Google’s leftie globalism censors the free speech of Australia First Party

As anyone who uses the Internet these days knows, dabbling in Google as an Internet search engine, and you just cop what Google lefties want to to read and see, and of course not the truth of what they don’t want to you to read and see.

Invariably, a Google Search is a Leftie Hate Search.

Type in any social topic, any economic topic, any political topic and what are the first pages of Internet website hits?

Leftie media like the leftie Guardian, ABC, Fairfax-cum-Nine Entertainment.

Just type some of our recent topics in your big brother Google and see da crap leftie spin ya get:

  • Raylene Castles hateful censorship
  • Kerryn Phelps Medevac Bill fraud
  • Free Trade’s cheap imported labour
  • Australian Nationalism
  • Dr Jim Saleam (our party’s national president)
  • Westpac’s links to pedophile financing

Worse is that Google Australia is now complicit in fake website links undermining Australia First Party.

It has teemed up with cyber fraudsters to censor Australia First Party’s website by posting fake links to porn sites and to virus sites.

Check today’s example when typing into  ‘Australian First Party‘…


Example 1:  Google’s ‘Lead Form’ for Australia First Party (that we never asked for)

So one types into Google’s entrapment search engine:  (but don’t risk it with Google)

and ya get..

This is Google Goebbels spin crap concocted by Google leftie propagandists under the hateful Orwellian control freak, Melanie Silva. She and her are hold up Downunder in the corp bunker at sterile 48 Pirrama Road. It’s along Pyrmont’s North Wharf on Sydney Harbour’s exclusive waterfront, and our guys are due to pay a video visit in due course. 

Yet Australia First Party gave Google no authority to post such lead form tripe on Google Australia’s search engine lead page. Mel’s too young and naïve to understand what tripe is, nor frankly let alone to spell ‘naïve’.

Luvie puppet front of behemoth Google downunder – no Helen of Troy

Example 2:  Google’s Lead Page Search for ‘Australia First Party’…



See the Asian scrawl that Luvie Front Mel has fraudulently attached to the Australia First Party’s website?

As if we’d condone Jap Crap?

And where does Luvie Mel point her Google Australia link to? A porn site?

レディース カップル パジャマ 女性用ワンピース 結婚記念日 …in Japanese and translates in English to ‘Ladies Couple Pajamas Women’s One Piece Wedding Anniversary …’

Is this her personal shopping account site?  Perhaps this is Lovely Front Mel‘s background or was Melanie Silva on her firth wine at he keyboard staying back at Google Pyrmont last week after the google Chrissy Party?

What else could be Google Australia’s motivation for such a low-brow slur against an officially registered Australian political party?

We note Doc Bobby Sparrow, alias Slackbastard, has logged a special Google page ranking with Luvie Mel.

Happy Holidays Google-protected species