Tanya Plibersek’s useful socialist anarchists

Australians observing politics may have observed how coincidental public protests make the ABC TV national nightly news cycle, where mass public support is nationally televised to portray hysterical support for some Australian Labor Party agenda item?

This is especially when Labor is desperate to distract ABC/Fairfax media reporting from a Royal Commission into union corruption questioning Bill Shorten’s motives for “improvement” of cleaners conditions when Bill was their ambitious AWU national secretary.

Recall Labor’s Julia Gillard installed ABC’s CEO Mark Scott.

Where do the ring in protesters come from?  Jolly well knows. Stephen Jolly is Plibersek’s speed dial rabble-rouser.

Anthony Main, Mel Gregson, Stephen Jolly Left Power Base: Anthony Main, Mel Gregson and Stephen Jolly

So which Labor slush fund maintains Gregson’s 80’s auburn fringe?

This Leftist Threesome are lifetime committed extreme socialist organisers, who have operated extreme leftist campaigns out of the Yarra Council in Melbourne’s Richmond for over a decade.

So all that card-carrying extreme socialist party member, Tanya Plibersek needs do is pick up the phone to them to arrange he latest mass protest.

Our information tells us that Plibersek also has speed dial to CFMEU’s Dave Noonan, who can arrange anything anywhere.

And the media are distracted by Bill Shorten?

Yarra Socialist ExtremistsLabor’s Useful Idiots

This image says a thousand words. It is over a decade old, like Tony’s man boobs.


Anthony Main Melbourne SocialistAnthony Main will always limit his comfort zone to protesting outside the columns of the City of Yarra, how slack