Fraudster ‘opinion polls’ simply more propaganda by the biased media to con and sway voters

The political pollsters were wrong again.   What’s new?  Actually, they’ve been caught out again cherry-picking, skewing and propagating crap election forecasts.  It’s blatant propaganda.

Yesterday in Australia’s national election, Australian voters comprehensively chose the conservative Liberal-National coalition over Labor leftists.  Yet in order to con, sway and mislead Australian voters in the lead up to the 2019 national election, Australian voters copped a relentless pollster propaganda campaign spanning the months, weeks and just days prior.

Opinion Poll Example 1:

“Most voters believe Labor will win the federal election – Guardian Essential poll.  Just 21% of those polled say they think the Morrison government can recover from a horror 2018.  More than half of voters in the latest Guardian Essential poll believe Bill Shorten and Labor will win the next federal election. Only 21% think the Morrison government can recover from a horror year, and prevail at the polls in 2019.

The disillusionment of Australian voters is also palpable in the final opinion survey of the year – 65% of the sample of 1,026 respondents say 2018 has been a particularly bad year for Australian politics and 57% saying it has been a bad year for the federal government.

That collective thumbs-down about the state of the national discourse is even more visceral than last year – likely reflecting the impact of yet another coup against a sitting prime minister, and a turbulent year peppered with byelection contests triggered by the section 44 fracas. In the final poll of last year, 54% of the sample felt it had been a particularly bad year for Australian politics.

Labor remains ahead of the Coalition in the latest survey, as it has in every Guardian Essential poll this year, suggesting a hard-baked trend. The opposition is ahead of the government on the two-party preferred measure 53% to 47%. A fortnight ago, Labor was ahead 54% to 46%.

(Bias by Katharine Murphy, political editor, The Guardian, Tue 18 Dec 2018 (did 15 years in Canberra’s Press Gang)

Opinion Poll Example 2:

“Labor is comfortably ahead of the Coalition in the latest Guardian Essential poll, and just over half of the voters in this fortnight’s sample, particularly voters under 34, worry Australia is not doing enough to address climate change.” 

(Bias by Katharine Murphy, political editor, Guardian Essential poll, The Guardian, March 12, 2019.)


Opinion Poll Example 3:

“About two months from the expected May election date, this week’s Newspoll, conducted March 7-10 from a sample of 1,610, gave Labor a 54-46 lead, a one-point gain for Labor since last fortnight. Primary votes were 39% Labor (steady), 36% Coalition (down one), 9% Greens (steady) and 7% One Nation (up two).

This Newspoll is the Coalition’s 50th successive Newspoll loss. The closest they have come to breaking that losing streak was a run of four consecutive 51-49 results from July to early August 2018 before Malcolm Turnbull was dumped. This Newspoll reverses the gains the Coalition had made to close the gap to 53-47 from 55-45 in November and December.”

(Bias by Adrian Beaumont, Honorary Associate, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, in The Conversation, March 12, 2019.)

Melbourne Uni Maths Dept:  “Polls are weighted for a reason, to support the client’s desired predetermined message, why else?

 Opinion Poll Example 4:

“Labor in box seat for victory as Liberal vote falls, exit poll shows.  An exit poll of booths across the nation points to Labor claiming the federal election on the back of a sharp fall in primary support for the Coalition across Victoria and NSW.  The exclusive YouGov Galaxy poll of more than 3300 voters in 33 separate booths showed Labor ahead of the Coalition 52-48 on a two party preferred basis. It is in line with recent Ipsos, Newspoll and Essential opinion polls which all showed Labor leading the Coalition. 

In Victoria, where the Liberal Party is at risk of losing up to six seats, the Coalition vote has slumped…The poll found little change in Queensland where the LNP and Labor are fighting over a string of marginal seats. The Coalition’s primary vote has slipped by within the margin of error but the two-party preferred still shows the LNP leading Labor 53-47, a drop of 1.1 percentage points on the last election. Across Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, the poll found a 2.5 point swing against the Coalition with Labor in front 52-48.”

(Bias by Shane Wright, senior economics correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald (and Melbourne’s The Age newspaper), May 18, 2019).

Nearly all the pollster con artists – Newspoll, YouGov/Galaxy, Essential, Ipsos, ReachTEL, Roy Morgan, Nielsen (based in the US) – showed Labor ahead 51-49 on a two-party preferred basis right up until Friday night on the very eve of the election.  Federal opinion poll aggregate BludgerTrack 2019 – which draws from Newspoll, Galaxy, Ipsos, YouGov, Essential Research and ReachTEL polls – also had Labor at 51.7 per cent and the Coalition sitting at 48.3 per cent of the vote on a two-party preferred basis when it was last updated on Friday.

Chris Bowen’s Labor Left Faction:  “I say to your listeners, if they feel very strongly about this, if they feel that this is something which should impact on their vote, they are of course perfectly entitled to vote against us.”

…no worries then…

Fact Check

Yesterday (Saturday 18 May) in Australia’s 2019 national election, the real poll, Australian voters comprehensively chose the conservative Liberal-National coalition over Labor leftists.

Labor Shock Horror:  “We were only threatening to tax the crap out of working Australians, retirees and investors.”


Of course Canberra’s dodgy preferential voting rules meant that the conservatives could count voter preferences from conservative minor parties and fake independents of the same ilk – Clive Palmer’s United Austraia Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, and Cori Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives, etc.  Similarly, Labor could count on voter preferences from leftist minor parties, especially Labor’s defacto coalition with the neo-communist Greens and assorted fake independent climate alarmist elites.

Yesterday’s actual election results weren’t even close.  Late last night at 11:30pm with 70% of votes counted the Coalition had already won 74 of the 151 seats in the Australian Parliament’s House of Representatives, with Labor at the time claiming just 66 seats.  Just five hours after the real polling closed, Labor’s leader Bill Shorten had publicly conceded defeat.  Shortly afterwards incumbent Liberal PM Scott Morrison declared electoral victory.

So anti-White Australian media SBS Australia media reckons…“polling experts and voters alike have been left baffled after the Coalition swept to an unexpected win on Saturday, flying in the face of weeks of opinion polls that predicted a Labor victory.”  (SBS is largely funded by working White Australian taxes).

Polls “far outside the usual margin for error”

The ABC’s election analyst Antony Green last night calling the results, steadily became paler as the incoming election tally results disclosed the likelihood of a Labor shock-horror defeat: “At the moment, on these figures, it’s a bit of a spectacular failure of opinion polling.

The pollster racket miscalculation has been put down to:

  1. Unrepresentative samples (only lefties surveyed, with leading questions)
  2. Oversampling of politically engaged (lefties only surveyed and possibly paid to say the ‘correct answer’)
  3. Herding (when polling firms adjust their results to more closely match competitors out of fear of being wrong).
  4. A late swing (didn’t happen)
  5. Robocalls from CFMMMEU and Alex Turncoat-Wang
  6. Get!Up!’s Big Lie and Brownshirts
  7. Team Shorten-Bowen-Plebershrek-Wong’s über-arrogance
  8. Progressive herbs and spices.


So Scomo’s win was no “miracle”.  Of course his win “defied the polls” – da polls were confected crappiola.

Biased polly scientist Dr Andy Marks PhD, who had proclaimed pre-election that a Labor victory was “virtually unquestionable” based on polling, told SBS News the result shows how “worthless mainstream polling has become..I think this is really a cataclysmic era of polling in this country.”

Yeah, yeah.  Obvious the doc’s doctorate was worth the paper it was written on, not.

And Tasmanian electoral analyst Kevin Bonham reckons it was all a “massive polling failure..a mirror image of the expected result.  It’s like one poll can be three per cent out and that’s what you would sort of expect now and then by random chance. But all the polls being out by that amount in the same direction and getting all the same results is something that absolutely cannot happen by random chance.  It is is absolutely proof of a systematic issue”, Marks reckons.

As of Sunday there seemed to be a three per cent error across every poll in the past two weeks, which is far outside the usual margin for error.

Pollster Fraud is Goebbels Endemic

The pre-Election opinion polling is a copy-cat leftist pollster fraud episode of Britain’s Brexit Referendum back on June 23 in 2016 and likewise the United States leftist Democrat polster fraud pre-Trump’s emphatic electoral victory back on November 8 in 2016.   U.S. Princeton University data scientist Sam Wang wrote on the night Mr Trump secured victory that the “entire industry” needed a close inspection.

“The entire polling industry — public, campaign-associated, aggregators — ended up with data that missed tonight’s results by a large margin. There is now the question of understanding how a mature industry could have gone so wrong.”

Both Leftist and conservative lobbyist camps use and abuse opinion polling.   It’s termed ‘pollster fraud’ – a key globalist strategy particularly of left-wing politics. Leftist media like Nine Entertainment are most addicted to it.   They rattle off the latest poll every month and always on the front page to sell more newspapers.  They’re got readers addicted to polls like pokie machines.

Late last night victorious Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked voters for re-electing his conservative coalition in a perceived shock result at the federal polls.  He told supporters he had “always believed in miracles” as partial results showed the Liberal-National Coalition close to a majority.  Opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has since announced his resignation from the Labor leadership after accepting defeat.

All over red rover.  Yet, exit polls had suggested a narrow Labor win for the first time in six years.

Things Is Crook In Tallarook

Dodgy lying pollster uComms Group reckoned that Labor would romp it in both in Canberra and in Sydney.

uComm Exclusive:  “Hey readers, vote how everyone else is going to, just trust us.


But then extreme leftist ACTU secretary Sally McManus and national secretary of the CFMMMEU Michael O’Connor are majority shareholders in uComms.  May be uComms send all their opinion poll surveys to Trades Hall to fill in; after all they’re in the same building just down the passage.  uComms’ clients include leftie Get!!Up!, leftie Greenpeace, the Australian Youth Climate (leftie) Coalition, the leftie Australia Institute, and the Animal (vegan) Justice Party.

Conflict of interest or what?

Newspoll confesses its results are “weighted”, which is pollster-speak for biased.  Of course they don’t say who they survey or how they word their questions, like asking G!et!!Up! staff “How much do you hate Tony Abbott?” and “Is Climate Change Real?”

Tasmanian election analyst Kevin Bonham says: “Betting markets failed as well – initially expecting Labor to win by more than Labor’s leads at the time showed.”  Even Greens leader Richard Di Natale identifies the dodgyness:  “What it does show is that the era of opinion polls I think is over. They can’t be trusted.”   Here’s Labor Senator Penny Wong’s insightful analysis: “I think we all agree the polls are not reflective in what we’ve seen.”  

ABC political editor Andrew Probyn called the discrepancy between polls and actual votes “a shambles” on the national broadcaster’s election night coverage:  “When it comes to the opinion polling, something’s obviously gone really crook with the sampling both internally and externally.”

Many wondered why they should trust polls going forward when they were proven irrelevant. When it comes to the opinion polling, something’s obviously gone really crook with the sampling both internally and externally.

Even Burt the psychic croc chose Bill Shorten to win.

Bill’s image had below it a fresh kangaroo fillet dripping blood into the water – Croc preference eating.