Mainstreaming: the implosion of the British National Party (BNP) – a lesson for loyal Australians

by Dr. Jim Saleam and Brendan Gidley

“About eight and a half years ago, an attempt was made by a group of Aussie ‘mainstreamers‘ to hijack the Australian nationalist movement, to try to somehow remodel it along the lines of the British National Party (BNP).

BNP putting British first

The implosion of the BNP’s electoral support last Thursday – and the withering-away of its organizational resources – is a sad lesson for all.
Mainstreaming is a sickness that operates upon often well-meaning nationalist-minded people.

Its logic has it that everything in he party must be subordinated to the electoral process and that image and style are everything. Every person, every ideological reference and any insistence upon the importance of ideology, every policy, every emblem and every method which – in the opinion of the mainstreamer – does not ‘appeal to the mainstream member of society, can and will be jettisoned‘.

Mainstreamers believe that this process will build a huge movement free of the narrow thinking and the blind leaders of the past. They clamour to ‘change’ and to ‘modernize’ and to ‘clean up’ the ranks spilling their hate of their former ideals and lapping up the praise of an obliging media.

In the process of mainstreaming and what the sincere idiot mainstreamer does not see – is that the very nature of the party is changed. And that this is what the establishment has always desired.

Usually, a mainstreamed party ends up as a ginger version of an establishment party and consequently no longer a challenge to the system.
Mainstreamers see any failure in the field or at the polls as the survival of the bad person or policy or method in the party and a new hunt will go on to intensify the process of mainstreaming.

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National PartyNick Griffin who led the BNP to the disaster of the mainstream. 


The last guts of the BNP has been ripped out.  All this was done to the BNP.

…so then why join, act, or even vote for the BNP, when you can have a really civic patriot mainstreamed party like the UK Independence Party?…

BNP seems sadly pretty much a dead thing.  Perhaps a few decent people in the chaos may reflect, review.  Some may withdraw. But hopefully more shall brush off one campaign demise and wisely move on to a more effective (while British loyal) political following.

Like VE exemplified, Britons have no choice.

We shall keep a watching brief.

British National Party

Those Australians who took the mainstream road when they broke up the old Australia First Party, whoever they are and wheresoever they be, need to re-examine their past.

The attempt to mainstream the Australia First Party caused us to reconstitute the party in 2007.

Australia First Party declines the mainstreamer option.


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