SBS journo Marion Ives whitewashed, sacked, and on struggle street

Anti-Australian journalists who rant on social media against Australians and who breach media code of conduct get what they deserve if they work for responsible media.

SBS Marion Ives was sacked last Friday after she sided with a Muslim publicly on Facebook who had accused her employer, SBS Broadcasting Group, of “whitewashing” Muslims from SBS employment.  Apparently, Ives colleague, an Iraqi-born Widyan Al-Ubudy, (a full-blown Muslim) had been employed on SBS Dateline programme as a journalism cadet on a 457 visa, but on completion of her cadetship last year was not automatically handed a permanent journo job with SBS.

Tough titties!

SBS Muslim Widyan Al-Ubudy sackedWidyan Al-Ubudy, a hijab-wielding Muslim, speaking in Arabic and promoting Islam and Islamic issues

So sacked Widyan Al-Ubudy wrote a spiteful piece against SBS entitled “Whitewash? That’s not the colour of the SBS charter“, accusing SBS of not failing to adequately employ people of diverse backgrounds, that is, her, presumably because she’s a Muslim.

Marion Ives shared the piece in Facebook publicly which, as intended, publicly embarrassed SBS.  Ives’ senior colleague Steven Wilson – chief producer at SBS World News – reportedly commented negatively on the Facebook post.

So Widyan Al-Ubudy is to be sent back to whence she came, hopefully to do good journo work in Baghdad.  How many other SBS journos receive Australian taxpayer-funded cadetships?  How many SBS journos are employed on 457 visas?  Is CEO Michael Ebeid on a 457 visa? What’s wrong with Australians running SBS?

So Marion Ives is on struggle street.

Marion Ives sackedLeftist Marion Ives did a propaganda sympathy video for SBS World News in 2011 for so-called ‘asylums seekers’

Watch her pro-illegal migrant propaganda, of which Sarah Hanson-Young would endorse.  So there’s your next career platform Marion – an MP with the Communist Greens Left:

She now joins on struggle street the former SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre, the ANZAC hater.  May be they can form their own exclusive struggle group?

McIntyre who condemned our esteemed ANZACs on ANZAC Day’s centenary, was similarly sacked by SBS after he posted a series of tweets culturally critical of Anzac Day and of Australian soldiers.  SBS rightly judged that McIntyre had breached of its moral code of conduct.

McIntyre was a reporter of ethnic soccer for SBS and an online commentator with 31,000 Twitter followers, which says everything about Twitter’s ethnic and Leftist demographic.

Leftist multicultural bias frothed and cursed SBS actions.  Socialist professor Andrew Jakubowicz at UTS in Sydney, a leading proponent of multiculturalism in the media, came out claiming SBS sackings were sending “all the wrong messages”, while he was not critical of Leonie Lowe’s current inciteful programme “Struggle Street.”

UTS Professor Andrew JakubowiczAndrew Jakubowicz, a pro-multiculturalist from an immigrant family maintaining closer affiliation for immigrants than for Australians


But SBS was right to dismiss such divisive scum.  It has nothing to do with free speech.  Leftists can say what they want in Australia.  It’s a free country.  Just don’t expect to vilify Australians and our culture and then continue to expect to receive income from SBS while funded by the Australian taxpayers.

There are too many Muslims in Australian media evangelising and thrusting sharia and Allah down our secular throats. Consider Sydney Muslim radio station 2MFM 92.1 FM.  It plays calls to prayer!

Decent migrants and their offspring who are keen to assimilate into Australian society like previous generations of Italians and Greeks, don’t need the Left thrusting foreign languages, multiculturalism and foreign ideas down their throats.   Nothing wrong with SBS broadcasting quality international programmes in English.  But Australia is not a melting pot for foreign cultures. We are one country for Australians. End of story!

The Labor Party’s contrived and divisive SBS Charter is socially polarising and anti-Australian culture and so needs to be scrapped.  It mandates that the broadcaster “reflect Australia’s multicultural society” and “contribute to the overall diversity of Australian television and radio services”.   Under such Anti-Australian dogma, how can SBS be the intended well-meaning tool of integration for migrants?

Compulsory English Language for Migrants