186 Australian landowners, leaseholders and community members are currently in the Army’s sights, all so foreign Asians can play around in their useless tanks.  What is stupid is the Singaporean training is to be done in an Australian environment totally unrelated to their home island back in Singapore.  It is obviously not for Singapore’s ‘defence’ training, perhaps invasion training.  Australian invasion training?  Else what is the point?

Army Chief Angus (cross-eyed) Campbell says it’s all so these Singaporean Army types get “a variety of terrains to be capable of reflecting modern battlefield conditions.”

Legacy as a traitor – ‘ol cross-eyed.

It gets worse.

Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen (invading cockhead) said in May 2016, when Turncoat Turnbull’s Liberals signed some secret security agreement with Singapore, that Singapore would build its own base facilities on grazing land west of Townsville and at Shoalwater Bay.  Dr Ng said the vast area, 10 times the size of Singapore, would allow long-range artillery and Apache attack helicopters to fire live rounds of high-powered ammunition undisturbed.

Singapore also plans to build a “mock city” with multi-storey buildings on the fertile cattle-fattening country so its soldiers can “hone their urban warfare skills”.


Comment by Laurie (Dec 7, 2016):  “So destroy farming for training soldiers from another country: genius at work.”


Singaporean government will be bringing in its own supplies so the local economy would miss out on business.   What business do the Singaporeans have in rural Queensland?  Why is our Australian Army invading Australian farms under the command of Singapore?  Who needs enemies when we have friendlies like this?  Our forebears who fought and perished in Changi would be horrified that World War II was all for nothing.  We owe Singaporeans no favours. They owe us.

1945: “A hospital ward in Singapore showing members of the 8th Division released from the Changi Prisoner-of War camp at Singapore. All were suffering from malnutrition. Nearest Camera T. Chiplin of Cardiff, S. Wales, F. V. Wart of London, Pte. A. J. Campbell of Hay, N.S.W., Sgt. J. A. Damen of Leidergara, N.S.W., Pte. G. W. Rogers of Scarborough, England, Sgt. W. J. Brown of Wales, G. C. Twysel of Java.

 The Australian Defence Force is no longer the envied force of our forefathers.  Dysfunctional and incompetent, it has long gone to bully beef.

Singapore imperialism is not just economic. Since 2015, the two bit island nation of just over 700 km2 (about 1/3 the size of Fraser Island) has had designs on Australia’s vast land mass.  The nearly six million Chinese Asians squashed together in highrise can’t even swing cats because of their over-breeding.

That’s not Australia’s fault, so why should Australians surrender private our arable land to over-breeding foreign Asians?

Answer:  Over our dead bodies, Angus bloody Campbell!  Most of Singaporeans are invading Chinese anyway. In 1826 when Britain’s Stamford Raffles founded Singapore and started civilizing the place, there were just 13,000 local Malays.  Since then the Chinese have taken over.  Sound familiar?

Major Payne has decided it’s a good idea to steal 200,000 hectares of Australian farmland west of Townsville and Rockhampton all so that Singapore’s Army can practice driving and firing tanks.  It would be a total area nearly ten times the size of Singapore.

It’s called ‘Wallaby Drills‘ to “hone their skills”. There are only so many doughnuts they can do in Singapore’s car parks.

Bloody wallabies alright.

No wonder them slanty-eyed imperialists are smiling. The local Malay population of Singapore remains at just 15%.  The rest are mainly invading breeding Chinese.  So of the 14,000 Singaporean troops scheduled for annual rotation training in Australia, how many are ethnic Chinese Malcolm Turncoat?

Singapore’s head of its defence ministry ‘MINDEF’, Ng Eng Hen (the invading cockhead) conducted surveillance and property scouting of Australia recently.  He told Major Payne, Shoalwater Bay training area not big enough. We want more Aussie land!

So Turncoat Turnbull and Major Payne said “ok”, just like that.  And the Liberal’s lap dog Barney Joyce snuck off on holidays.

Year of the bloody rooster:  Australian Army surrenders Aussie land to Ng Eng Hen (the invading cockhead)


Typical government, they’ve got a fancy name for the invasion operation ‘The Singapore-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership’ with an acronym of course ‘CSP’.  The Army claims it wants our farmland so the foreign Singapore Army can train 14,000 troops for 18 weeks every year for the next 25 years, but who trusts the Army?  Who will be able to use the land once it is full of unexploded ordnance?

Just bugger off!

Australia’s arable land ruined forever by foreign bloody Asians


All the properties are in close proximity to the existing Lavarack Barracks, the Australian Army’s biggest training base.

Katrina Stranger, whose property Tomato Springs borders Lavarack and is close enough to see the lights of Townsville at night, believes its convenient location means the army can “burn up the hill, go and spend the day blowing shit up, and then go and have a feed at McDonald’s in town.”

The secret training deal also means if anything goes wrong during training, the Singaporeans are immune from prosecution because Canberra is handing over sovereign right to use their Government Proceedings Act which provides that the Singaporean military “are not burdened by the prospect of legal action while training or while conducting operations”, even if they breach regulations.  [Read More]

Stranger says, “It can never go back to having cattle again once they have taken it.” Nicholas agrees. “There is a big risk that the Burdekin River water supply could become polluted with the munitions that are involved.” This would wash down to the Great Barrier Reef only 30 kilometres away. “At the end of the day there is a hell of a lot at stake,” he says, “more than just taking this prime productive country out of circulation. Once they take it, it will never be put back again.”

What could Singapore do with tanks back in Singapore anyway.  No room.

If Singapore’s main enemy, imperialist China was serious about invading Singapore does Ng Eng Hen (the invading cockhead) really think a few tanks wouldn’t slow the Chinese down?   Singapore tragically fell to the Japanese in just eight days and that was with Allied defence support, so what chance do the Singaporeans have against much bigger China wanting to mirror their takeover of Hong Kong in Singapore? Just lock the doors!

If the Australian Army has decided it is switch sides against Australia, then tough Queensland graziers won’t be going down without a fight. Many probably have grandfathers that fought the nips in the war.   Since 75% of Singapore is Chinese, our dumb army will be training Chinese.

When Queensland grazier David Nicholas picked up a copy of the Townsville Bulletin last month he discovered that the army was planning to take his property. “There was a map with a shaded-in area of the proposed country they were going to take in a forced acquisition. The map was vague, but we knew who we were and where we were.”

The Army’s Townsville Area Expansion


The Army’s Shoalwater Bay Expansion

David and his father had built the 20,000-hectare cattle station, ironically named “Paynes Lagoon” from nothing. His father had acquired the property in a land ballot for returned servicemen after World War II.

David to Canberra:

“I have been here since 1964, and it works very well for the way we operate. We have a succession plan in place for the next generations. We have survived drought, flood, fire, divorce, partnership dissolution, and we are still here and still on top.”
The first thing he did was reassure his children. “We weren’t just going to let them take it, and I had no intentions of selling.”
“You do not take prime agricultural area to use for a military training area.”

Nicholas is one of 23 graziers on properties that cover 200,000 hectares who are facing the fight of their lives against our own Army.

But Defence says is still yet to decide exactly from where land will be taken, has drawn up maps of “likely” and “potential” areas for forced acquisition.

Dale and Steph Olive only 12 months ago bought their Rocklea property west of Shoalwater Bay, which is in the “likely” zone, for mixed farming and ­grazing,  “We’ve been left in the dark. We don’t know where to go next,’’ says Mr Olive. “It’s finding somewhere to relocate our business that is the problem.”

Singaporeans are used to congestion on their two-bit island, so if they have to practice war games in Australia, why isn’t our Army’s existing Townsville Field Training Area and Shoalwater Bay Training Area sufficient?

Can’t these Kelings do this in Singapore, or on one of its offshore islands, or in neighbouring Malaysia?

Townsville lawyer Ian Conrad is representing eight of the families involved who will “vigorously resist”.

“The suggestion has been that they are only taking low-value land,” Conrad says. “But that is not the case. You have the escarpment and the ranges, and they fall back gradually to the Burdekin River. We got in touch with the Department of Defence to ask if this was happening and they said yes.”

“It is the blatant arrogance of the whole thing…” says Nicholas.

Last week those concerned were meeting one on one with defence personnel and KPMG psycho-analysts.  “The general feeling,” says Conrad, “is that this is a softening-up process by KPMG. But clearly the implicit understanding is that if people don’t voluntarily sell that they will compulsory acquire.”

Bob Katter attended a town meeting about the plan last Wednesday at Charters Towers. “You do not take prime agricultural area to use for a military training area,” he said. He urged people to “stand on your hind legs and keep fighting. You don’t have to cop it. We stand together and fight.”

David Nicholas couldn’t agree more: “Too right.” As with all the families involved Nicholas is fighting for the future of his children. “They are all family-owned and -operated properties.”

In the last week of parliament in 2016 sitting member Katter met with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann and Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne. He strongly urged them to look at land two hours south-west “on the other side of Pentland”, which is “very poor country … with no run-off to the Barrier Reef or domestic water” and would be far cheaper.

This sensible suggestion has been ignored by Turncoat Turnbull.

Diverting Defence away from their homes is high on the agenda for the graziers. Says Nicholas, “That would take three families out of the equation, and all those families are wanting to sell their properties.”

The Libs try to claim that training Singaporeans is good for the local economy – more Chinese takeaways in Townsville and Rockhampton run by immigrants on 457 visas.  Yeah right.  That’ll surely help the 800 Queensland Nickel workers forced on to the bread line in Townsville.

Whereas, a recent grassroots proposal by the Charters Towers Regional Council to Canberra for $30 million to build a weir next to the land was outright rejected. It would have provided water security for Charters Towers (pop. 8000) and irrigation for most of the land being acquired by the Defence Department – something the graziers say would have transformed the region into high-value irrigation land.

“The negative economic impact of these decisions in Canberra will dwarf the claimed $50 million annual economic benefit on Singaporean Defence Initiative spending,” says Queensland graziers’ lawyer, Ian Conrad.

To these graziers and their families, the land is irreplaceable. They have spent lifetimes building their farms.

“Where do 23 families find their replacement for what they have got in Queensland?” asks Katrina Stranger.  She believes that whatever is paid for their farm will go towards fighting for compensation and that they will have no chance of buying another property. “What you paid for your place and what it is worth are two totally different figures. Our neighbour who has had his place taken off him is still in a compensation battle four years down the track.”

Says David Nicholas, “If they do a forced acquisition, we will be compensated fairly. But who determines fairly? Where do I buy another property that is as good as this, as improved as this, one hour from a major port, one hour from a meat works, one hour from a major city on the coast? If I bought a place in central Queensland I would be 500 km from the coast; if I bought a place around Longreach I would be 1000 k’s plus from the coast and the rainfall is less reliable.

“It has taken years to build up relationships of trust and understanding in the district. You can’t replace that. The land is very close to any one of us. You are attached to the land; you are part of the land.”

Grazier Glenn “Butch” Spurdle, whose family has four stations facing possible seizure by the Defence Department, said he was disgusted at the way farmers were being treated.  Mr Spurdle, whose grandfather and father were cattlemen, said farmers did not know what “the bloody hell” was going on as the Defence Department would not reveal the exact boundaries of the area it planned to acquire.

He was also angry that landholders were being portrayed by some politicians and army officials as making a big fuss about losing their homes and farms as a way of talking up their compensation claims.

Grazier Butch Spurdle to Canberra:

“It’s not about the money. This is just beautiful country where three rivers meet the Burdekin. We would unfairly and wrongly be losing three places we’ve waited decades to own because they so rarely change hands. It shouldn’t be this country. We’re all fighting for it because it’s just such good cattle-fattening land. There’s three much less valuable properties one hour up the bitumen at Greenvale where all the owners are happy to sell, which would give the same land training area at much less cost.”

The angry farmer group met for the first time with army brass yesterday in Townsville as well as with Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan.
A steering committee of landholders with highly productive cattle properties on the upper Burdekin and Keelbottom rivers, north of Mingela, has established a legal fighting fund to try to protect their farms.

Mr Spurdle said: “The politicians, in the Nationals and LNP, used to be for the bush and now they’re not. They don’t seem to care that (this land acquisition) would spell the end of Charters Towers.”

Meg Moore, who lives in the original Cooperville homestead, 100km north of Rockhampton, is incensed about the Army’s expansion of its training area at Shoalwater Bay.

Meg’s forebears, brothers John and James Moore, returned wounded from World War I and started up the cattle farm at Marlborough Creek in central Queensland nearly 100 years ago.  The brothers were among thousands of Aussie veterans who were taking up “soldier service blocks” – allotments set aside by government for cheap lease or sale to veterans.  The plots they chose provide a legacy for their families who still live on them today.

Now the Indian-giving government in Canberra is set to evict her so foreigners can have it.

Meg to Canberra:

“Those politicians don’t give a tinker’s cuss about us,’’ she said. “It took (the Moore brothers) nine years to clear it all so they could build this house. They did it all by hand. They sweated blood. There were no machines back then. Their shirts were always wet (with sweat). The fact that it is the army (taking it) would be devastating.”


Boycott Singapore !

Patriotic Australians need to boycott Singaporean companies and products.

  • Switch from Optus – it is owned by Singtel
  • Switch from Medibank Private – now owned by Singaporeans
  • Don’t fly Singapore Airlines or Tiger Airways
  • Don’t buy Gravox, Fountain Sauce, Saxa salt or Mocopan coffee – all products of Cerebos Singapore
  • Don’t buy CSR sugar products or timber, or Goodman Fielder products (Helgas, Meadow Lea, Praise, Wonder White bread – all owned by Wilmar International in Singapore.

The Australian Defence Force’s handling of this is a great example of how not to treat people. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has labelled the move “heartless and cruel”.  But what tangible support is she going to offer the invaded land holders. Zilch.  She’s another all talk-no action puppet patsy.

It reeks of how Defence has mishandled the abuse scandals across in three armed services for decades, like how the RAAF has mishandled its toxic chemical contamination of ground drinking water around multiple Air Force bases at Townsville, Oakey, Williamtown, Garden Island (WA) and Tindal, making neighbouring properties unlivable and worthless.

It gets worse.  More secret Army plans reveal that millions of wilderness hectares on Cape York Peninsula are earmarked for more land grabbing for military war games.

So join Australia’s Defence Force, train to become an alcoholic, hey girls get raped, be fodder fighting in other nations’ wars, and return home to find Canberra has evicted your family, the enemy has taken over, and then just quietly suicide.


Postcript:  Feb 7:  PM Turncoat Turnbull has decided not to invade the Aussie farms because the farmland near Shoalwater Bay is in the federal seat of Capricornia held by LNP Michelle Landry by a whisker, and Pauline Hanson was set to take it in the next election.  Liberals about politics, not conviction to Ordinary Australians.  Asians bugger off.