Three Liberal Parties: Crisis of the Liberal Party or crisis in the State?

by Dr. Jim Saleam

Very soon Australia will have three Liberal parties: Liberal Party (Official), Pauline Hanson’s Liberal Party Extra and Cory Bernardi‘s Liberal Party Hard.

Quarrels between leaders and disputes over modes of presentation are important things.They should never be ignored. However, essentially there will be three globalist-capitalist free market parties, all in the tradition of the historic Liberal Party, calling themselves patriots and conservatives and vying for votes and support. They will spread diabolical confusion all over voter land and may even confuse new people entering politics for the first time and who take it all as ‘genuine’ disputation.

For the nationalists there is no confusion. These parties will be linked ideologically and politically and linked in terms of personnel. In that sense, the Officials will be the ‘father’ in this unholy trinity and the others satellites in its service. In saying that we still take account of human rivalries which will divide individuals. That is all to the good that they exist as in the end they may weaken the whole game.

Australian politics is beginning to come apart! Something is occurring deep in the belly of the globalist project. Many can feel it.

These conservatives (sic) are all in one way or another immigrationists (including the sly Hanson) who favour the multiracial society united only by ‘values’. All want to break organized labour (and not just crook unions) and cheapen the price of labour. All target economic regulation. They do not challenge the globalist project and only want it to run more smoothly and in a way more friendly to the Aussie lifestyle.

It can only be that the people are starting to question the project itself that the ‘split’ in conservatism has occurred. After all, these conservatives love a bit of flag waving and pseudo patriot posturing! The deception of people is raised to a new level.

We say this too because the Australian Labor Party also has its Labor Party Extra, a group called the Workers Party that has the temerity to say it is true to old Labor principles and mentions as mentors the saints of true labourism – Jack Lang, John Curtin, Ben Chifley, those giants whom we nationalists say are our guiding spirits. Labor Party Extra would not happen on to the scene if the ALP was not frightened of losing a part of its base – to somewhere.

The new landscape pushes the nationalists immediately to the margin, the political jungle whence we were fighting to emerge. So what? It is clean there. We will now have to organize in the community, on issues neither the conservatives nor the fake laborites will touch. We will generate our own political space. We will be with all who fight globalism at the micro level and we will confront the conservatives in particular as they try to ensure the youth adopt a fake civic patriotism and not a full-blooded nationalism. Quickly indeed, we will unite ourselves and organize for the long fight.

The era of the three Liberal parties (and the two Labor parties) is the time for the growth of the one nationalist party that will step by step grow ideologically, politically and organizationally in the service of Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom.

Source:  ‘Tory Shepherd: Cory Bernardi move to quit Liberals further erodes Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership‘,  by Tory Shepherd, Political Editor, The Advertiser,

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is set to fulfil his promise of a “massive” 2017.

Starting Tuesday.

He will quit the Liberal Party, leaving Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to start the year off-kilter, just when he needs to be on-form.

Senator Bernardi has been on the backbench for several years now — but even up the back, he never lacked front.

 Senator Cory Bernardi is quitting the Liberal Party to start his own.
Where he was coy, for a long time, was about his future with the party. The idea of him leaving seemed a bit of a tease. It served to keep the Government on their toes, remind them of a more conservative core.

That tease more recently became a fully fledged flirtation. And today Senator Bernardi will announce his new loyalty — the Australian Conservatives.

Much of the infrastructure is in place — websites, a loyal following cultivated through Senator Bernardi’s website, a manifesto.

Mr Turnbull might be vaguely relieved that the split has finally come to pass — no more rumblings. And at least others — including former frontbencher Eric Abetz and right-wing flag-bearer George Christensen — didn’t immediately jump ship.

But that’s just a bit of ointment on the wound.

Senator Bernardi is making it clear that there is another way, a way that might hold more appeal for wavering colleagues than One Nation. His conservative colleague, Andrew Hastie, once called him the “Dark Knight”, of Batman fame. Bernardi is casting a sign onto the clouds for all to see.

Mr Turnbull’s authority, becoming more fragile with every Newspoll that shows Labor’s ascendancy, will be further eroded.

He will have to play nice with Senator Bernardi for his Senate vote, but avoid making his new party seem a viable alternative. He will need to work out whether to be pulled to the right just to shore up votes, or whether he can find a way to be a principled and strong leader — something he has struggled to do so far.

Senator Bernardi’s massive year will also be Mr Turnbull’s massive burden.