Reclaim Australia and our ‘Anti Islam’ movement: Nationalists must develop a Political Line

by Dr. Jim Saleam (and others)

Events are quickening; opportunities develop – such is what so many nationalists have observed to me in recent correspondence and conversations.

Some nationalist activists and organizers have assessed the Reclaim Australia movement as opening up new pathways for struggle around the broad immigration question. The party essentially agrees.

The Reclaim movement came into existence around the linked matters of Islamism and Islam in Australia.

This movement has put up various challenges to the spread of Islamism and Islamic culture in Australia – opposing the building of Mosques and halal foodstuffs and halal taxes, condemning terrorism, exposing sexual harassment of non-Muslim women and denouncing criminality amongst certain sectors of Muslim youth.

 Muhammad Ali Baryalei Islamic Terrorist

Reclaim has said that these assorted problems cannot be accommodated with the structure of multicultural policy and that something must alter. It cannot be denied that these problems are real, nor that they represent a challenge to the host society. They create a contradiction in multicultural policy, whereby a group of people do not accept to live with the other immigrant groups and the host group in any sort of fairyland-harmony. They create tensions which open up debate in general as to the direction Australia is going under conditions of high immigration and refugee influx.

Muslim Refugees

It was clear to us at the very start of this movement in 2014 that it simply must have been linked at the depths of Australian political life to the thirteen or so years of ‘war on terror’ and the Liberal Party and state attitudes towards Islam. Australia had become accustomed to ‘community concerns’ about Islam and the activities of occasional groups which cited Islam as the main danger to Australian social peace and so forth; but generally all this merely produced outcomes favouring increased ASIO powers, the foreign wars in which our country has bled and won votes for the Liberal Party. One high-ranking Liberal even issued a private memo suggesting his party employ it as a vote spinner.

At that level, when Reclaim came on the scene, it was nothing too unusual.

Reclaim Australia Rallies 2015

We saw at once that Reclaim could simply serve as a tool to keep Australians within the confines of system politics; “peddling a little anti Islam” as I said then, was not unwelcome. Yet there is such a thing as blowback and the Reclaim movement resonated very strongly throughout the country in the lead up to the April 4 rallies. Suddenly Facebook pages had tens of thousands of ‘likes’ and sizeable crowds turned out. This was new. The movement was born, whatever be its limitations.

Reclaim Australia Rally 2015

It is our logic that there is problem inherent within Reclaim; its negative side comes from how it was gestated. Basically, ‘anti Islam’ can never really be any sort of radical critique of Australian society despite the contradictions in multicultural policy that it so obviously exposes. It is quite conservative in many ways. It has throughout the last decade or so of other expressions of ‘anti-Islamism’, been concerned to preserve the order as established – against fanaticism. Much of Reclaim is no different. This shows in the statements of many involved in the current movement.

Boat People Australian Statistics

Some leaders in Reclaim say:

  • That immigration is not a problem for the country unless it is Islamic migration
  • That multiculturalism is not a problem but only Islam
  • That Australia being part of the Western Alliance is necessary because of the spread of terrorism
  • That Israel is a friend for Australia and should be a pivot of our foreign policy in the Middle East alongside the wars we fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

All of these basic positions have various spinoffs. Some of the Reclaim leaders fall all over themselves to embrace non European immigrants as supporters (lest they be called ‘racist’) and alternate lifestyles and libertarian freedoms because they perceive of all this as defending the status quo against Islamists. That many of these positions contain anti Australian aspects passes them by.

There is also an attempt by some to cuddle up to the Zionist leadership of Australian Jewry in the hope this will lend ‘acceptability’ and support. Quite the contrary, the Zionists are quite happy with multiculturalism and Islamic migration!

Islamic hate against Christian Australia

At best, the Zionists look for dupes who will justify Israel in the foreign policy debate and keep the heat off the Zionists while they raise vast sums here to support Israel’s wars and state terrorism which serve too as recruiters for the Islamists overseas. All sorts of so-called Christians who dream that the Zionist entity called Israel has some relationship to the Israel of the Bible come out for Reclaim and that since the Islamists dislike the Jews, then they say Australians should support Israel and be its press agents.

We could criticise Reverend Danny Nalliah in that regard.

We call these nice-people ‘civic patriots’ because they are tokenly loyal to flags, institutions, values and a passport, but NOT committed to the Australian Heritage which is, whether they like it or not – is founded upon an ethnic basis and that it is this ‘white’ essence which is being cleansed off the Continent (and not just via Islamic migration either).

If the various patriots seek to defend the Australian heritage, they should not betray it in the next breath. Yet, many do.

For Australia First Party and for its nationalist ideology, we assert the Australianist faith in the Promise of our land; token civic patriotism is not our road.  We do not compromise ideologically with civic patriotism. One position is true and one position wrong.

 Australian Nationalist

What is the Nationalist position?

For us, the issue runs far deeper than Islam. Muslim intrusions are just one aspect of a struggle which drew the counter-reaction over the last one hundred and sixty years – one which has created the Australian People, a European people blended biologically or culturally from its stocks, but with an identity of its own. We too wish to Reclaim Australia, for the people who created the modern Nation. We do not seek to ‘reclaim’ it for a mass of humanity with an Australian passport who happen not to like or fear Islamism and Islam.

In our view there are three types of people who have turned up at Reclaim, on its Facebook pages and at the last round of rallies in April and who will turn up in July.

  1. There is that type which we have just called ‘Civic Patriots the ones who endorse the multicultural / multi-ethnic society created by immigration, might excuse Israel its crimes and line-up somewhat with the chatterings of the Liberal Party about ‘fighting terror’.
  2. There is the great mass of the movement, the ‘Ordinary Australians who are simply concerned that Islamism and Islam may threaten or challenge our identity (as they might define it) and which must be opposed as it marches across Australian cities and towns.
  3. There are the ‘Nationalists‘, whether they are developed well along our line or whether they have started along it, the ones who see the Islam question as part of a broader pattern of dispossession and recolonization.

The greater mass of decent patriotic minded people must be won over to the nationalist position. They are a new political market asking the right questions, prepared to listen, learn and become active. Most have not been activists before which means they are political clean slates. Our duty is clear.

This cannot be done if we get on our high horse about the errors of some people in Reclaim, whether they are civic patriots talking the false position, or people starting down the nationalist road – with all the crudities that must involve.

It can only be done by engagement.

The high priest of communist organization, Lenin himself, said that if you set out to change anything, don’t expect that people agree with you. You can’t cut yourself off in your purity and virtue, but must come down to where people are and try to persuade them by any and all means – that you are right.


We must be at the Reclaim rallies next month not just to oppose the extreme-left attempt to shut the rallies down (we are obliged to oppose and expose the extreme-left street level intimidation) but to reach out to the mass of people who attend. There will be a mass of people there somewhat sympathetic to our message.

Dr Jim Saleam, Australia First PartyAustralia First Party, National President, Dr Jim Saleam

Bottom Line

We have noted that the Reclaim movement has indeed started to hive apart along the lines of two fractions fighting over the loyalty of the mass. We do not regard that as negative. Quite the contrary. It is part of the necessary ideological struggle to define the movement. One part offers nothing but civic patriotism and public awareness activism; the other offers, which has started to take an aggressive posture, a potential to become something different in influencing the course of the struggle to preserve the Australian heritage and identity.  Either Reclaim becomes ultimately just another safety valve of the system itself, or it becomes a critical movement which takes off down the road of Australian nationalism is to be decided. If it becomes the latter, it will flow into the stream on nationalism.

In immediate point, we reach out to those who are positioning themselves along this radical path. We appeal to them to jettison the conservative reactionary line of civic patriotism finally and absolutely.

There should really be no turning back for the United Patriots Front (UPF) and its co-thinkers as they set out to stand up against the thuggery of the extreme-left and to be the dynamic core of Reclaim. Hard political questions now present themselves and activists are required to think where they are going.

Consider for one point that the extreme-left are out there against “Islamophobia”. What does it mean?

Does it mean that they are anti Australians and that Reclaim should go against them too and prove Reclaim is loyal to the Liberal Party with its anti Left sentiment and its war on terror?

Or does that mean UPF will be forced to invoke a criticism of the Left as a system agency? Why would extreme-leftists side with Islamism and Islamic culture when they are diametrically opposed to each other? Why is the extreme-left the street level enforcer of globalism, the very policy of the rich class? And it is the Liberal Party which introduces thousands of Muslims every year as cheap labour. There’s a contradiction for you! So what does it mean?

This demands understanding the nature of the Australian state and how it operates a war of shadows and smoke and mirrors against any expression of Australian identity politics while it gets on with its job of changing the demographics of Australia.  This can be grasped in the struggle because it all reveals itself, but it also requires reflection. Who wants to be a tool of the system we have set out to challenge? Where do we look to find these answers?

But more.

The UPF patriots must then answer up about who Australians are, what Australians require, what the future of our country must be lest it be recolonized. Australia cannot be divided along ethnic lines.

It cannot be a country of tribes in which in time the European type which upholds Australianity – disappears. It must become one thing or the other. We cannot have a multi-ethnic society as some Reclaim people (the civic patriots) would have it. For now, people in the ranks of the harder patriots like UPF are torn one way or the other. They have started down the right road. For our part, we are resolved to introduce the proper argument and keep it before them. We make no apology for that.

 Richmond's Australian  Nationalist RallyAbout 70 members of the United Patriots Front (UPF) faced off against about 300 assorted traitors and degenerates from the group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism at Richmond Town Hall, Melbourne May 31, 2015.

There is only the nationalist message of Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom to inspire the fervour and develop the knowledge to in fact – ‘Reclaim’ Australia.

The logic of Australian Nationalism is inexorable. It is a harsh message for a harsh time.

That message is contained within the thought of Australia First. That is because Australia First is based upon the true Australianist faith, the one that reaches back to the radical heritage of Eureka Stockade and Lambing Flat, to the Kelly Outbreak, the early literary nationalists of the Bulletin magazine and the labour movement and through them into the twentieth century when the great John Curtin fought and won Australia’s Great Patriotic War Against Japan. The wheel does not need re-inventing. It is right there. There is no other anti system ideology which patriots could locate. This ideology has had political practise over a long period of time and involves people and events together, a true school of political tradition, right back to the betrayal of the White Australia Policy in 1966.

The nationalist faith is the true ideology to reclaim our sacred soil, our resources, our future and our independence. It is a weapon that may be picked up and wielded by the harder patriots within Reclaim against all would-be patriots, in order to shape them into a radical challenge to the multicultural order and against the enemy whether he be the goon squad of the extreme-left, or the establishment politician and media. If it cannot convert, then it can be used to exclude their competing voices.

That is called radicalization. That is the thing our mis-rulers fear. They fear that the patriots will become nationalists. Each time they are confronted by the extreme-left (which serves the system), they evolve and become more determined to win. In every fight, they learn. Called ‘racists’, ‘fascists’, ‘extremists’, ‘bogans’ and all the rest of it, they harden themselves as activists. Activism never exists in a vacuum. It operates to define itself. It will seek and it will get the leadership it requires to be politically effective.

Those patriots who embrace the Australian nationalist ideology, who pick up the club of the ideology, can become political soldiers in the movement of national rebirth..

Australian NationalismAnti-Australians, bring it on!