Stop ‘Australian Registered Charity’ exploitation by ineligible sects, movements and non-Australian beneficiaries

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as a national authority needs to revoke church and charity status of dozens of sects and political movements that falsely call themselves an ‘Australian Charity‘.   Many receive illegitimate funding from the Australian taxpayer through a maze of political connections.  It is just like what the Royal Commission has been uncovering with union slush fund corruption.

In Australia, an Australian registered charitable institution is one that has objects that are beneficial to the Australian community, that is it serves to relieve poverty of Australian citizens, or it advances education of Australian citizens, or it advances ethical religion or else it provides some direct benefit to the Australian community.

Three classic Australian charities that deserve Australian Registered Charity status are:

The Smith Family – is Australia’s national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.  Read More:

Meals on Wheels – Has become a favourite charity across Australia providing for in-home meal needs for Australia’s elderly and disabled delivering 14.8 million nutritious meals a day to about 53,000 Australian recipients as well as incidentally providing social interaction and checking on clients’ well-being in their own homes.   Read More:

FareShare – a Melbourne-based food charity of 700 volunteers, that rescues surplus quality food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses to cook up 25,000 free nutritious meals a week for ordinary Australians who have fallen on hard times.  Read More:


But so many so-called ‘churches’ and ‘charities’ are simply registered in Australia in order to gain charity status, just so that they can avoid paying Australian income tax.  Most charities are registered as businesses. This scam maximizes their disposable income, allowing them to engage in activities that provide no benefit to needy Australians.  They snub the entire charity philosophy behind Australian Registered Charities as administered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).  They divert scarce funds away from legitimate deserving charities in Australia for Australians.

And foreign aid is what Australian Government’s multi-billion dollar Aid Programme is for.  Double dipping is unethical.

ACNC Advisory BoardMembers of the ACNC Executive and Advisory Board from left to right: Murray Baird (ACNC Assistant Commissioner), Gina Anderson, David Locke (ACNC Assistant Commissioner), Fiona McLeay (Deputy Chair), Anthony Lang, Susan Pascoe AM (ACNC Commissioner – in red), Sheila McHale, Sean Parnell (representing Karen Avery), Robert Fitzgerald AM (Chair), Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes OAM, Linda Mallett, Paul O’Callaghan, Mark Cocker. Absent: David Crosbie, Karen Avery, Lindy McAdam

Yet this entrusted ACNC turns a blind eye to dodgy charities and, like the Foreign Investments Review Commission, has become a farce complicit in rorting the Australian Government of legitimate tax revenue.

Many so-called ‘churches’ and ‘charities’ engage in self-interest activities, or operate as sects, cults, or else engage in social deviance, or operate solely to benefit non Australians and exclusively for foreigners on the other side of the planet, if not relatives of the charity.

How can they be an Australia charity?   They are anti-Australian, they operate contrary to Australian interests and contrary to Australian traditional values.  They are inconsistent with the definition of an Australian church or Australian charity.

There are some 54,000 registered charities in Australia.  That is two hundred times the number of registered political parties in Australia, because in Australia it is easier to register a dodgy charity front for political purposes that it is to register a maintain a political party.  The system has allowed political ideologies and movements to operate tax free. The registrations not surprisingly snowballed under the leftist Greens-Labor coalition (2007-2013).

In Australia, the Australian Electoral Commission requires a political party to have a minimum 550 members, a constitution, a committee and pay a $500 application fee.  Membership minimums must be maintained thereafter.

But anyone can register a charity with the ACNC.  The process is as simple as registering a business. All one needs is an ABN.  There’s no membership required, no constitution required, no committee, no requirement to pay a $500 application fee.  All one has to do specially is to conjure up some notion that it serves a ‘charitable purpose’ or sorts. It’s a scam and the ACNC allows a whole range of such charitable purposes, namely:

  1. advancing health
  2. advancing education
  3. advancing social or public welfare
  4. advancing religion
  5. advancing culture
  6. promoting reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia
  7. promoting or protecting human rights
  8. advancing the security or safety of Australia or the Australian public
  9. preventing or relieving the suffering of animals
  10. advancing the natural environment
  11. promoting or opposing a change to any matter established by law, policy or practice in the Commonwealth, a state, a territory or another country (where that change furthers or opposes one or more of the purposes above), and
  12. other similar purposes ‘beneficial to the general public’ (a general category).

Within 28 days you get your charity pack and your ideological slush fund is ready to churn cash.

Union Slush FundSlush money for whatever you want it for, tax free, ask Julia Gillard!

It is a complete tax fraud.

Consider purpose 4 (advancing religion) – any cult can call itself ‘faith-based’ and raise money as a charity tax free.  Consider purpose 5 – foreign muslims can come to Australia advance Islam and avoid paying Australian income tax in the process. Nice

Consider purpose 11 – this is outright politics. It can support political extremists causes like anarchism, nazism, military juntas.

Beneficiaries can be non-Australians (‘communities overseas’ and ‘ethnic groups’).  They can be social deviants (‘gay , lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex people’).  They can be economic illegals (‘migrants, refugees or asylum seekers’), or serious criminals and organised crime gangs (‘pre/post release offenders and their families’).

There is nothing preventing violent Islamic gang Brothers 4 Life conjuring up a charity like Dosh for Da Bruvvas, but under the euphemism ‘Al-Imdaad Foundation‘, which is a registered charity.

It seems the only time a charity in Australia can lose its charitable status and be deregistered is either when it doesn’t do what it said it was going to do, which can be almost anything; or when it doesn’t meet some governance standard.  So get a public accountant to take care of the reporting to stay under the ACNC radar – easy shmeasy!

Dodgy Charities

In March 2015, the ACNC revoked the registration of three Brisbane-based charities ‘Young People for Tomorrow Ltd’, ‘the First 24 Hrs Foundation’ and ‘Mununjali Traditional Custodians Ltd’ because they hadn’t reported annually to ACNC for two consecutive years running – they were probably inactive or just slack.

ACNC Commissioner, Susan Pascoe OAM, says “revocation of charity status is reserved for the most serious of cases. We prefer to educate charities and support them to improve where appropriate.”  That is most can get away with transgressions.

So much for protecting public trust and confidence in the sector. The ACNC charity exploitation scam needs to stop!


What a Registered Australian Charity/Church is NOT:

What an Australian charity/church is not, is a vehicle for self-interest or profit or to promulgate a political ideology or agenda, or engages in hate speech or socially divisive propaganda or serves foreign charitable causes to the exclusion of Australians.   An Australian church is not an evangelistic sect, a deviant sect, a cult.  It is not an Australian church if it engages in foreign religious coercion, or if it excludes Australians.

This is why the following organisations that falsely list themselves as charities need to be revoked so that they pay tax on revenue like everyone else.  This is why the following organisations deserve not to receive Australian taxpayer funding.


AllTogetherNow funds funding unemployed anarchists

Political Movements Benefiting Non-Australians

  • All Together Now (funds anarchist incitement hate speech movements like Antifa, AntiBogan, Slackbastard, IndyMedia)
  • Catch the fire Ministries Inc. (funds politician Danny Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia political movement)
  • Refugee Action Coalition (funds politician Ian Rintoul’s immigration agenda, and allied Chilout)
  • Muslim Charitable Foundation (funds Islamism)
  • Muslim Aid Australia (funds Islamism)
  • Al-Imdaad Foundation  (funds Islamism)
  • Islamic Relief Australia (funds Islamism)
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide (funds Islamism)
  • Australian Islamic Fund Inc.  (funds Islamism)
  • The Muslim Charity Community WA Inc(funds Islamism)
  • The Islamic Association of Australia (funds Islamism)
  • Muslims Australia (funds Islamism)
  • Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims  (funds Islamism)
  • Human Appeal International Australia (funds Islamism)
  • Baptist World Aid Australia (funds Third World)
  • Everyone Home for Christ (funds Third World)
  • Five Islands Christian Ministries (funds Third World)
  • Bridge for Asylum Seekers Foundation  (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • Children out of immigration detention (ChilOut)  (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • The Welcome Group (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • Australian Refugee Association  (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • Unions for Refugees (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • African Enterprise (funds Third World)
  • Aid to the Church in Need  (funds Third World)
  • Australian Himalayan Foundation  (funds Third World)
  • Australians Adopt  (funds Third World and golliwog adoption)
  • Boots for Africa  (funds Third World)
  • UNICEF Australia  (funds Third World)
  • Engineers Without Borders  (funds Third World)
  • Doctors for Refugees  (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • Global Concern  (funds Third World)
  • Vision Radio Network  (funds Third World)
  • Habitat for Humanity Australia  (funds Third World)
  • Mercy Ships Australia  (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • World Vision Australia  (funds Third World)
  • Partners in Poverty Reduction Inc. (funds Third World)
  • Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families
  • The Salvation Army  (funds economic illegal immigrants)
  • The Water Well Project  (funds Third World)
  • Australia for UNHCR  (funds economic illegal immigrants)



Evangelical Sects

  • The Family International  (formerly ‘Children of God’, ‘Family of Love’ and ‘The Family’)
  • Church of Scientology  (California, USA)
  • New Connection Church Incorporated
  • Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ
  • United Christian Broadcasters Australia Ltd.
  • Lutheran Media
  • Exclusive Brethren  (aka the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church)
  • Gods Way of Love  (Alan John Miller’s who calls himself Jesus from Kingaroy)
  • International Society of Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishna movement)
  • Soto Zen Buddhism
  • Lifepointe Baptist Church
  • Scripture Union Victoria
  • The Word for Today
  • Pioneers of Australia
  • Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education
  • Bible Society
  • Pray For Me


 Sects Engaged in Foreign Religious Coercion

  • The Unification Church
  • St Columbans Mission Society
  • Far East Broadcasting Company
  • The Divine Light Mission
  • Eckankar
  • Vedanta Centre(a branch of the Ramakrishna Order in India)
  • Osho movement
  • Sahaja Yoga
  • Sai Baba
  • Sri Chinmoy
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Fiat Lux
  • Universal Life
  • The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons)  (a Doomsday movement)
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses (a Doomsday Movement)
  • Branch Davidians (a Doomsday Movement)
  • Tin Yat lineage (a Doomsday Movement)
  • Order of the Solar Temple (a Doomsday Movement)
  • Aum Shinrikyo (called the “Aum cult” (a Doomsday Movement)
  • Anthroposophy
  • At the Heart of Communication
  • League for Catholic Counter-Reformation
  • Dianova (formerly: the Patriarch)
  • Boston Church of Christ
  • New Apostolic Church
  • Énergo-Chromo-Kinèse (ECK)
  • Universal White Brotherhood (bizarre diet sect of Bugarian Peter Deunov)
  • Invitation to Life
  • Innergy (Insight Seminars)
  • Landmark (Landmark Education)
  • Mahikari (Sûkyô Mahikari)
  • Mandarom
  • Avatar Method
  • Moon (Unification Church)
  • Grail Movement (In the Light of Truth movement)
  • Raelian Movement
  • New Acropolis
  • Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Besançon
  • Prima Verba
  • AMORC (Rosicrucian Order)
  • Gold Rosicrucian Brotherhood
  • Soka Gakkaï
  • The Silva Method
  • Tradition Family Property
  • Jewish Christian Muslim Association
  • Hindu Council of Australia Ltd



Political Movements Promoting Social Deviance

  • Satyananda Yoga Ashram (pedophilia at Mangrove Mountain)
  • Kamm’s Order of St Charbel (Little Pebble’s pedophilia and polygamy)
  • AIDS Council of NSW  (LGBTIQ deviants only)
  • A Light Shining Out  (LGBTIQ deviants only)
  • Inner City Legal Centre  (LGBTIQ deviants only)
  • Queensland AIDS Council  (LGBTIQ deviants only)
  • The Tamworth Musical Society  (LGBTIQ deviants only)


ACNC Commissioner, Susan PascoePublic Sector Corruption can only be dealt with from the top, Ms Susan Pascoe OAM