Queensland’s Black Throated Finch vying for the Labor leadership

Since Australian voters last Saturday sent a resounding rebuff to Greens-Labor of where to shove their climate elitism, the ‘Labor leadership’ has been up for grabs.  But it’s an oxymoron.  Rank and file are shying away.

Labor’s shifty Shorten has since returned to his serial backstabbing form: Rudd-Gillard-Rudd..now hacking into Albanese.  As with Turncoat, backstabbing must be a penchant peculiar to the Left.

Unrepentent Chris Bowen, the übertaxing architect of Labor’s taxpayer wealth redistribution policies, is in da Nile.

You think Rudd had a narcissistic personality disorder?

Slovenian landlord Plebershrek realises she’s just so hated that ‘It’s Time‘ t-shirt is not for for her quite yet.  Penny Ying-Yen Wong’s seems to have gone into witness protection.

Confucius say:  Ying-Yen Wong

So schooner neck Albo reckons he’s the only one man-enough to challenge the Labor leadership.  From his inner Sydney Greens seat of Grayndler, he but regurgitates shifty’s neo-communist impost messages:

  • Climate Change alarmism
  • Franking credits double-taxing
  • Wealth redistribution from taxpayers to welfarists
  • Perpetuation of mass immigration invasion
  • Return the boats.


Labor same old same old.

Hawkish Albo – Sontaran of the schooie or three

Enter a new contender for the Labor leadership, Get!Up!!s election hangover ploy – the preferencing Black Throated Finch.

Secret Climate Weapon


Just like in Warringah, thousands of vegan black throated finches have made themselves at home wherever there is a conservative safe seat, coal field or farting livestock.

Lead Peacock Jackie Trad

Gender fluid black throated finches are the new canary in the coal mine – able to detect the presence of global warming (and cooling in winter).  They even resemble the pesky Indian Myna – the cane toads of the sky.

A migratory bird they brood in elitist electorates such as in Melbourne’s  exclusive Kooyong and Higgins, flying north to places like Queensland’s Galilee Basin routinely every 3-year election cycle.

Holding staff of Moses on the bow, Bob Brown the evangelist on his recent missionary convoy voyage, carried a flock of the black throats to intimidate the decent folk of central Queensland Clermont.

BTF Platform:

  • No coal
  • No fuel
  • No livestock
  • No electricity
  • No industry
  • No jobs
  • No Australians
  • No sovereignty
  • U.N. OneWorld handover.


What a winner!

Higgins:  “Just for the camera, but Ricardo don’t slip the tongue in this time.”